Machine learning software house

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About Addepto
Addepto is a machine learning and business intelligence software house developing custom solutions for US companies.  By connecting BI and ML, we are able to tap into your data sources, organise data flow and preprocessing, create business shifting models a...
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$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
United States
Machine learning software house
0.00/5 (0 Reviews)

Our standard process for system development includes:

  1. Integrating data souces on the customer's side
  2. Data processing and structurization
  3. Creating machine learning models
  4. Integrating the machine learning models into customer's internal systems/product
  5. Delivering custom reporting architecture

Naturally we do smaller projects that include only single parts of this project.

When it comes to machine learning, we specialise in:

  1. Predictive analytics
  2. Customer behaviour predictions
  3. Image recognition
  4. Anomality and risk detection
  5. Natural language processing
Key Clients

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3100 Brighton 3rd St., NYC, New York 11235
United States
+1 929 321 9291