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AppsRhino is a mobile app development company that powers on-demand apps and business apps. From an early stage of being a startup to the establishing point of an Enterprise, we provide the ideal solution ranging from SaaS to a total custom solution.

We provide you the fastest time to market. We can deliver the clickable prototype in less than 48 hours and a branded solution in less than 96 hours.“It's not bragging if you can back it up”

Our Flexible pricing plans offer you the ideal balance between innovation and investment.

AppsRhino provides all the support and guidance you require, both pre and post-launch.

$25 - $49/hr
10 - 49
United States
2323, North Pulaski,, Chicago, Illinois 60639
United States
3510 Rosedale, Houston, Texas 77004
United States
250 W. El Camino Real, apt 3103, Sunnyvale, California 94087

Focus Areas

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  • Mobile App Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)

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  • Medium Business
  • Small Business

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  • Skop screenshot 1
  • Skop screenshot 2
  • Skop screenshot 3
  • Skop screenshot 4
$0 to $10000
19 weeks
Business Services

Skkop is an all in one mobile application that allows merchants and other businesses connect with their local community.
Skkop users are able to order products and make arrangements to pay and pick-up at a designated location without having to call the Business.
Along with pick-up and ordering products, Skkop users are also able to reserve services from businesses who offer services such as Restaurants, Taxi, Dental, Lawyers, Clinics, Events...etc.
Install Skkop and explore your community the way you’ve never seen it before.

Manage your customers, employees, and products with the tap of your fingers.
By using Skkop as your primary business tool you can easily connect with the community around you. You can arrange pick-up designations, and or manage appointments.
The community is yours. Along with such great functionality, you can reward your loyal customers, and build a relationship with them.
Install Skkop and register as a business to see the opportunities that lay ahead.

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  • Holimate screenshot 1
  • Holimate screenshot 2
$0 to $10000
17 weeks

Holimate is the online portal to find travel partners with whom one can travel the world.
It's a travel and dating portal to find your Travel Mates and Travel Buddy for your next Travel Destination.
You can see a list of people and check their origin and their places of interest and there hobbies.
After the mark companionship with them after sending invites.

Mode X
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Mode X
  • Mode X  screenshot 1
  • Mode X  screenshot 2
  • Mode X  screenshot 3
  • Mode X  screenshot 4
$0 to $10000
21 weeks
Business Services

Mode X is a convenient way to book services including Bike, Car and Tuk Tuk rides through the App.
Users can pay for their rides by Debit card and Credit card through the secure and reliable integration of Payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe.
Option to make cash payments is available as well.
Promo codes are generated by admin which users can access their discounted first-time ride ordering services through the App.

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  • Cleany screenshot 1
  • Cleany screenshot 2
  • Cleany screenshot 3
  • Cleany screenshot 4
$0 to $10000
15 weeks

Introducing Cleany,
An on-demand laundry application that will pick-up, clean, and deliver your laundry anytime and anywhere you prefer.
We collaborate with professional laundry vendors in order to guarantee the best quality of our laundry services.
Follow these 3 simple steps to get your laundry done:
1. Schedule a time to have your laundry picked up.
2. Our friendly Picker will pick up your laundry and deliver it to our handpicked laundry vendors.
3. We will send your clean laundry back in 72 hours with no hassle. Just a few taps on your phone, and the rest of the works will be done by us.
We love helping you and would rather see you spending time doing important things with your loved ones than doing laundry.
The on-demand laundry app is categorized into three components Customer Panel, Laundry or Staff Panel and Admin Panel

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  • Bonobo screenshot 1
  • Bonobo screenshot 2
  • Bonobo screenshot 3
  • Bonobo screenshot 4
$0 to $10000
20 weeks
Business Services

Bonobo is ride-share service which offers one tier of ride-ship with a simple concept: safely providing rides with the optional peace-of-mind of bringing the rider’s own vehicle along too.
Riders travel in a private vehicle driven by its owner, for a fee arranged by means of the Bonobo app which will be available for iOS and Android.Riders navigate through the app to request rides and payments are transacted through major credit cards after each ride.
There’s a version of the app for the drivers, linking them to the admin panel, giving them access to receive requests for rides.
Vehicle transport service by 2 person team:The service will also offer a vehicle transport feature as well, supported by a two person team.
This is convenient for unplanned circumstances when potential riders drive their vehicles and find themselves either inebriated or incapable of safely driving home. This feature can also be used simply out of convenience.The two drivers are linked through the driver version of the app, which delivers ride requests from riders. The rider and his/vehicle will be transported to their destination by two team members: one for the rider and the other driving the rider’s vehicle closely behind.
Safety As a unique safety feature, a panic button is available for both the rider and the driver. The button can be used at any time, should either feel threatened in any way. The panic button will dial 911 when pushed should emergency response assistance be required, which will also serve as a deterrent to ensure safety on all rides. Drivers’ vehicles will also be equipped with dash-cams facing inside the vehicle, capturing video of every requested ride. Safety is a priority for both rider and driver with Bonobo.
All Bonobo drivers will undergo an extensive background check to ensure rider safety.

A1 Indian Groceries
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A1 Indian Groceries
  • A1 Indian Groceries screenshot 1
  • A1 Indian Groceries screenshot 2
$0 to $10000
14 weeks

A1 Indian Grocery is the online grocery store in Canada. Our grocery list you will find everything you are looking for.
Right from fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and daals, spices and seasonings to packaged bread, bakery and dairy products online and other branded foods, organic Products, Fashionable Clothes online - we have it all.
Save time and money, shop at the best online fruit & vegetable store, Fashionable Clothes store - an all-encompassing online groceries store of Canada.

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