Bigdatamatica Solutions Private Limited

We love data insights

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About Bigdatamatica Solutions Private Limited
Bigdatamatica provides strategic guidance and technology systems to its clients wishing to solve their most complex and interesting business challenges. We specialize in AI, Deep Learning, Bigdata, Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Cloud, Business Intelligence, Web Integration and Devel...
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Bigdatamatica Solutions Private Limited
We love data insights
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BOT/IP Analysis and Customer Recommendations 
Telecom CDR Data Analysis 
Behavioral Tracking, Prediction and Recommendation 
Financial Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Analysis 
Business Intelligence & Data warehousing Services 
Telemetry Data Security 
Situational Analysis and Threat Analysis 
Chat bots (interactive computer avatars) 
Text Mining and Natural Language Processing 
Improved ad targeting, analysis, forecasting and optimization 
Surveillance Systems Monitoring Prediction and Analysis 
Pattern recognition - image, signal or sequence based Medical Diagnostics, Symptom Navigation and Dependency 
Financial Guidance and Support 
Financial Fraud Analysis 
Healthcare Predictive Analysis 
Business and Industrial process automation 
Automated customer service and management 
Network optimization solution for better customer service 
Medical Patient Treatment and Therapy Management 
Image, Audio, Video and Facial Recognition and Conversion 
360 degree view of a Customer 
Voice Recognition & Computer Speech etc......


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Bigdatamatica Solutions Private Limited
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