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Handling The Most Prevailing Tech Problems Small Businesses Face

Handling The Most Prevailing Tech Problems Small Businesses Face

In this digital landscape, technology is crucial for the organizations to proliferate the growth. Contrary, if things get messy with IT, powerful business tools can turn out to be a  roadblock for achieving business goals.

Let’s face the fact- Small businesses don’t have adequate resources to track the security threats or technical glitches that pops up on a regular basis. Also, most of the entrepreneurs are not adaptive to the best practices to operate or maintain the software. As a consequence, they face numerous tech challenges which not solved at the right time can hamper business in many aspects.

Below are the tech problems and the solutions to overcome it;


#Problem 1- Deciding The Technology:

Running a business is a real challenge. And, said above, it seems difficult for any business to grow without the help of technology. But that does not mean you opt for the high-priced technology. There are ample of technologies available across the web which are advantageous in uplifting your business performance and facilitate you with robust analytical tools.


For example, taking your business mobile does not mean you opt for technologies like artificial intelligence or augmented reality and you go for Android and iOS development both. It depends upon the factors amidst you which includes targeted audience, finance, business requirements, competitiveness, etcetera. If your targeted audience is 95% android users, and 5% website users, will you choose both iOS and Android development? Think about it.

If you are unable to make a firm choice, you are open to ask from an expert engineer. Seek the help of an expert, analyse your viewpoints and later choose the technology that suits your business needs. This will save your paramount time and money for future requirements.


#Problem 2 - Unable To Leverage The Power Of Technology:

Small businesses often face this problem. Investing in custom software development is not a one time event. With the advances in technology, you need to update your software to keep your business growing.


You can discuss your specifications with your technology partner and prioritise the functionalities and features into different software versions. Following this procedure, you can cut down the development cost, get the benefit of early deployment and leverage the technology to improve business performance.


#Problem 3 - Heavily Dependent on Cloud:

No wonder, cloud is exclusively designed to help businesses from the headache of storing files and data. It is the best and not too expensive technology to employ. It also gives you access to  your stored files wherever you are connected. All these benefits catch your attention. But it’s the worst thing to know when your files and confidential data gets hacked. The recent Infoworld blog post unveils the steps to recover from the cloud attack which clearly defines the inflation of cyber crime in the world. Hence, it can be dangerous for you and your business to be fully dependent on cloud for file storage.


Being into a business where competition is fierce, it is always the best practice to store files and data at different places which can be easily accessible at any given point. There are a number of options available across the web which offers similar features like cloud.


#Problem 4 - Use Of Illegal Software:

Due to lack of capital and adequate knowledge, small businesses purchase a software from an unreliable source at a low price to align their business operations. Usually, such software(s) are not secured though they are tagged with a sign of security. This can cause a huge damage to the system resulting in loss of data.


Agreed! You cannot afford a huge investment at the initial stage but you can definitely search for a reliable source which can provide you a software that meets your requirements and saves you from the huge loss.


#Problem 5 - Adopting Do-it-Yourself Approach:

Most of the small businesses use ready to make and no-coding tools to develop enterprise software in order to escape themselves from investing a huge amount in custom software development.

It is also noticed that once the software is developed, these companies ignore the notifications of software updates or server issues and adopt do-it-yourself approach for temporary solutions. This not only disturbs the business operations but also frustrates customers who walk away from disappointment.


There are several top custom software development companies which offers end-to-end software development services to small businesses at an affordable cost. This also includes consultation and post-deployment services. You can pick the best technology partner filtering your requirements and craft an outstanding software solution for your business.


#Problem 6 - Security threats:

Cybercrime has increased at an unexpected rate which is harming the business and its reputation. Furthermore, to influence users to buy your services, you have to be transparent. This can be a drawback when data security is the biggest concern. Moreover, bring your own device concept is burgeoning which means that employees can use their own mobile device for business purpose which again is the question of worry.  All these reasons are sufficient to make you understand how important is to secure your data from being robbed due to an unknowing mistake.


With the advances in technology, data security feature has become powerful resulting in decrease in cyber crimes. To secure your files or data from such attacks you can either lock it with different password patterns or purchase a licensed security solutions which are beneficial for your business.


#Problem 7 - Technical Glitches:

It is fascinating to purchase a ready-made software that is advanced and meets all your business requirements.

Many tech companies adopt Lean UX methodology to create a software which delays the deployment of the actual product. This is a good practice to involve end-users as testers but not fruitful for organisations.


If you don’t want to go for custom software development, there are software companies which develop an  in-house product for sale. You can consult those companies and purchase their products to smooth your business functioning and improve productivity.


#Problem 8 - Integration Issues:

Sometimes, advanced systems do not easily get compatible with the existing systems. It imbibes a lot of time because new systems are more advanced than the existing ones which may lead to major issues like showing off similar records multiple times, failing of systems, etc.


Integrating new systems with the old or existing ones need a proper planning. It is not a  task for  a non-techie person. Either you need to contact your development partner or seek the help of a network engineer to help you sort the integration issues.


#Problem 9 - Discarding Old System Incorrectly:

Computers, laptops or gadgets play an important role in your business. You may be following the same protocol as most organisations do- securing employees’ systems or office gadgets with passwords and locking the gadgets like pen drives, tablets, mobile phones in a safe place.

Simply dozing off the old systems or gadgets may bring you in peril because they have a collection of huge files or confidential data in store.


For instance, your pen drive is filled with some confidential data and now you want to dump it into the garbage because it is damaged. Before throwing it, it is better to store that data in a secure place and format the pen drive to save you and your business from drowning.


#Problem 10 - Backup And Recovery Is A Challenge:

There are hardly any software(s) which provide backup or recovery facility. And, on the business end, the entrepreneurs ignore this step. Thus, having a hard-drive or pen drive with a great storage capacity is ornamental unless you don’t use it properly.


BackUp and Recovery are important, especially for business. If you have customised your software with a backup feature you can schedule backup time or automate backup as per your convenience to save your business from uncertain situations.


Final Thoughts

Hope the solutions discussed above may relieve you from the prevailing tech problems. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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