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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom web development service?

Custom web development service deals with the development of a website that is a customized solution for your business or brand. Web developers personalize scalable and flexible web solutions as and when the need arises to provide a unique experience for a brand. The custom web development services include the consulting, development, testing, launching, and post-launch maintenance of the custom website for your business. 

How is web development different from web design?

  • Web development is a holistic term used for end-to-end website development, both front-end and back-end. From project planning to programming and launching the website everything is taken into consideration.
  • web designing is a part of website development that is mainly focused on the look and feel of the website (UI/UX design), like the visual assets, colors, fonts, images, and layouts.

What are the steps involved in the website development process?

The steps involved in the website development process are several ideation and implementation stages. The core phases are associated with gathering client requirements like purpose, primary goals, and target audience. Then follows with research, planning sitemap, wireframe creation, design page layouts, coding, content writing, testing, review, and launch. Further, web development companies pursue maintenance like opinion monitoring and regular updating.

What is the future of AI in web development?

Along with all other industries, AI has also touched the field of web development. The future of AI in web development seems to be transformational. With artificial intelligence, web developers can code efficiently, generate user-attractive web pages, automate workflows, gain the right insights with enhanced analytics, and optimize the overall performance of the website.

What services do web development companies offer?

Web development companies offer a wide range of services associated with architecture development, web UX/UI design, security, hybrid web app development, custom website development, and full-stack development. Web app development companies also deal in template designing, content management systems, platform-specific web app development, bug testing, revamping and digital marketing of a website. Professional web development companies also offer customized solutions for 3rd party integration, payment gateways, domain setup, website hosting, content generation, maintenance, optimization and consulting, depending on your business requirements.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom website development?

The main advantage of custom website development is that clients can have unique websites that are tailored to their business-specific needs. Other advantages that website owners can leverage through customization are high performance, robust security, scalability, better user experience, SEO-friendly site, and seamless third-party tool integration. However, there are a few disadvantages of custom website development, like high development costs, time-consuming, lack of control, challenges while integrating third-party tools, data breach risks, and dependency on service vendors for updates or changes.

What kinds of websites do web development companies build?

Most of the leading web development companies offer services to develop a range of websites that suit your business needs. The most popular kinds of websites include social media, ecommerce, blogs, portfolios, video streaming, business, startup, non-profit organizations, schools, gaming, banking, news, and travel websites. Custom web development companies can build static, dynamic, and CMS sites. Businesses need to discuss the services provided by the web development company before finalizing the company.

How do I find a leading web development company?

To find a top web development company for your development project, you can leverage GoodFirms list of top web development companies. Filter and sort the list on multiple relevant parameters such as your industry, services they offer, company size, location of the web development service providers, reviews, pricing, and others. It is further essential to compare the technical skill-set, experience, and portfolios of the best web development companies.

You can then communicate with the teams of these website development services companies to discuss your detailed project requirements, estimated timelines, and hidden costs. Finally, do check the client reviews and ratings for the shortlisted companies to choose the most reliable custom website development company for your business.

Can a web development company help me select the right development language for my project?

Yes, a web development agency can help businesses select the right development language for their projects. By thoroughly understanding the front-end and back-end requirements, infrastructure needs, business goals, complexities in the development processes, etc., website development companies evaluate the effectiveness of different programming languages. Best web development companies also consider client preferences, deployment, legacy code base, integration with other tools and systems, developer skills, etc.

How much time do web development companies take to develop a website?

The best web development company may take anywhere from a few days to several months to develop a completely functional website. The time required to build a website varies based on the type of website, the number of web pages, customizations required, the technology used to develop the website, the experience, and the size of the website development agency team. Businesses can discuss the timeline required for developing their website to be sure of the process and timeframe.

Can I hire web developers instead of a company?

