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We are a trusted software development company, specialised in a mobile app development. We design and develop your iOS and Android app with visible results in just 2 weeks, while providing you all the support you need.
Our highly skilled developers can help you overcome any technical challenge you encounter at any phase of product development.

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  • iOS development

  • Android development

  • Cross-platform app development

  • Website development

  • UI/UX design

  • MVP for Startups

𝗥𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗧𝗼 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗸 𝗪𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗨𝘀

  • We’ll give you the initial version of your app in just 2 weeks!

  • Innovative solutions tailored to meet your unique needs

  • Client-centric approach aligned with your goals for effortless collaboration

  • Proven expertise in successful full-cycle and native mobile development

  • Transparent communication building trust through open progress updates

  • Passionate team of dedicated professionals turning your ideas into reality

$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
Dimitrija Leka 64, Nis, Central Serbia, Central Serbia 18000

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • Maintenance & Support

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

Industry Focus

  • Startups
  • Information Technology
  • Consumer Products

Aetherius Solutions d.o.o. Clients & Portfolios

Izbegni Aditive
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Izbegni Aditive
  • Izbegni Aditive screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
Healthcare & Medical

About Izbegni Aditive

Izbegni Aditive app helps you identify and avoid additives that may potentially compromise your health. Since we began working together, there is also a new feature to scan any product from the store and display its nutritional table, whether it contains allergens, etc.

Industry: Healthcare

Services: Kotlin Multiplatform, iOS/Android development, UX/UI, Maintenance and Support

Project Challenges

We formed a partnership at one of the significant business conferences. Despite the presence of many mobile app development companies there, the client decided to put their trust in us to implement all our agreements.

The client wanted a new team of developers ready to fix all bugs and flaws since the app already had 80k users at that time.

The app was written in React Native for the mobile part. As the user base grew, the app worked slower and lacked native behavior. Outdated technologies were used on the backend, and images were stored in the app's memory instead of on the server. Memory-intensive apps may be more prone to crashes and instability.

Our Solutions

Since the client was not so familiar with development technologies, they wanted to continue building an app in React Native. On our initiative, we rewrote the entire app to KMP as a gesture, earning their trust even more and setting up a strong basis for future app development.

We prioritized tasks and bugs that have been present in the application for a long time. We resolved them immediately at the beginning so that we could continue with fixing errors.

Considering that we had an excellent experience with Kotlin Multiplatform, we rewrote the entire app from React Native to KMP. This way, users got a better native experience since in KMP, the business logic is shared, and the UI is written separately for each platform.

We've done a complete optimization on BE and decided to move images to the server. That optimized performance and impacted the app's ranking in the App/Play Store by clearing up extra memory.

We decided to use Kotlin Multiplatform to provide a flawless native experience. This promoted efficiency in development by enabling us to write code only once and distribute it across several platforms.

Platforms shared the whole business logic and the UI was written natively, using Jetpack Compose for Android and SwiftUI for iOS, which provided us with both development speed, and a native look and feel.


Izbegni Aditive app now provides a better user experience because it runs faster and experiences fewer delays:

0 bugs in the app

72% reduction in memory usage

5k downloads after optimizing speed

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  • Dopalearn screenshot 1
Not Disclosed

About Dopalearn

Dopalearn offers a new learning method for children by combining it with entertainment. The training is done by periodically interrupting the ads with nano-lessons in the form of popups. Parents can find and assign lessons before handing the device over to the child.

The Android app had 1000+ downloads in the first 2 days once it went live. Let’s go through the whole process together and see the challenges faced.

Industry: Education & Entertainment

Services: Development, Maintenance and Support

Project Challenges

The client approached us via LinkedIn, expressing interest in our services and potential collaboration.

      1.  User experience

Users needed help navigating to select a lesson, which led to the conclusion that the UX could be better.

       2. Android from scratch

We were in a hurry to develop an Android app that would perform identically to the iOS app, which was in development for a longer time.

      3. Stability and scalability

The existing iOS app experienced performance issues and required additional optimization to improve the app's stability.

Our Solutions

       1. User experience

We changed the previous lesson selection path, and instead of configuring everything first and losing a lot of time, we realized that step needed to be revised and simplified it by taking the user directly to the desired screen.

