Redefine the Future of Supply Chain Finance

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About BSOS
BSOS is dedicated to resolving supply chain finance processes on authenticity and liquidity roadblocks via blockchain. We connected real-world assets in supply chain with capital providers, be banks or the Crypto World. GoodFirms has rated BSOS as the "Top Blockchain...
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Taiwan, United States
Redefine the Future of Supply Chain Finance
5.0 (3 Reviews)

BridgeX, An enterprise tool for blockchain best practices
From practical experience in business cooperation and development, BSOS knows that simple storing data on blockchain is not enough to create a valuable polycentric business ecosystem. The key lies in addressing real and complicated needs of businesses by dealing with the challenges of identity, privacy, and value recognition.
BridgeX consists of four sets of technical tools designed to address four different issues: key management, public key infrastructure, data privacy, and data tokenization. While each of the tools can be applied independently, they can also work together to create synergy. All tools are designed to be cloud native and therefore can easily be deployed to the cloud or to private data centers.

  • LedgerVault: Protecting private keys from potential security breaches as a result of personnel turnover or human handling.
  • CredID: Offering distributed PKI and distributed KYC solutions for public keys
  • Dataship: Addressing the challenges inherent in distributed business ecosystems, including ownership recognition, privacy, and authorization.
  • Liquidyz: Preventing inconsistent recognition and repeated recognition, which may arise when business data are transformed into liquid assets in a distributed business ecosystem.

Mutual trust is at the cornerstone of any corporate partnership. With immutability and traceability, blockchain can institute a new level of trust between enterprises that is based on unchangeable data. However, native blockchain systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum cannot be implemented directly for commercial use due to lacking the aforementioned properties of security control, data privacy, and feasibility of high availability systems.
In regards to security control issues, it is common to use Vault, which is powered by HashiCorp’s powerful framework, as a tool for private management of user data. However, there were no Vault plugins designed for the consortium blockchain. At BSOS, we released our open source plugin which is directly targeted at this need (located at This open source Vault-Blockchain project originates from one of BridgeX’s modules that enables users to hold separate permissions for usage and ownership as a tool for innovative private key management. BridgeX supports various signing methods and private transaction signatures. Furthermore, it can generate and store Ethereum private keys. Users can use BridgeX to sign transactions in the Vault without revealing their private keys. This element of our tool effectively resolves security concerns that various enterprises hold when adopting blockchain technology.

BSOS’s BridgeX addresses data privacy with encryption technology that allows for data owners to either authorize or revoke access to private data for an arbitrary number of recipients.

In addition, BridgeX embodies the property of high availability framework by offering micro-services through the mainstream K8s, which allows enterprises to implement high-efficiency maintenance and flexibility by expanding their range of services. This allows for BridgeX clients to be able to easily build a commercial service that leverages the blockchain model -- this would not be possible using purely native blockchain as it lacks restarting and auto-scaling capabilities.

Key Clients

Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, Cathay Financial Holding Company, Sheng Ye Capital, ASUS, National Center for High-Performance Computing, J&V Energy Technology Company, ChargeSmith, KYMCO Capital, Taishin Financial Holdings, VTeam Financial Technology Service Corp., Comwave Company, STAR BIT Innovation

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175 Pearl Street Dumbo, 3rd Floor, New York 11201
United States
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