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Frequently Asked Questions

What are TYPO3 development services?

TYPO3 is an open-source content management system that is leveraged to create robust and engaging online platforms, reach the right audience with SEO-enabled marketing activities, and manage content smartly. TYPO3 development services include the creation of custom websites, web application development, ecommerce platforms, social media websites, template designs, theme development and more. Precisely, professional TYPO3 development companies can create and manage both web pages and content, handle site management, take care of future maintenance and support including upgrade tasks, handle third-party extensions and so on.

What does a TYPO3 developer do?

TYPO3 developers perform a wide range of development tasks associated with designing, revamping, customizing, testing and deploying a website. They can develop, install, configure and optimize TYPO3-powered custom websites, functionalities, extensions, plugins, etc., besides working on core APIs, template design, content creation, graphics design, CMS integration, site migration, UX/UI design, access rights, etc. The TYPO3 developers also perform website testing to identify and eliminate bugs, handle security, and much more. Typically, professional TYPO3 developers can build and manage web pages and their content, handle digital marketing activities with SEO support, handle third-party extensions, maintenance, and so on.

What are the common challenges faced by TYPO3 developers?

TYPO3 developers face different types of challenges associated with team collaboration, development complexities, integrations and plugins, etc. The majority of the challenges arise during CMS installation, workflow integration, KPIs setup, 3rd party extension configurations, database connection establishment, etc. Besides these, challenges associated with team communication, front-end and back-end sync, cyber security, GDPR compliance, error 404, internal server error, SMTP server configurations, etc., are also rampant for developers in handling TYPO3 projects. Other challenges that TYPO3 developers commonly encounter include budget constraints, extended deadlines, complex customizations, incompatible versions, etc.

How can I find a good TYPO3 development company?

You can easily find a good TYPO3 development company with the help of a reliable and reputed review and rating platform like GoodFirms. Shortlist a few leading TYPO3 development companies that match your requirements and budget and your project goals. Compare the shortlisted web development companies against parameters like experience of the developers, expertise in handling similar projects, turnaround time, pricing structure, and post-launch support provided by the companies. Reviews by the original users of the companies can assist you in making the right decision.

How much does it cost to hire a TYPO3 developer?

To hire a TYPO3 developer for a project, may cost you an average of USD 500 for a simple application to USD 5000 for a complex, custom TYPO3 CMS application. You may also hire TYPO3 CMS developers on an hourly basis, with costs ranging from USD 25 to USD 150 per hour. The costs of TYPO3 development services depend on numerous factors, including;

  • Complexity of design
  • Scope of project
  • Location of the TYPO3 developers
  • Level of customization required
  • Maintenance costs

Hire the top TYPO3 CMS development companies for high-quality TYPO3 CMS development at affordable costs.

What questions should I ask when hiring a TYPO3 developer?

There are a few questions that you should ask when hiring a TYPO3 developer. They are;/p>

  • How many years of experience do you have in TYPO3 frontend and backend development?
  • Can you share your profile with us?
  • Do you have an in-depth knowledge of PHP, TypoScript, TYPO3 APIs, HTML, CSS, SQL, and JavaScript?
  • Do you have any TYPO3 certifications?
  • What security practices do you follow to safeguard the TYPO3 website?
  • Do you have expertise in template customization, third-party integration, user management, SEO optimization, content management, and digital marketing?

What are the factors to evaluate when reviewing TYPO3 development companies?

The factors to evaluate when reviewing TYPO3 development companies include;

  • Carefully evaluate the company’s portfolio. 
  • Check the reviews and ratings from the clients of the TYPO3 development company. 
  • Gauge various parameters like the experience and expertise of the development team, their project management capabilities, cost, timeline, communication, and the time zone.
  • Inspect their capabilities in customization and integration. 
  • Make sure to assess their responsiveness towards challenges and overall satisfaction rates of clients.

It is easier to check all the above-mentioned factors and shortlist the best TYPO3 agency through a reputed B2B platform like GoodFirms.