Grow Your Business: Explore New Opportunities With Cloud Computing

Updated on :June 12, 2024

Paul Martiz, CEO of VMware has rightly said, “Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing”.

Just as Uber charges you for the ride you’ve requested, cloud providers charge you for the storage capacity you’ve utilized. Therefore, you can relate cloud computing as a Uber for enterprises and other companies.

Myriad of industries which switched to cloud computing achieved success in scaling and growing their business with increased scope of profitability. Hence, cloud computing has marked a huge impact on various industry sectors by offering a variety of segments that best fits in all the business domains.

Use of Cloud Computing in Telecom Industry:

The convergence of the cloud in telecommunication industry has changed the way we communicate via web or mobile. The applications we are using  nowadays for chat, audio calling and video calling are hosted on the cloud in order to provide a reliable network, storing, and computing resources making the connection strong without any interruption during a communication.

This is the era of 4G and 5G network where the user expectation is far beyond the network signals and storage. Therefore, Cloud is used to better the infrastructure of the cell tower, improve the reliability, security and performance of the web or mobile apps making the selected action smooth.

Discord is a cloud based VOIP app designed for gamers. The app accords an experience of playing while chatting with an additional advantage of creating n-number of servers without any slot limitation.

Use of Cloud Computing in eCommerce Industry:

Cloud is a convenient and on-demand model for eCommerce. It’s indeed reshaping the retail world.


The reason is penny plain, “pay-as-you-use and pay-as-you-go”. It easily resizes the storage capacity of an eCommerce store as required which is not found in conventional settings. As it’s Christmas time, the necessity of increased storage capacity of servers builds up.  Therefore, what owners will do? Will they use physical servers and inform about the need for storage capacity beforehand or will they move to cloud-based servers? Of course, they will opt for cloud-based servers. Not because the resources are readily available and enhancements take less time but because it builds up good opportunities for business expansion and growth.

Amazon is the biggest marketplace which has a complete hold over its selling strategies because of Cloud. It functions smoothly even on the seasonal days when the probability of millions of users touring the website escalates. This gives a complete shopping experience during the sale and potential users build up trust on the website.

Use of Cloud Computing in Accounting:

Accounting is a no-brainer task with cloud computing. It has completely changed the perception of how we considered accounting to be. Cloud accounting enables the facility of updating the ledgers in real-time in the same version created initially. Secondly, it helps in making better decisions based on the accurate financial statements ultimately bracing the business owner for the new challenge.

Sage one is the online accounting cloud-based software that helps you to access any transaction with your accountant 24*7. It’s user-friendly and provides accurate insights a business owner wants whilst planning for expansion and developing various opportunities.

Use of Cloud Computing in Healthcare:

Introduction of Cloud Computing in HealthCare has sorted out various issues hindering the medical paradigms. Based on the Patient centric model, a pragmatic shift has been noticed in maintaining health care and medical record synced with the main system.

Furthermore, the benefits of accessing information and resizing the storage capacity instantly anytime, anywhere streamline various operations of a hospital without any hassle.

Practo is the cloud-based web and mobile app helping users to search doctors, fitness or medical centers at nearby areas with an additional advantage of scheduling an appointment and securing medical records.

Benefits from Development Perspective

Using Cloud servers for various web and mobile based applications, development companies have widened the scope of delivering a comprehensive solution that streamlines various business operations. Furthermore, developers are getting benefits of using inbuilt APIs which is ultimately reducing  the development time and cost. For instance, search functionality is common in web and mobile apps. If cloud provides an API for search then developers have to only integrate it in the code and test. The rest of the time they can focus on complicated issues which require more time. Thus, helping developers to implement qualitative applications.

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