How Is QA Software Testing Helping Startups During COVID-19 Crisis?

Updated on :June 14, 2024
By :Parimal Kumar

The COVID-19 crisis is pretty evident. It is perhaps the first of its kind pandemic that has hit all levels of people and companies. No surprise that the start-ups are also worried about future endeavors. However, QA software testing has eased things to a great extent for them. 

The COVID-19 situation has brought a significant transformation in modern-day offices’ functionality, turning most of them into work-from-home based. Nevertheless, working from home is not as simple as it sounds. There are many concerns, starting from the issue of internet connectivity to the availability of digital resources. 

The Changing Scenario and Emphasis on QA Software Testing

Communication is obvious to be not as effective as earlier; meetings are dependent on Zoom, Google Meet, etc. In fact, not everyone has a computer at home to work efficiently. This is primarily a concern for the start-ups and their employees. To be specific about a QA team, integrating the whole team and resources has always been crucial. As safety and health have become the prime concern over other issues, having a proper setup for the QA team is quite challenging. 

This is more relatable for those companies still depending upon manual testing. All thanks to QA software testing that has relaxed the start-ups to a great extent. In fact, this strategy has turned out to be more effective than the traditionally existing one. In a way, it can be claimed that this pandemic has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

The impact of Covid19 on the IT Industry is uncountable. Anyway, the start-ups are getting benefitted in the following ways through QA software testing.

How Software QA Testing Helpful During COVID-19

Scrapping Overall Budget 

Upon outsourcing the task of testing to an explicit QA software testing team, start-ups can save a significant amount of budget. Starting from the cost of an optimized computer system for testing to requisite tools and resources, a startup gets relaxed from all aspects. It is evident that the cost of all these for a startup is higher than the charges of a service provider. Keeping the challenge of investments in mind, it is indeed a better idea to outsource the task, rather than doing it on your own.

Getting Relaxed From Challenges of Preparing a Trained Team

In a scenario when having an in-house team and operating with the same looks quite challenging, training and preparing a team of QA experts seems out of question, especially for start-ups. On the other hand, it’s a fact that only the most proficient team of professionals is needed for the QA department. It’s not just time-consuming but also challenging from a cost perspective. In comparison, handing over the task to an explicit QA software testing looks quite relaxing and assured.

No-Risk of Losing Potential Clients

Needless is to say, how important it is for a startup to retain its potential clients impressed. Unless the product is tested correctly, there remains every threat of losing the client. In such challenging times, things get even more difficult for a startup to keep the QA team ready and fully functional. 

Unarguably, it is beyond the imagination of those companies that are still dependant on manual testing. Comparatively, doing the task through a specialist QA software testing team appears to be much more convincing. It assures them about perfection and saves them much valuable money as well.

Maintaining Productivity

A startup often has to confront dual challenge as it has to maintain productivity, being uncompromising about the quality. In such scenarios, the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic makes things even more demanding and arduous. The testing phase is considered the most time-consuming and thus involves greater challenges in the modern framework. All thanks to the third-party team of QA software testing that make things look way lot accomplishing.

When the testing process gets hastened through such efficient professionals, overall productivity is quite natural to be significant. This is so as the start-ups, in general, do remain enriched with proficient teams in the development or production department. It’s the testing department that makes stuff challenging. Upon outsourcing the task to a specialized software testing team, the start-ups can feel much more secure.

Safety From Unprecedented Threats of Connectivity Failure

The excuses of connectivity failure can cost a lot for a start-up. In traditional or manual testing methods, the professionals entirely rely on the internet and phone connectivity. Be it about surfing the web for knowledge purposes or communicating with the team through web conferencing, the team remains dependent in numerous ways. 

It means any disruption in this process, even due to unprecedented web issues, may lead to embarrassing situations. Keeping all these in mind, hiring a professional team for QA software testing would be a practical move. With testing done through software, there remain no worries of having a well-resourced setup for the connectivity issues and everything could be addressed smoothly.

Complete Assurance From a Safety Perspective

Delivering the task to the QA software testing team can be immensely relaxing from safety perspectives. In general, most of the threats do appear from technological tools and resources. With the testing task delivered to the QA software testing team, there remains no uncertainty and skepticism for a start-up house requiring extra security check steps. Most importantly, it enables the production team to handle the activity without depending upon the technical support team.

With no need for an extra tech-support team, it naturally helps the concerned start-up in saving a significant amount of budget. Through the availability of high-end Cloud infrastructures, it gets even more intuitive. Most importantly, it can make the login process way lot secured. Moreover, having access to the core system, remotely makes the process more efficient than ever. 


All in all, remote QA software testing is immensely helpful for start-ups in modern times. Not only the remote QA software but every remote work is truly beneficial for companies. Most importantly, this transformation is going to be enduring for a considerable period from now. It means start-ups can strategize their functionality for permanent purposes. Be it about safety aspects, productivity, or maintaining reliability, it has turned out to be effective from all perspectives. All they need is to ensure that the QA software tester is experienced enough with a proven track record.  

Parimal Kumar
Parimal Kumar

Parimal Kumar is the CEO and Owner of Testrig Technologies, a professional having immense experience in this domain. He is currently working for many reputed IT houses. Mr. Kumar’s overall experience in this field would be well beyond 12 years. Apart from testing, he is passionate about blogging in the same niche as well. 

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