Best 5 Frameworks of JavaScript to Consider in 2021

Updated on :June 22, 2024
By :Evgeniy Bril

Yearly many new frameworks appear on the modern market of technologies. The Javascript environment is wide and full of possibilities to grow. It has changed a lot for the past several years and continues to develop and improve.

Javascript is considered to be one of the most popular programming languages. It is used for the development of frontend web applications or backend web applications. There is a wide range of frameworks, and each has its own benefits for software development. We gathered the most popular Javascript frameworks in one list and defined their best qualities.


VueJS framework was released in 2016. This framework has quickly filled the modern market of development. The main feature that should be emphasized is a simple integration of VueJS, especially with backend frameworks. This framework is easier to learn and add to the stack of technologies for software development companies. Among the most famous VueJS websites are Adobe, Apple Swift UI, BMW, Gitlab, Laravel, Laracasts, Louis Vuitton, Nintendo, Upwork, Wizzair, Zoom, etc.

There is a number of functions of the VueJS framework, and here are some o them:

  • reactive interfaces
  • declarative rendering
  • data binding
  • V- directives
  • template logic
  • components
  • event processing
  • CSS transitions

VueJS is suitable for smaller projects as well as wide-scale solutions. That’s why it is mostly called a progressive framework as it is multipurpose. 

Advantages of VueJS

Now it is high time to define why VueJS should be chosen for future software solutions and what benefit it gives to the developers. The advantages are the following:

  • Reactivity - data flow is more efficient and improves the performance and other functions
  • Easy to develop - VueJS is scalable and simple to learn from scratch, as it is easy for this framework to the web project, no matter small or large
  • Simple integration with other apps - as it is a Javascript framework, it can be simply integrated with other JS built apps 
  • Flexibility - ability to write templates in JS and HTML files


ReactJS is another open-source JS framework that was built by the Facebook team of developers in 2011. In 2013 this framework became open-source. React can be considered one of the biggest influential disruptors in the web development domain, where the data can be transmitted regularly. Among the most popular websites built on ReactJS are Airbnb, BBC, Dropbox, Facebook, Github, Instagram, Netflix, Paypal, Periscope, Pinterest, Reddit, Slack, Snapchat, Tesla, The New York times, Typeform, Twitter, Uber, WhatsApp, etc.

Advantages of ReactJS

ReactJS is the most actively used framework. So why is it so popular? Here are some benefits of this type of framework:

  • Simple to learn  - ReactJS has easy syntax, so developers don’t need in deep learning of TypeScript; HTML is enough to know
  • High level of flexibility and responsiveness
  • Virtual document object model (DOM) - it helps to streamline HTML, XML and XHTML documents
  • Work in large caseload combined with  ES6/7
  • It takes little space as data on the client-side can be presented at the server-side simultaneously 
  • Simple version migration 


AngularJS is a framework released by Google in 2012. It is built on the model-view-controller concept. It is an open-source framework that is mostly used for developing single-page web apps. After launching, AngularJS gained huge popularity, and it is still the most demanded Javascript framework at GitHub. There are many popular websites on AngularJS - Google, Freelancer, Forbes, Guardian, IBM, Microsoft Office, Weather, Youtube.

Advantages of AngularJS

So what are the causes of this wide popularity of AngularJS? Here the main advantages that this framework gives to the software development:

  • Component-based architecture - this feature raises the code readability and makes the maintenance easier.
  • Server-side performance - this framework supports the box caching and many other features for fast server performance
  • Model-view-controller - it is responsible for scopes and data binding
  • Third-party integrations
  • Support - this framework is supported by the Google developer community 


This framework is used for building web applications with a high level of complexity. EmberJS is not popular as the frameworks we counted above; nevertheless, it is outstanding. EmberJS is an open-source JavaScript framework for building single-page client-side web applications that use the model-view-controller concept. Among the most popular EmberJS websites are LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Skylight, Yahoo, etc.

Advantages of EmberJS

EmberJS includes many modern concepts and Javascript technologies. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Compatibility with older versions
  • 2-way data binding
  • Inspector development tool that helps to control the work of applications in real-time
  • EmberJS has a simple appliance for working with APIs
  • Convention over Configuration 
  • Command Line Tool - a tool that boosts productivity to set up new projects and helps to install 3rd party dependencies


NustJS is a powerful open-source framework that uses server-side rendering. It is based on Vue.js and Node.js. This framework is simple in work despite its power and abilities. It helps to build ready web applications and simplifies the development of universal and single-page applications. Today there are many NuxtJS based websites, like Aircall, Fox News, Gitlab, Instrument, MyScript,, etc.

Advantages of NuxtJS

  • Fast development -  thanks to the starter-template that, an application can be created easily using the command line
  • Ability to build universal apps - JavaScript code runs on both client and server-side. Universal Apps deliver a huge loading speed boost and improve SEO by making content available faster for search engine bots to crawl.
  • Code splitting - every statically generated page has its own JS file, and it helps to split the code into smaller parts
  • Project structure - the code has a logical, scalable, and easy structure.

Wrapping Up!

To produce a successful software solution for business. However, it is a crucial step to choose and build a suitable business strategy. All your requirements, aims, costs, and other features should be considered.

If you want your project to succeed in the modern marketplaces, it is important to use the appropriate mix of programming language, frameworks, features, and functions your solution should perform. You need to find an experienced team of specialists that will lead your project from scratch to the final positive result. They will explain and guide you about every new stage of your development. You need to be sure that your project is a value for the team of developers. 

The best JavaScript developers select the right framework that is perfect for your requirements.

Evgeniy Bril
Evgeniy Bril

Evgeniy Bril, a Software Architect and Cocktail Lover in GBKSOFT, web and mobile development company. Evgeniy is a key person that makes your project scalable and easy to maintain. Thanks to his advanced and deep knowledge of innovative technologies our team can produce a project with high level of complexity and loading.

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