AI All Set to Transform the Education Landscape

Updated on :October 17, 2023
By :Lisa Brian

AI has caused a remarkable impact in every industry and sector today. Education is also a major domain that can potentially gain from AI immensely in the years to come. AI enables the convenience of e-learning together with offering immersive experiences to the students, facilitating better analysis of learners’ needs, identifying & addressing learning gaps, generating smart  educational content, and a lot more, paving the way for a revolution in the education landscape and taking learning to the next level.

GoodFirms Roundtable is a series of podcast interview discussions where leading industry experts, CEOs, and people holding prominent positions in IT services and software companies share their valuable experiences and opinions on various topics. The podcast discussion becomes a rich source of information for budding entrepreneurs willing to start their businesses.

GoodFirms recently had a chance to interview Ganesh Verma, Founder and Director, MoogleLabs. In the following podcast discussion, Ganesh shares his knowledge and views about the role of AI in education.

MoogleLabs is a Canada-based broad-range software development and IT services provider experienced in leveraging future technologies to enable digital transformation for businesses across the globe. Founded by seasoned IT stellars, MoogleLabs offers comprehensive solutions, including AI development, DevOps, blockchain, machine learning, IoT, Metaverse, NFT, dApps, crypto wallets, data analytics, and more. MoogleLabs aims to deliver aesthetically pleasing, customer centric, and intelligent experiences to businesses, enabling them to grow beyond limitations.

The Podcast Discussion Highlights the Following:

  • How AI is transforming the educational landscape in the next decade?.
  • Multiple ways of leveraging AI to offer personalized learning experiences for students and helping address individual learning needs more effectively.
  • Identifying and addressing learning gaps through AI.
  • Role of AI in automating and streamlining administrative tasks in educational institutions.
  • How can AI-powered virtual tutors or digital assistants personalize learning experiences for students?

The Podcast Also Covers These Crucial Points:

  • Ethical considerations in implementing AI in education to ensure the responsible use of AI technologies.
  • Potential risks and limitations associated with overreliance on AI in education and ways to mitigate such risks.
  • How to create a balance between human instruction and AI-driven educational tools to maximize learning outcomes?

AI has already changed the way this generation is studying and learning. How do you envision AI transforming the educational landscape in the next decade?

Talking about how AI is set to transform the education landscape in the coming decade, Ganesh Verma expresses that artificial intelligence (AI) alone might not do the trick, but combined with virtual reality, AI can be the biggest contributor to transforming the world of education. Ganesh highlights that we are already experiencing some changes in how education is moving online. In unique cases, educational institutes are also using VR to educate users. 

AI will change the way we dispense education

How Can AI Personalize the Learning Experience for Students and Help Address Individual Learning Needs More Effectively? Also, Can You Suggest Ways Through Which AI Can Assist in Identifying and Addressing Learning Gaps Where Students May Need Additional Support?

Artificial Intelligence can assist with personalized learning as it can offer non-linear learning. In gameplay, your decisions affect what happens next. In the study, doing the same can make education more engaging and allow more control over their educational journey, especially when learning about a topic. This is just one example. There are several other ways that AI will impact the education system.

As for identifying and addressing learning gaps, AI can truly transform the area as we know it.

AI can create smarter content

What Role Can AI Play in Automating Administrative Tasks in Educational Institutions, Allowing Teachers to Focus More on Instruction and Student Support?

Teachers genuinely have a lot on their plate. So, it is essential to create AI solutions that truly change the way we impact the education system. To begin, automating homework checking and test evaluation can truly become a game-changer. Additionally, we can assist educational institutions in automating lecture resources and material organization, preparation of progress reports, and more.

Though I must admit, apart from blockchain and AI-based Learning Management Systems, there is still a long way to go before these ideas turn into reality.

How Can AI-Powered Virtual Tutors or Digital Assistants Personalize Learning Experiences for Students and Provide Tailored Guidance and Support?

AI-powered virtual tutors can become a huge part of the future. However, I still believe that children will not be the ones benefiting from it. To begin, businesses can use these tools in the Learning and Development department to encourage their employees to upskill without much intervention.

Virtual tutors and digital assistants

They can offer courses, a complete layout of how to proceed, and answer questions as they arise.

How Can AI Contribute to Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry Requirements, Ensuring Students Are Equipped With Relevant Skills for the Job Market?

EdTech has the potential to offer personalized learning along with adaptable access, allowing for appropriate upskilling of the students. AI can help automate such tasks by assisting with course creation, smart content, and making suggestions on how to close the skill gap. Additionally, the fact that businesses are now using online AI-powered portals to share information about their brand with their employees, helping them upskill as needed.

Technology growing at a fast pace

Are There Any Ethical Considerations That Need to Be Addressed When Implementing AI in Education? How Can We Ensure the Responsible and Ethical Use of AI Technologies?

Firstly, as the education system primarily deals with children below the legal age, collecting sensitive data is not an option. However, that is not where the concerns end.

Ethical considerations in the use of AI

As for ensuring the ethical use of AI technologies, the onus rests on organizations creating and distributing the systems among the various channels. We must consider everything on ethical grounds before making it a reality.

Are There Any Potential Risks or Limitations Associated With Overreliance on AI in Education? How Can We Mitigate Those Risks?

As humans, we have set some standards for what is deemed normal. So, when it comes to overreliance on AI in education, it can become a harmful factor for several people. Not everyone learns in the same way, and just using AI for teaching might not work in that sense. Additionally, AI can be culturally insensitive. So, it does require some kind of human intervention in specific places.

Mitigating those risks is only possible through due diligence during the creation process and by leaving enough room to grow once the product is in use. It also includes giving your product some oversight by professionals. 

AI can automate several tasks

Can You Share Any Successful Case Studies or Examples Where AI Has Made a Significant Positive Impact on Education? Also, Please Feel Free to Discuss Any Similar Project That You Have Worked On. 

AI is already transforming the world of education. However, whether it is for better or worse is still debatable. For instance, students are using tools like ChatGPT to write their essays. And then, educational departments have the responsibility to check whether the content is AI-written to ensure that students are actually learning what they are supposed to learn.

In essence, it is a double-edged sword, and children are only going to be better at using these technologies.

As for the positive impact of AI, it is already helping the education system and industries create better courses that are engaging, immersive, and provide high-value addition to the learners. VR is truly transforming the world as we know it, and education is no different.

At MoogleLabs, we have worked on a few projects related to education, and the biggest one is a Learning Management System that helps doctors access relevant, latest, and valid information as needed.

What Are Your Thoughts on the Balance Between Human Instruction and AI-Driven Educational Tools? How Can We Strike the Right Balance to Maximize Learning Outcomes? 

That is a good question, and it is going to take a lot of trial and error. As many overhead tasks as possible must be assigned to the machines. However, when it comes to core education, the presence of the teacher is almost always mandatory. Just think about the amount of wreak pre-teens will make if left unattended.

Core teaching must be left to educators

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You can listen to this podcast here.

What’s Next

Implementation of AI in education has revolutionized the overall learning experience, taking it to a new height. The top AI development companies create advanced, AI-powered software solutions that help leverage AI in education, enabling personalized learning, streamlining of administrative tasks & operations, generation of superior educational content, magnifying educator’s capabilities, and enhancing learning outcomes. As AI continues to evolve, it promises to shape a more efficient, inclusive, and dynamic educational landscape for generations to come.

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Lisa Brian
Lisa Brian

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