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Updated on :October 18, 2023
By :Paul Richards

B2B Search Engine Optimization, or B2B SEO, is one of the fundamental activities of digital marketing services.  It is an intricate way through which marketers incorporate various viable steps to improve the page ranking and website’s visibility in organic search results. Search Engine Giant Google updates its search algorithms several times a year, challenging marketers to stay focused and be with the trend. 

GoodFirms Leaders Roundtable is a series of podcast discussions where leaders of top companies and successful startups share their valuable insights about diverse topics, which becomes more than useful lessons for young budding entrepreneurs. 

In this podcast session, we interacted with Navneet Kaushal, CEO of Page Traffic, who shared some of the best tips and tactics of B2B SEO.

Page Traffic is a top digital marketing agency and leading web design and development company based in India with offices in the US and UK. The company has been providing a comprehensive range of SEO services since its inception in 2002. It also offers various SEO packages, social media marketing, paid advertising, website design, customized WordPress design, online digital branding, and more.

This podcast discusses on the following points:

  • How does B2B SEO Work?
  • The Key Differences Between B2B and B2C SEO
  • Core Elements of On-Page, Off-Page & Technical SEO
  • Benefits of Link Building for B2B and SaaS Companies 

The podcast also focuses on 

  1. Why should you focus on Outdated Content?
  2. Tips to Develop SEO Content 
  3. Role of Artificial Intelligence in SEO 
  4. How GoodFirms has contributed to the growth of the Company

So, to begin with, one of the most significant customer acquisition channels for B2B businesses is SEO. Given that you have experience working with numerous reputable B2B businesses, how exactly does B2B SEO work?

To begin with, B2B SEO primarily focuses on reaching out to the top-level decision-makers in an organization,  like a CEO, CTO, or CMO. However, the basic SEO elements and core concepts remain the same as B2C, which are

  • On-Page SEO 
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO 
  • Content Optimization

Most business owners and marketers are familiar with SEO, with the core principle of aiming to rank higher in search engines, but what are the key differences between B2B and B2C SEO?

Well, I believe that the primary purpose of both B2B and B2C SEO is almost similar; they aim to increase organic rankings and improve overall website traffic. However, it is the approach that makes the difference. While B2C SEO focuses on choosing high-volume keywords, B2B SEO concentrates on low-volume keywords, which a few selective people look for on top search engines. 

Also, you must note that B2B audiences make decisions for escalating their business prospects. Hence, they have different searching and purchasing habits. Furthermore, B2B SEO presents a complex sales funnel where the keyword volumes are low, and the conversion rates are much lower.

Quotation 1

The core principles for ranking are the same for both B2B and B2C brands, so what are the fundamental principles for on-page, off-page, and technical SEO?

Each of the on-page, off-page, and technical SEO has different fundamental components, which are as follows-

  1. The Essential Elements of On-Page SEO include selecting the right set of keywords, optimizing the title tags, optimizing the images, internal linking, etc. You must ensure that your website content strictly follows the Google E-A-T guidelines. Also, you must check the appropriate keyword density on the website's relevant pages. 
  2. To Optimize Off-Page SEO, you must focus on building links through social channels, regularly post strategic guest posting, build links from relevant and trustworthy sources, and use proper anchor texts without spam. 
  3. For the Technical SEO, you must try and fix 404 errors, properly redirect 301 signals, implement hreflang, use schema markup, and more. You can also look to optimize your URL, structure the data, resolve thin or duplicate content issues, and use canonical tags.

Quotation 2

Can you share a few pointers to help outdated or existing content web pages gain new traction and climb the search results pages? Does updating your old content result in quicker results?

To answer your question in one sentence, yes, it really works and takes less time. If you search for a keyword, you usually get the top results. And I think it becomes more prevalent for industries where the transition takes place quickly. 

Apart from this, the content should provide real value and information to the readers, which helps to reduce the bounce rate. Pictures speak louder than words, and that's true in the case of SEO as well. You can use a lot of images to capture the reader’s attention. 

Spelling and grammatical errors are considered big blunders, so take care of them. Also, don’t forget to provide citations in the content wherever appropriate.

Content creation is considered one of the best lead-generation strategies for B2C. However, that is one of the biggest B2B marketing challenges, as the experts are often unable to produce SEO-optimized content. What are some essential guidelines to remember before starting to develop any SEO content?

Choosing the right set of keywords helps lay the foundation of SEO content. However, you must focus on selecting the relevant keywords your target audience uses to find the product or service you are providing online. I would recommend using long-tail keywords, which help to drive traffic.

Quotation 3

Can you let our audience know how important link building is for B2B and SaaS Companies, and What tips do you have to stand out in a jam-packed inbox?

Undoubtedly, link building is integral to SEO for B2B and SaaS-based companies. However, the types of links you pursue are different from a company targeting customers. 

I think B2B, SaaS, and IT Services companies must literally focus on generating leads from thought-leader websites, websites with authentic industry publication content, and high-quality websites rather than targeting links from general websites or low-quality sites. Such businesses usually offer more extensive or complex solutions, which may be challenging to summarize in a single article or a blog. Therefore, it becomes all the more crucial to have relevant links that appropriately highlight the type of solutions or products your business offers.  

You must ensure that your emails are highly professional, relevant, and well formatted, containing a personalized message for the recipient. If you can't find the contact information for the person you want to reach, try using a tool like Hunter or BuzzSumo to find their email address.

Quotation 4

We can say that Artificial Intelligence in SEO is the future of the Digital market. What noteworthy changes may we anticipate for the SEO industry in the future?

We are aware that Artificial Intelligence is indeed the future of SEO and this digital technology is here to stay. I can tell you with certainty that AI will greatly impact the SEO industry. We will witness its influence in almost every domain, for example, creating quick and meaningful content or link building. 

Quotation 5

The best artificial intelligence tools have already proved their effectiveness and significance in keyword research, content creation, SEO workflows, and voice search.

Finally, we'd like to know how GoodFirms has benefited you and how it has contributed to PageTraffic's phenomenal growth over the years.

We at PageTraffic owe a lot to GoodFirms. Due to their stringent evaluation process, we have maintained our high standards and grown phenomenally over the years. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in traffic and in leads from potential clients. It has enabled us to surge as an organization and offer improved services for our clients.

We highly recommend GoodFirms to anyone looking for an honest and unbiased evaluation of firms in any industry.

To listen to this podcast discussion, you can click here. 

What’s Next

Search Engine Optimization helps to grow your website ranking in terms of visibility and authenticity by providing valuable, relevant information that users are searching for. The significance of high-quality content is here to stay, along with other trends like video content, voice search, featured snippets, mobile-first indexing, and more. 

About Leaders Roundtable 

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