       2. Android from scratch

We went with our proven and scalable approach in all of our Android apps - Clean architecture + Compose. That resulted in building an Android app in just 3 months!

      3. Stability and scalability

Unnecessary screen re-rendering was immediately addressed. We improved the separation of the views to not re-render the whole view hierarchy and optimized the video’s fetching from Firebase to load videos only when they are displayed in the iOS app.

What technologies did we use?

On the iOS side, the app was already written using modularized architecture and SwiftUI, so the main concern we had to address was the performance and scalability of the existing solution.

We opted for a reliable and scalable approach for our Android development, using Clean architecture along with Compose.


Dopalearn managed to reach new markets with an Android app and achieve set goals.

3 months for Android app

1000+ users reached in 2 days

366.67% increase in first screen loading speed

532 re-renders removed through the iOS app

Hooray! Party & Event Planner
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Hooray! Party & Event Planner
  • Hooray! Party & Event Planner screenshot 1
  • Hooray! Party & Event Planner screenshot 2
  • Hooray! Party & Event Planner screenshot 3
Not Disclosed

About Hooray

Hooray! Party & Event Planner is an app that assists you in organizing events. It is the only app on the market that includes both options for planning and inviting guests. You can send digital invitations, track RSVPs, and customize budgets and ToDos. Guests are always updated on the announcements board, and they can upload pictures in a shared digital gallery.

Industry: Lifestyle

Services: MVP Development, Design, Consulting, Maintainance and Support

Project Challenges

Hooray team came to us with an idea to connect the host with his guests to share the party euphoria.

  1. The client didn’t have a clear vision of features that should be implemented, and how to provide the best user experience

  2. A big concern was also data security since the communication method between Hosts and Guests was based on a phone number

  3. They were not satisfied with the existing UI/UX design so our designers took over and changed everything from scratch

Our Solutions

  1. We came up with feature ideas based on the market research, user behavior, and pain points. The client found our expertise with similar apps valuable, so we took responsibility of creating the whole app concept and simplified the process for them.

  2. Using secure protocols like HTTPS, all communication between the app and the server was encrypted. That way we were sure that sensitive information, including phone numbers, was not hijacked or manipulated.

  3. The previous design was too plain and not engaging enough for one party planning app. Our team of UI/UX designers decided to go with cheerful and colorful design that will naturally bring excitement about the celebration and inspire users to invite friends through the app.

What technologies did we use?

The developer team decided to go with the Native approach. A large part of the application lies in UX and complex design, and to achieve the optimal performane and goals, they chose native approach. They made native Android and iOS app, that communicated via a shared backend server.

The Android app is developed using classic Android development with XML and Kotlin, and for iOS is used SwiftUI and UIKit.


1.5k events created

16k guests invited

1 month for MVP development

Znam Majstora
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Znam Majstora
  • Znam Majstora screenshot 1
  • Znam Majstora screenshot 2
  • Znam Majstora screenshot 3
$0 to $10000
Business Services

About Znam Majstora

Znam Majstora is a mobile app that helps you find a handyman with ease. Handymen publish their services, and users publish their needs for repairs. This app will make sure you find the right professionals for any kind of home service you need. After the work is done, you can rate the handyman in the app and make it easier for others to choose the best one.

App average conversion rate is 68.61%, which is around 18% more compared to our competitors. Let’s go through the whole process together!

Industry: Home & Services

Services: Development, Design, Maintenance and Support

Project Challenges

The client came to us with the exact idea and the industry problem to solve. They wanted to go on the market with both iOS and Android apps.

  1. Our challenge was to develop MVP in the time frame requested. It was a tight deadline, but we wanted the client to be satisfied and able to proceed with plans within that timeframe.

  2. We decided to use Kotlin Multiplatform and finish the initial version in the preferred time. The problem was that many libraries were unofficial and completely undocumented.

  3. One of the most complex features was enabling users to rate how satisfied they were with the handyman’s work. We had to develop a solution that would close the system to prevent abuse, i.e., so that handymen couldn't rate each other indiscriminately as they prefer.

Our Solutions

  1. Our development team decided Kotlin Multiplatform would be the best option for developing MVP within the timeframe. Sharing code between multiple platforms, including backend, iOS, and Android, will help us reduce development time and effort while keeping efficiency and consistency.

