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How to Attract More Customers with Right Augmented Reality Application

How to Attract More Customers with Right Augmented Reality Application

Augmented Reality has become the buzzword in the tech world today. A lot of credit definitely goes to the AR gaming application Pokemon Go! However, confining the technology to just gaming could be an injustice to the tremendous scope it can offer.

The technology is adorned with unmatched excellence to serve different industries with distinct requirements. Availing vast scope to boost business, the technology can undoubtedly be utilized in numerous innovative ways to enhance user experience.

According to a report, the AR industry is expected to have 1 Billion users by the year 2020 and will be disrupting the three industries primarily, namely eCommerce, Marketing, and Gaming.

Attracting Customers with Augmented Reality

The market is the most unprecedented space and speculating the forthcomings is indeed a tough thing. Let’s rewind and go back to the past. Think of the time when you were juggling the nerves of your brain trying to find out whether or not you should invest in having a website for your business.

Tune into a decade back, your team of marketing experts would probably have had a hard time convincing you of investing in social media channels and today we can clearly see the inevitable part it is playing. Well, the reason behind talking about the past trends is to highlight the typical ways we have always been reacting to new trends. So, it can be said that any delay in the implementation of AR technology will also impact your business in a negative way.

Some of the recent AR marketing campaigns that took the user interaction to a different level includes:

  • IKEA used Augmented Reality to give a better idea of their products to the customers. The customers could scan the product catalog by using their smartphones. This enables the end users to have a digital glimpse of how the products would actually look in the living room.
  • Ray-Ban installed a virtual mirror, which allowed its customers to virtually try their sunglasses online. This indeed helped the customers as they no longer had to go to a store to try any particular product.
  • The last one on our list is AMC theatres. They managed to attain 75% CTR through an Augmented Reality campaign, which allowed their customers to scan the posters of the movie, and see some funny animations and prizes to further lure them.

Using Augmented Reality for Retail Marketing

The aforementioned examples might initially have been a gamble but their seamless integration and innovative approach helped these brands to make a distinct space in front of their target audience and competitors. However, to help you attract and engage your target audience and to stand ahead of your competitors, we have here listed some of the intriguing ways to use Augmented Reality for your marketing campaigns.

Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Scannable Products: Most warehouses and stores are now utilizing standardized tag checking frameworks to monitor their stock. They would work in a fairly comparative way. The approach would enable visitors to filter out the options easily by empowering them with all details associated with the shortlisted products. For instance, taking a photo of an enabled item may offer them to pull up client surveys or buy things specifically using their smartphones.
  2. The Sweepstakes: You could give individuals impetuses to enter your physical store by compensating them with advanced or virtual merchandise in a sort of "check-in" process. Suppose you run an advanced promotion that urges individuals to stop by your store at a specific time to get a computerized coupon or a reward authentication, or even a free item. Frankly, this approach isn't very different from running conventional offers; however, it's a decent method to get clients acquainted with your application. In the event that you intend to want clients to depend on more computerized exchanges, later on, this could fill in as an extraordinary venturing stone.
  3. Easy in-store Experience: You can likewise utilize AR applications to give your clients a more immersive or charming in-store understanding. You could give your clients access to maps and bearings on the most proficient method to explore inside the space, the way Walmart endeavored to do with its portable application a couple of years back. Likewise, you can also make your store all the more captivating by accommodating tips or advancements that fly up as your clients investigate your physical area.
  4. Product Trials and Visual experience: Though last in our list but effective indeed. You can utilize a custom AR application to give your clients more top to bottom types of representation or item preliminaries. For instance, in the event that you offer home style, you may enable clients to utilize their smartphones to have a visual proof on how a bit of stylistic theme may look like in a particular zone of their home. On the other hand, you can also let them leverage the opportunity to see the full measurements and a three-dimensional perspective of your items in the store, presuming that they aren’t present in your store at that particular moment.

Before Signing Off

One thing is for sure, that the Augmented Reality technology will soon disrupt numerous industries and those starting today, will remain in front of their competitors and embrace the most fruitful results. So, to stay relevant in your industry, hire top Augmented Reality companies and integrate AR into your business!

Tuhin Bhatt
Tuhin Bhatt

Tuhin Bhatt is the co-founder of Intelivita, a leading web and mobile app development company with offices in the UK and India. His expertise includes Mobile Games, iOS, Android, AR and VR App Technologies. With flawless command over app development, Tuhin is also passionate about sharing his expertise with clients and other enthusiasts. His write-ups are usually based on Technology, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. You can follow him on Twitter - @BhattTuhin

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