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The Impact of Virtual Reality on Mobile Apps

The Impact of Virtual Reality on Mobile Apps

The term ‘Virtual Reality’ has become a buzzword in this digitized world. With more and more apps landing in the market every day, app creators are somehow impelled to bring something entirely different and unique to their app.

Enter the concept of Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Reality is a technology that provides an immersive experience to the user. It shuts out the entire physical world by mimicking the real world through a 3D generated environment. The VR is generally experienced through specialized VR headsets or VR devices that make their mobile work like a VR gadget. The entire process has been asserted as a refreshing one for the viewer.

Previously said to be as the technology of future, its existence is no more a hidden wonder. The traditional mobile app development that has been carried on for so long, is now facing a challenge of its own. This heightened technological development is imposing itself over 2-D apps of phones.

Organizations today are looking for innovative and creative measures to make a colossal impact on their audience. With the introduction of newer developments in this technological field, the need to include something distinctive has become greater than before. And one of the advancements that developers are itching to include in their work is this ‘Virtual Reality’.

Catch sight of some of the reasons as to why businesses want to include this digital masterpiece in their mobile apps:

1. Powerful communication tool

As said previously, it is an immersive experience in itself. Since the mobile app has been created to make everything more interactive and personalized for the user, offering a VR experience will be like a cherry on the top. It has a dynamic capability to change the working within an industry.

Several verticals like real estate, education, beauty, fashion, hospitality, travel, automobile, aviation have felt its effects and have profited as well with this soaring innovation.

2. Encourage their buying decision

For an e-commerce industry, a customer is its lifeline. Encouraging a customer to make a buying decision is not easy. A customer goes through thousands of thoughts before choosing ‘the one’. Thus, for more conviction and consideration, Virtual Reality can help the shoppers feel more comfortable with the product.

Such a far-fetched step was taken up by eBay Australia who collaborated with retailer Myer to launch the world’s first virtual department store. Their project helped the customer to get a glimpse into the future of retail. Following this experience, eBay analyzed the interest of customer through their selections.

People are a bit apprehensive about buying online since they are unsure about the quality of the product, size, color etc. But Virtual Reality has been successful in removing hesitation from the customers through their close insights.

3. Promoting customer loyalty

These life-like experiences can largely impact anyone. The influential graphics in motions are agreeable whether the viewer is a child or adult. As a business owner, it is very necessary for you to create a captivating interface of mobile apps. With VR in your mobile apps, you can drive a large group of customers towards your application. Offering such a mesmeric environment, your business can definitely expect a loyal group of customers in the long run.

4. Establishes a whole new approach to learning

Imagine how much better your learning would be if you could see the related topics through visuals. A simple reading and writing cannot be that much effective what a 3D environment could offer.

Whether this is for a school, college, or company, VR could definitely be used to provide the learners with an enjoyable learning environment. The students could have interactive classes or some exciting trips through Google Expedition app itself. These VR-enabled apps could also be used for training purpose and even solves the problem of learning for remotely located companies.

Feeling a bit informed? But there’s much more in VR-enabled mobile app development than what is known to people.  

Some of the tips from top mobile app development companies, that a creator should consider while developing such apps are stated underneath:

⦁    VR apps are a bit different than the 2D apps. Our mobiles have a typical design with a limited visualization. But, for a VR the design and visuals should cover the entirety of a person’s vision. Thus, here we have to think about 3600 of the person. There is no limited framework for the creator in VR if he ought to give his customer the best user experience (UX). He needs to work upon the entire panorama that would be in front of the viewer’s.

⦁    Testing is the most essential aspect of working of VR apps. Since this a fairly new concept, the developers go through a lot of hits and trials to give their project a final shape.

⦁    For fine-tuning of a project and to give a successful execution one needs to make better use of their developer’s testing skill. Creating a comfortable design with perfect spacing should be the first consideration. You need to ignite fun and excitement for the customer, thus keep an open mind, focus on your target audience and develop the visuals. No need to set some pre-defined plans, they might not work out in the end.

⦁    Your audience is your best critics. They will help you in building the app with their honest and clear feedback. Because in the end, your app should be seamlessly working with your audience’s vision.

Here is a brief overview of what type of transformations various sectors are witnessing with the introduction of Virtual Reality:

⦁    Automobile: The automotive industry is making use of VR extensively to give a surrounded 3D experience to the user. The clients can check inside and outside of the model that they want to buy. Like Volvo has released its virtual reality app to give their clients a closer view of whatever they are looking for.     

⦁    Tourism: Famed travel industries like Thomas Cook are making use of Virtual Reality to give a real-life experience to users by taking them through a 3D world.

⦁    Education: Education has seen a maximum number of benefits with VR. Teaching a child is not a cakewalk. Most of the times the student is not interested. But VR has transformed the entire scenario for teachers as well as students. It has made the classes interesting by infusing the use of VR in their somber subjects like an anatomy or history.  

VR in Education  
Image Credit: CLASSVR

⦁    Healthcare: The healthcare industry has found VR to be a blessing as they could understand and explore various surgical techniques without getting into the actual situation at first.

VR in Healthcare 
Image Credit:

⦁    Online store: E-commerce or shopping industry has made use of this amazing technology to give a first-hand view of their product very closely. The customers are very eager to learn about their appearance with the product even before they buy it. Thus, with a holistic view, he could easily get an idea of the product. 


Innovation is the foundation for every progress that is made in this digital world. Every update, trend, and discovery in this domain is important to keep yourself at par with your competitors. So to keep on this steed of development, Virtual Reality should be your next accomplishment. Try out your extensive skills at VR and develop a mobile app that keeps you above all. To help you with the same, a list of top virtual reality development companies by GoodFirms will definitely take you to the right path. 

Akash Verma
Akash Verma

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