  2. A lot of information is extracted from our team discussions within the library itself and from open bugs. It's very helpful when multiple people work together to solve a problem because they have different experiences and perspectives and it is easier to find a solution. In such situations, we turn to all possible sources that could help.

  3. To prevent abuse of the rating feature, we completely closed the system, creating an entire collaboration concept that must be accepted to rate someone. A validation process was established where ratings had to be approved by a designated authority, such as a superadmin, before being finalized and displayed publicly.

What technologies did we use?

We decided to use Kotlin Multiplatform to provide a flawless native experience. This promoted efficiency in development by enabling us to write code only once and distribute it across several platforms.

Platforms shared the whole business logic and the UI was written natively, using Jetpack Compose for Android and SwiftUi for iOS, which provided us with both development speed, and a native look and feel.


Znam Majstora app was first tested in a smaller city in Serbia, not globally. That is what makes these results even more impressive.

1 month for MVP development

1800 users in the first 2 months

68.61% average conversion rate, which is 18% more compared to competitors

number of issues found in the app

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  • Salona screenshot 1
  • Salona screenshot 2
  • Salona screenshot 3
  • Salona screenshot 4
Not Disclosed
Other Industries

About Salona

Salona is a mobile app for booking appointments in beauty salons. Users can easily book an appointment with just one click, and get a reminder on time. On the other hand, beauty salons can eliminate the need for a notebook by using an electronic calendar display. This allows them to easily accept or deny requests.

According to Statista, it is anticipated that the Beauty and Personal care market will experience an annual growth rate of 3.09% in 2024. Salona team wanted to test the mobile app in Serbia, where annual growth is expected to be 1.56%. Since the client came with requests that included fixing mistakes made by their former partner, it was challenging for us to break into that market and meet expectations.

Let's go through the specific concerns the client faced and how we helped them save future development time by 54%!

Industry: Beauty and Personal Care

Services: Development, Design, Maintenance and Support

Our journey started when they came to us at the recommendation of a client satisfied with our prior work together. They wanted to bring their idea to life so they could start testing it right away on both iOS and Android platforms.

When contacting us, Salona had 3 main concerns:

  1. Outdated technology: The iOS app was using outdated technology, resulting in functionality limitations and preventing future updates or improvements
  2. New app context: Integrating new context into existing architecture is often a demanding task for a development team. In our specific case, the client wanted to introduce an option for salon employees to use the application, not just the owners. They would get partial management capabilities or access to certain functionalities.
  3. App issues: The current app versions had bugs and did not follow the defined UI/UX design

Integrating new context into existing architecture is often a demanding task for a development team. In our specific case, the client wanted to introduce an option for salon employees to use the application, not just the owners. They would get partial management capabilities or access to certain functionalities.

Our solutions

Their former partner’s prediction was 5 months to implement the requested feature. By rewriting outdated technology on iOS, we streamlined that process and delivered the first version in just 1 month! Our mobile app developers delivered the first version with performance enhancements, improvements in UI/UX design, and resolution of existing bugs in the mobile app.

  • Integrating new context into existing architecture is solved most easily by creating a new navigation graph and inheriting existing classes for drawing the UI. Overall, we modified the structure to make it easy for us to inherit all the required classes by using a Design pattern
  • Instead of using the existing Viper(UIKit) for the iOS app, we translated it into Clean/MVVM (SwiftUI), allowing the app to run smoother and faster
  • To address their concern about waiting for results, they were regularly updated on progress and any changes in timelines, and the development approach was divided into more manageable, time-limited projects with due dates

What technologies did we use?

  • We improved the performance of the Android application by addressing architectural issues and migrating from a MultipleActivity to a SingleActivity architecture
  • The iOS app was developed using the Clean/MVVM architecture implemented with SwiftUI
  • Afterward, we focused on improving the current structure while keeping the concepts of clean code and clean architecture


We finished MVP development within 1 month and saved them 5 months of waiting!

Rewriting the outdated iOS technology into Clean/MVVM (SwiftUI) saves future development time by 54%!

The MVP included the onboarding process, code analysis, issue resolution, and release. By improving the stability and UI/UX design of the application, we helped them get on the App and Play Store and start testing the app right away. Well-optimized app increased user engagement and the number of installations on both platforms.

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