Artificial Intelligence

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for SEO

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for SEO

“Artificial Intelligence is likely to be either the best or worst thing to happen to humanity”

- Stephen Hawking

One cannot simply begin to list to the idealism of the AI and its impact in various aspects of our life.

We also know that Artificial Intelligence has various definitions, quoted by different experts. So, instead of one clear answer, it paints a rainbow of all the characteristics.

However, all the definitions, point in one single direction; i.e AI is continuously evolving to make human lives easier.

Today, in the period of 21st-century, the significance of AI in the big pool of SEO services is a hot and pumping topic among digital marketers.

Digital marketing and AI are the two sides of the see-saw. The presence of AI is quite noticeable in SEO and at the same time, AI helps in bringing the biggest chunk of revenues to the businesses.

But wait, are you familiar that AI is a general term spread into 3 aspects, one human challenge assisted by each?

  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Artificial Super Intelligence
  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence competes with achieving the human-like intelligence into the machinery. While Artificial Super Intelligence surpasses human abilities.

In the SEO world, it is the Artificial Narrow Intelligence that draws our concern. All the digital aspects of online business are thus controlled and improvised by artificial intelligence.

Google’s Rankbrain, launched in 2015 is among the noteworthy developments of AI. The machine-learning system has been a boon to optimize and process all of Google searches.

With this, we can say that Artificial Intelligence in SEO is the future of the Digital market. In order to preserve and progress the same, here are some expert practices to march alongside the competitors.

Conversing Through Voice Search

If only voice search had been a new concept, its implementation would have been difficult. But, as we can see, many virtual assistants have already initiated the idea of voice search.

The Google assistant, Siri, Alexa are few of the well-known mentions. Moreover, with voice search, we are giving the customers an opportunity to interact in a more conversational way.

Almost all of the voice searches are done on a mobile phone, mostly in a hurry or when a person is busy somewhere else. And this gives an ease of search and greater speed to citizens of this fast-paced world, driving them to search more and more on the internet.

So, if your website has optimized for voice search keywords and content, then you have taken a step forward to rank better on the search results.

Content Marketing Driven by AI

The way content was written in the initial days has changed dramatically in the present century. As of today, the readers are hungry for more information, long-tailed content that too with facts and figures.

It may surprise you that a lot of content is generated from the AI algorithm, saving the writer’s time to draft important aspects of the data.

Another form of automatic content generation can be seen on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a few more.

All these platforms have a section named “News Feed”. With the help of AI, the content displayed is optimized as per the interests of your audience. For content marketers, this means accurate audience targeting - find and display your content to people with high-intent of buying a service or product.

In the end, the success of such imperative features depends on the accuracy of the algorithm and creativity of content creation.

Personalize With Customer’s Needs

After you have derived ample of data from customers with the help of AI-driven tools, the information can be used inside the business strategy.

With effect to this, business websites can begin with creating a personalized experience, where the rate of engagement is the highest.

This personalization will be based on the interests and trends of the audience derived from analytical tools.

SEO Tools to Fetch Data at the Doorstep

There is no secret that AI has always been a good source for extracting customer information. The set of data which helps in driving a huge amount of business strategies.

Without the help of this data, it impossible for the business units to understand and replicate the trends.

Such trends which run in and around the business like the market innovations, then the trends which run inside the business, shown through site performance.

There is also competitors trend analysis to stay ahead in the market and customer’s likes and dislikes of all such market innovations.

All of these insights are augmented by AI tools, to understand the implications of data on business planning.

Now that you have a full plate of data, the SEO members of the organization can use the same

to understand the customer journey, use structured data, draft long-tail contents and much more.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Imagine the impact of visual searches when we say that Pinterest has already crossed 600 million visual searches.

90% of the information that a human perceives is majorly in the form of visuals. It means that for every piece of data in our mind we have one image associated with it.

Let’s say you have a picture of a dress and want to search exactly the same design over the internet. Practically, it isn’t possible to describe the details of the outfit, even though voice search.

This kind of queries gives rise to image searches which are driven by the expertise of AI tools. And the moment you paste an image in the search engine, the most relevant websites will be listed on the first page.

So, now the drive of SEO experts begin to optimize the descriptions, tags, and other features of the image. With this, your content can start rising better in the visual search engines.

Chatbot Worthy Customer Data

If we talk about collecting the customer data, then analytics tools aren’t the only useful medium. Your app or website probably has AI-oriented chatbot that is interacting with the customers.

There you go, another effective medium to fetch user-data for building SEO strategies. A friendly-interaction through chatbots with the audience intends to build a social relationship. The improved behavior analysis is the road to a better purchase journey.

Thus, this AI tool is a big time saver when you are planning to impress your customers and improve your visibility over the search engines.

Omni Channel Presence is Inevitable

To be top of the search results, your business has to be present everywhere. Starting from websites, social media platform to building your own app (if necessary). Your target audience can be accessing your business from anywhere.

Apart from this, what’s more important, is that your website should be responsive to various devices.

For example, if the site is perfectly functional on a desktop, the same experience should come while using a mobile phone or tablet. Here omnichannel implies, that what you left doing on the laptop should continue on your mobile phone.

In simple words, if you have booked a travel plan through Disney from your laptop, you can view the same later on your mobile phone as well.

Optimizing for this strategy is one of the essential goals of SEO practices!

The Unbreakable Bond of SEO and AI

SEO is an essential part, which needs to stay within the business through its tenure. Why? It is because the taste and trends of customers keep evolving.

Thus, AI also remains in the picture, as it has the most powerful and efficient ways to fetch data for search optimization.

Overall, it seems like SEO and AI will form a good pair to drive effective business strategies.

And for companies that are enthusiastic to step up with advanced techniques, you might wanna check out GoodFirms listed AI companies, that delivers machine learning solutions across various disciplines, including marketing.

Harshal Shah
Harshal Shah

Harshal Shah is CEO at Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a professional SEO Services in the USA to achieve desired results.

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