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List of Top Web Development Companies in UAE & Top Web Developers UAE

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered by UAE web development companies?

Web development companies in the UAE offer a number of services, including full stack development, UI/UX design, cybersecurity solutions, eCommerce solutions, consulting, and maintenance of the website. Other services that web development companies offer include CMS development, template designing, building portfolios, platform-specific web app development, custom web development, and integration of third-party applications.

What platforms does a web development company in the UAE use?

Web development companies in the UAE are skilled in using the most trending platforms, including jQuery, Django, Laravel, Chrome Developer tools, Wix, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Weebly. UAE-based web development companies are also well-versed in using CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other top frameworks as per the client requirements.

What are the reasons for partnering with a Web Development Company in the UAE?

One of the top reasons to partner with a web development company in UAE is that the place has emerged as the tech hub and has been hosting several globally renowned IT companies and tech unicorns, making it easy to identify the best professionals in the web development arena. Other reasons for partnering with a web development company in UAE include;

  • UAE provides advanced infrastructure and technologies for web development.
  • Flexible Government policies for immigrants that attract the best talent from all over the globe. Capable of handling projects of any size and complexity.
  • Supports multilingual and multicultural people.
  • Flexible engagement models, quality assurance, round-the-clock support, timely project delivery, and transparency are a few more benefits clients can expect from a web development company in the UAE.
  • UAE is at a strategic geographic location that caters to clients from various regions like Europe, Africa, and Asia.

How to find a Professional web development company in the UAE?

To find a professional web development company in the UAE, you need to follow the following 5-step processes:

  • Analyze and finalize your business goals and project requirements.
  • Finalize your project time frame, budget, functionalities, etc.
  • Browse through reliable B2B reviews & ratings listing platforms like GoodFirms to find the list of top web development companies in the UAE.
  • Use filters like locations, services, hourly rates, employees, reviews, etc., to shortlist the companies.
  • Evaluate the listed companies based on their service portfolio, clients, industry experience, etc.
  • Upon finalizing the companies that suit your requirements, connect with them and discuss the project, and you are ready to hire the top-performing, professional web development company in UAE.

How much does it cost to build a website in the UAE?

Web development companies in the UAE usually charge around $1,000-$20,000 or more for building websites. This cost varies with the customization, website type, project complexity, experience, integrations, etc. For instance, UAE developers can agree to develop a simple website for around $1000-$5000 and a medium website for around $3000-$15000. Whereas complex websites with severe customization for building an eCommerce platform in UAE could cost nearly $20,000 or more. The overall costs of website development in the UAE are dynamic. One needs to consult with the UAE-based website development company to determine the total development costs and additional hidden costs before finalizing the best UAE-based web development company.

What questions to ask when hiring a web developer in the UAE?

There are a few questions to ask when hiring a web developer in the UAE. They are: 

  • Have you worked on similar projects with the same goals? 
  • Can you customize the development process as per my business requirements? 
  • What tools and technologies do you use?
  • What web services are involved?
  • What SEO strategies will you use for the site?
  • What will be your charges, and what is the timeline to complete the project?
  • Will you ensure the site's security, and will you provide any support or service warranty? 

Make sure to match the questions to the explicit necessities of your project.

How much time does it take to develop a website in the UAE?

The average time taken to develop a typical website in the UAE is 15 to 25 weeks, which includes the development stages from ideation to launch. There are various variables impacting the time taken by web developers in UAE, like complexity, integrations, functionalities, and specific needs to meet the project goals. For better clarity, you can discuss this with the identified web development companies in the UAE.

What industries do web development companies in the UAE mostly serve?

UAE has a diverse economy that spans various industries and sectors, each having unique web development requirements. Web development companies in the UAE serve almost all industries. Specifically, they work with finance, retail, real estate, tourism, health care, manufacturing, hospitality, ecommerce, fintech, and consulting firms. Web development companies in the UAE have the advantage of serving a wide range of companies and gaining valuable experience.

Do UAE web developers work according to the client's timezone?

Yes, professional UAE web developers are always ready to work according to the client’s time zone. Most web development companies in UAE may offer 24/7, and some have specific hours to serve clients across various time zones. Before finalizing any web development company in UAE, you should consider discussing and clarifying the time zone preferences or specific working hours for the smooth completion of the website development processes.

Should you hire an in-house web developer from the UAE or outsource overseas?

Whether to hire an in-house developer from the UAE or outsource an overseas company for your web development project is a decision that has to be taken purely based on your project goals, scope, and budget. It is advisable to read through the following key considerations before hiring an in-house UAE web developer;

  • If you hire in-house web developers, the development team will be reliable, under your full control, and will work on your project exclusively.
  • You can communicate diligently with the in-house developers anytime and daily for project status updates.
  • Hiring in-house web developers involves a significant investment of time, effort, and money in recruitment, training, and managing the team.
  • For best results, you must keep the in-house team constantly updated with the latest web development trends; this is time-consuming and costly.

Key considerations before outsourcing your project to a web development company in the UAE;

  • If you outsource your project to the best web developers in the UAE, you get skilled and experienced web developers with global exposure.
  • The web development company in UAE will assume full responsibility for your project and abide by the timelines and deadlines.
  • While outsourcing, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right partner from the numerous web development companies in the UAE. Filtering the best web development company in the UAE via a reliable B2B platform is critical.
  • Communication, time-zone compatibility, budget, and hidden costs need to be discussed and clarified in advance, as these factors can become a challenge while outsourcing your project to a UAE-based web development company.