Why Software Customization Is More Important Than You Think

Updated on :October 17, 2023

Admit it!

Your growing business needs a software which helps you in measuring business growth, improve performance and increase productivity. And, you may be thinking to buy an off-the-shelf software to escape from the expense of custom software development. Aren’t you?

Off-the-shelf software(s) are good but they won’t support the business operations for long as with the growth and expansion and change in trends, the business requirements evolve. Here the problem arises.

When we talk about software customization, it is not about only development. It's about diving deep into the business requirements, understand it and then give it a final shape. There is a misconception about the development cost and time. Custom software development is neither expensive nor time consuming. These two parameters wholly depend upon the business requirements.

Below are the points which imply why software customization is more important than you think;

  1. Business World is Competitive:

    Running a business is not easy. You also know how difficult it is to survive in the business world if you don’t have the appropriate resource. For instance; the inclination towards online shopping was the major reason of shut down for several retail and wholesale shops.

    Just as eCommerce diminished the value of physical stores, your competitors may bring you down if you don’t get adaptive with the technology. Building a custom software for your business will not only streamline your business processes but will also help you create the edge over the competitors which is extremely important in today’s era.

  1. Thinking of Expansion:

    It’s the known fact that you won’t remain at the same position for long. You started off small but with the enormous growth, you think of expansion. Here your business needs change.

    With off-the-shelf software, you may not be able to run your business operations smoothly at this expansion stage. Whereas with tailored software you may get the dynamism to run your business smoothly without any hassle as such customized software(s) are developed considering the present and future business needs in mind.

  1. Cyber Security is the main concern:

    After reading a number of incidents of cybercrime, the main concern for enterprises, SMBs, and corporates is the software security to guard the confidential business data.

    No wonder, the recent off-the-shelf are implemented with the security feature but still, there is worry of data to get hacked because even cloud servers are not save from the hackers. When it comes to software customization, you can discuss the security measures of your business and the developing team can develop the security feature on that basis. As the technology is advancing year by year, the security feature is getting enhanced. Now developers use complex algorithms to secure your business data from the hackers.

  1. Easy Software Integration:

    You definitely would want to you use the existing system while you think of software integration. Off-the-shelf software won’t provide such facility. With this kind of software(s), the integration becomes hard. The hardware and software requirements usually differ and therefore, the configuration part becomes a next to impossible task for the network engineer.

    While this is not the case in custom software development. This allows you to seamlessly configure the third party software or API with the existing system. For instance; you have an existing inventory management system which does not function as per the current business needs. Thus, you want to re-engineer your existing system with new technology and new modules. Custom software development allows you to update your system as per your needs and if the third party software is available for any module the developers may integrate it with your existing software using API. Easy integration takes place if and only if the existing system is custom made.

  1. Development Time & Cost:

    There are various organizations especially the small business entrepreneurs who believe that it imbibes a lot of time and cost to develop a tailored software solution. Yes, the development of such software consumes time and money but it varies between requirements, features, and technology. For instance; an organisation wants to develop a software for file synchronization. The development cost and time depend upon the business requirement and the software features.

    No doubt off-the-shelf software is available ready in the market within your budget and thus, there is no need to invest paramount time in development Whereas in custom software development, your idea to develop a software may consume less time and cost. And, even though your idea is huge and may take an entire year for development, you can pay the developers per milestone. There are several custom software development companies which have adopted pay per milestone business model to make the payment procedure easy for vivid organizations.

  1. Reduced Risk Factor:

    By purchasing off-the-shelf software you are taking a huge risk for your business. There are numerous possibilities of losing your hard cash. First possibility can be purchasing a software from the illegal vendor just to escape from a huge expense. Second, the vendor is no longer selling the company’s software which you are using so now either you need to find another vendor who supplies the same software or change your business processes. Besides, it can lead to the sudden need of cash which can cause a big problem for you.

    When you go for custom software development you are at low risk. The software development team dives deep in understanding your requirements, plan a result oriented strategy and then go for the development. Various software development companies follow a strict or be precise agile software development approach which helps you track the development progress and test your software during development. Being a core part of development actually,  gives you a feeling that you have invested your money in the right place.

  1. Post-deployment services:

    This service goes missing in off-the-shelf software. While purchasing this type of software solution you don’t have any information about the development company, you directly deal with the vendor. Thus, you abandon yourself from support and maintenance services. Support and maintenance services are important to help you in understanding the software and its working. If you are a techie you may manage to understand the features and functionalities once installed but what about the non-techies?

    Whereas you get instant support and maintenance services in custom software development. The team ensures that you have a clear idea about software flow. Thus, either the team guides you through voice call or prepare a demo to assist you with all the software features and functionalities. Also, the team helps you with the bug fixes and improve software quality.

  1. Improved Business Performance:

    While running a business you always look for a software that helps you in achieving your goals and measure your growth. It may happen that off-the-shelf software may not provide the accurate results which you are looking for to set your goals and measure performance because such software(s) are developed considering the general business problems.

    With custom software development this is not the case. It ensures a good business management. When you hire a custom software development company for your software project, the development team makes sure that each and every requirement is taken into account and provide you the solution that solves all the major business problems which is a roadblock to your success. Thus, using the customized software automatically improves your business performance and allows you to plan your futuristic goals relying on the data the software provides.

Wrapping Up

Now, are you clear why you should choose custom software for your business? The app development cost also varies by location and India is one of those countries which provide custom software development services at nominal rates. Thus, you can approach any of these top custom software development companies in India to help you develop your software the way you want.

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