AR and VR Development 2020: Industry Future Growth During A Pandemic

Updated on :September 28, 2023
By :Vimal Shah

Despite a lot of problems created by the COVID-19 outbreak, we can predict that AR and VR will make this a good year. Based on market research by Worldwide Quarterly Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset Tracker, it is estimated that the market will decline by 10.5% in the first quarter and will follow further decline by 24.1%. 

We can call AR and VR new darlings for remote workers, which pushes back combined forces of the customer and enterprise market. The AR, VR, and MR technologies are used to talk, socialize, and shop using these immersive platforms.

In this pandemic, staying indoor is essential. AR and VR have bought solutions to collaborate with friends and entertain themselves. Moving on, Gartner’s report says, there are at least 100 million users who expect to utilize AR-enable shopping technologies by 2020. 

There are several developers, retailers, and customers who comfortably utilize these technologies as part of daily experience.          

Based on BRP reports, 48% of consumers are more likely to buy from the retailer, which offers AR experiences. 32% of retailers plan to deploy AR or VR in the coming three years, whereas 15% of them have already started using AR.

Brief About Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new digital trend. You can hardly meet anyone who isn’t familiar with Pokemon Go or Boom. We can call AR as an entertainment technology that widens its industries from healthcare, architecture, e-commerce, and more. Based on the Statista forecasts, virtual reality is expected to reach $215 billion by 2021.

Types of Augmented Reality Applications

  • Marker-Based Applications

The marker-based apps are based on image recognition, where we use black and white markers for displaying AR content. Once the device recognizes the marker, the app overlays the digital data to see the augmented object. It simplifies the search process when camera data is analyzed. Hard-coded objects of your AR app can be easily detected, where the majority of AR apps are marker-based.

  • Location-Based Applications

One can create location-based AR apps that work without markers. The user’s position is placed in such a way that it helps GPS, an accelerometer, or a digital compass, to overlay AR on top of real physical places. One of the well-known examples is Pokemon Go, which uses location-based AR content related to a given location.

Brief About Virtual Reality

Today VR is exploding across the globe. The new year will bring new releases and innovations. Big brands like Sony, Samsung, Google, Facebook have moved on into the VR market. Even VR games have become popular among gamers, where without VR headset, it’s possible to play in special zones in Arcades. 

So far, VR content is centralized. Which means certain games are developed for a particular headset. The future of VR is bright as it has a goldmine of capabilities.

Amazing Uses of VR for Different Industries

  • Recruitment and Training Sector
  • Work Collaboration in the Workplace
  • Creating Ideas with Forecasting Trends
  • Pain Management
  • Training Medical Students
  • Treatment of PTSD
  • Training on Social Cognition to Manage Autism
  • Managing and Treating Anxiety Disorder
  • In Paraplegics Treatment
  • Leisure

Quick Questionnaire

The following are the frequently asked questions in the AR/VR development industry.

How are AR and VR Connecting in Real and Virtually?

Gartner says 70% of enterprises will experiment with immersive technologies by 2022, where 25% will deploy these for production. AR and VR align digital capabilities that offer team critical security, production prowess, and agility based on today’s business demand. 

In the year 2028, AR and VR will reshape the conversational platforms with increased productivity. Moreover, thinking and technology have shifted to a point where they experience the connection of people with hundreds of edged devices, ranging from computers to cars.

What AR and VR Concept Proves?

VR offers gaming grounds, help in the entertainment sector, and various high-tech training programs with the armed forces. The VR segment comes with critical parts for B2B and B2C. 

How Does the Rise in AR Avatar Take Place?

In the past few years, there's been a significant rise seen in virtual reality apps and AR development services. Celebrities like Active’s Kizuna AI and Brud’s Lil Miquela have become popular due to AR VR technology. They have provided appealing fictional characters and have become popular due to the virtual influence. 

Once Kensuke Suglyama Gree Spokesperson said:

“We believe that 3D avatar characters and their activities in virtual worlds will take people to the next stage of the internet.”

What Is the Advancement Made in AR/VR Displays to Date?

We can say that the market trends of AR and VR are on the rise in the year 2020. The headsets of AR/VR have upgraded to ensure that the high-power content is displayed on screen without getting blurred or putting a strain on your eyes.

How Remote Assistance Works via Virtual and Augmented Reality?

The time is here, where AR and VR have bought better opportunities for remote workers and are ready to collaborate soon. The technologies offer real-time solutions using mobile phones and laptops. 

How Does AR/VR Influence the Future?

As we know, AR and VR have bought a momentous change in the business world. To keep aware of AR VR trends in 2020, you need to look at different companies’ perspectives. We highly recommend hiring the best AR VR mobile app development company to compete in the market.

What Is the Future of VR and AR in Healthcare?

According to the estimate, over 30 million users will be using this technology in the coming three years and will reach 70 million within the next six. Some of the top AR/VR trends are listed below:

  • Informative Healthcare

Patients walk into a medical clinic put on AR glasses, which offer access to an informational snippet, graphs, and various diagrams. So, the appointment made is very informative and offers a comprehensive experience.

  • Surgical Training

Experts believe that most surgical training protocols rely on VR-based technology. The skills mostly depend on realistic virtual patients. With this, the surgeons will get exposure to wider anatomical variety.

  • Revolutionized Physical Rehabilitation

Today VR is capable of revolutionizing physical rehabilitation, and AR is not lagging. Using this, the patient will be able to check heart rate, calorie burn, blood pressure, flex strength, and crucial information. 

  • Richer Remote Healthcare

Here, remote healthcare professionals can link up to home-based devices, offering them rich and informative walkthroughs. The AR/VR technologies can access patients that face health issues in the comfort of their homes.

How AI-Powered AR Transforms Digital Experience?

AI, when used with AR, will make it easier to deliver an immersive experience more efficiently than ever before. It uses collaborative technology that senses the position of the customer and helps companies offer a better user experience. 

Does AR/VR on 5G Have a Future?

Yes, 5G technology can uplift the potential and use of AR/VR, which will result in a brighter future for both.

Wrap Up!

We are gradually approaching a time when AR/VR applications are becoming common. VR and AR technology will add new and innovative scopes in the advertising industry. The demand for VR and AR is growing in television and film content.

Owing to the pandemic in 2020, AR and VR applications have spread across various industries, including healthcare. The demand for AR/VR development is thus set to experience an unprecedented rise!

Vimal Shah
Vimal Shah

Vimal Shah is the director of Agile Infoways. He has excellent industry experience and likes to mix different technologies such as web and mobile development. He is always keen to look for new technologies and innovations. He tries to help the team resolve any kind of issues and offers the team-best toolkit for their future apps.

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