The decision to hire web developers instead of a website development company should be taken purely by considering your development needs, budget and time. If you are a startup or a small business, then hiring a web developer can be cost-effective and beneficial as independent web developers stay committed to building their reputation. But, if you own a larger business with complex requirements, then it is advisable to hire a reputed web development agency that can offer better flexibility, scalability and user-centric functionalities with professional project executing capabilities.

What are the skills required in a web developer?

While exploring different web development companies, it can be laborious to discern the qualified candidate from the numerous web developers in the market. To save you this hassle, look out for the following web development skills while hiring the ideal website development service provider:

  • Language: Programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, etc., are the fundamental coding requirement. These languages plan the functioning of the site. Look out for developers with advanced knowledge of coding languages, like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc., which allows adding features such as audio and video, page animations, scrolling abilities, and so on. This will make the website more interactive and functional.
  • Frameworks: Frameworks simplify the coding task by providing lists of standard functionality. The website developer should not only have experience with different frameworks but also be capable of choosing the right framework while building a specific type of website. For instance, to design complex user interfaces, JS frameworks are excellent.
  • Testing: An expert web developer must be adept in testing for bugs during and after the deployment of the site. Inquire whether the developer is thorough in multiple testing methods, such as Functional Testing, Unit Testing, etc., to ensure a glitch-free web development framework.
  • Analytics: Apart from developing a highly functional website, a developer possessing good analytical skills boosts the site's chances of generating massive profits. The developer must understand the industry, competitors, and target audience to curate a site that fulfills its objective.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the driving factor behind modern-day marketing. Hire web developers with in-depth fundamental SEO skills such as page upload speed, domain credibility, and keyword content. This will help improve the website's ranking on SERPs, allowing prospects to find the brand.

Do website developers offer post-launch security and support?

Yes, professional website developers offer exceptional post-launch security and support. Some common services covered in post-launch security and support are site maintenance, bug fixing, troubleshooting, upgrades, SEO optimization, and analytics. It is recommended to clarify with the website developers about their policies on post-launch security and support and check if there are any additional costs associated with it.

Why should you outsource to web development company?

  • Saves Time and Money: The services that the top web development companies offer save crucial time. Expert web application development companies are thorough in the structure of CSS, HTML, and other web development languages and, thus, can implement the concept better. Moreover, hiring web developers is more cost-effective than building an in-house team, as it eliminates additional infrastructure and staffing expenses.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The success of a website depends on its visibility amongst prospects. A website that ranks higher on search engine result pages is more likely to generate traffic than its competitors in the industry. This feat is determined by search engine optimization. The professional web developers for hire employ the right web development tools to ensure the site is SEO-friendly.
  • Website Compatibility: Prospects prefer visiting sites that are responsive across different browsers. The best web application development company ensures the website's user-friendliness by making it compatible with multiple browsers and various devices. Web development framework specialists can effectively use different testing tools to ensure cross-browser compatibility in sites.
  • Competitiveness: A professional website development agency is up-to-date with the changing trends and technologies in the market. They can easily build a platform that gives a constant fight to competing businesses. The top web development services providers further ensure that the website is appealing to the viewers and offers easy-to-use functionality.
  • Support: At times, the website might suffer inevitable setbacks after the website is live. To tackle this, most website development agencies offer additional support during and after the site's formation. Whether there is a need to change the design of the web pages or its structure, hiring web developers simplifies the task. 

What is the research process at GoodFirms to sort top web development companies?

GoodFirms follows a comprehensive research process to sort top web development companies based on their credibility, competencies and quality of delivered web solutions. The overall process starts by curating a list of top website development companies based on several qualitative and quantitative research measures. After this, each and every company on the list is thoroughly evaluated on the basis of past and present clients, online reviews and ratings, number of years served in the web development industry, employees' strength and their expertise, services and focus area of the company, market penetration, and many more parameters. Each company passes through a stringent 360-degree evaluation through the Leaders Matrix Program using a proprietary algorithm to sort the top web development companies.