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byVoice is a software development company specializing in building B2B solutions such as Cloud PBX, Cloud Unified Communications, Cloud Contact Centers, Conversation AI platforms, and AI-driven self-service solutions. 

Our services include:
* Telecom Software Development
* Web Development
* AI Development
* DevOps Consulting
* QA Services and Software Testing
* IT Staff Augmentation
* API Development

With over 18 years of expertise in building highly-loaded solutions from scratch, our team prioritizes delivering top-notch solutions to our clients, emphasizing flexibility, performance, and rapid time-to-market.

byVoice’s headquarters is registered in Poland, where the core 20 in-house employees are located. Around 70 specialists across engineering teams are based in other locations, including Cyprus, Georgia, and Lithuania, so they can quickly be involved in your project.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business and unleash the power of communication!

$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
ul. Zamknięta, nr 10, lok. 1.5, Jerzmanowice, Krakow 30-554

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Bot Development
  • Testing Services
  • Artificial Intelligence

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Business

Industry Focus

  • Telecommunication
  • Other Industries

byVoice Clients & Portfolios

Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center
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Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center
  • Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center screenshot 1
  • Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center screenshot 2
  • Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center screenshot 3
  • Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center screenshot 4
  • Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center screenshot 5
$50001 to $100000
100 weeks

Our client is a telecommunication industry leader with a dominant market position and an extensive range of customer services. They specialize in offering communication services, such as calls, video calls, and text messaging, tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

👇Challenges They Have Faced:

1️⃣ High volumes of daily technical support requests from their customers

2️⃣ Lack of necessary software in the Sales department to effectively manage inbound and outbound communications 

👇Project Workflow

1️⃣ Analyzed customer's processes and compiled cloud call center features.

2️⃣ Designed solution architecture and considered future features and cloud PBX integration.

3️⃣Tested solution internally as a product.

4️⃣ Received feedback from hundreds of call center operators.

5️⃣ Identified and eliminated system bottlenecks.

6️⃣ Implemented new features while addressing feedback.

7️⃣ Released the approved solution as part of the customer's product line.


As a cloud contact center provider, the company achieved remarkable growth in just seven months, increasing the number of user organizations from 60 to 440, an astounding 7.3 times growth rate. 76% of users rated the service a perfect 10 out of 10 and were willing to recommend it, demonstrating high satisfaction levels and potential for continued growth.

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No-Code Voicebot and Chatbot Platform
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No-Code Voicebot and Chatbot Platform
  • No-Code Voicebot and Chatbot Platform screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
52 weeks
Information Technology

As a leading global Сloud PBX provider, our client offers top-notch phone services to businesses. Thanks to their wide range of customer services, they have achieved a dominant market position and established themselves as an industry leader in telecommunications.

👇Challenges They Have Faced

1️⃣ The existing IVR system lacked crucial functionalities such as speech synthesis and recognition and integration with CRM.

2️⃣ Integrations with new CRM systems were only available based on the company's roadmap or through custom orders, with implementation time taking up to 6 months. The customer did not have the flexibility to implement custom integrations without the assistance of programmers.

3️⃣There were no customer automated services for text channels such as SMS and instant messengers.


We have developed a robust solution that seamlessly integrates a voice robot with their existing standard IVR system. 

The platform includes the following:

* New monetization options

* Automated processing

* Human interaction

* ChatGPT integration

* Text-to-speech, speech recognition, NLP/NLU

* Web control panel, etc.



1️⃣ This integration resulted in a 1.5-year reduction in the solution's time to launch compared to starting from scratch.

2️⃣ The revenue increased within two years, exceeding a more than 300% growth rate.

3️⃣ The company successfully expanded its market share by 16%.

More details —

Cloud PBX Solution
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Cloud PBX Solution
  • Cloud PBX Solution screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
100 weeks

Our client is a significant player in the telecommunication industry, with a strong market position and a wide range of services offered to customers. They provide high-quality communication services, including text, audio, and video messaging, to individual consumers and small and medium businesses. 

👇Challenges They Have Faced

- Need for a unique technological solution that would allow the customer to offer unique PBX features to the market

- Dependence on the roadmap of suppliers in case of using ready-made PBX solutions of the carrier class

- Lack of special software features that the company would offer to the market

👇Project workflow

1️⃣ Analyzed future system vision and market trends.

2️⃣ Identified and prioritized business functions and options.

3️⃣ Formulated non-functional requirements for system development and growth.

4️⃣ Designed and developed the system using Scrum methodology with 15 developers and 5 QAs.

5️⃣ Developed scripts for manual, automated, and load testing.

6️⃣ Improved fault tolerance and continuity to achieve 99.999% uptime.

7️⃣ Continued to maintain and support the solution.



✅ Increased customer acquisition by 500% (10,000 customers before the implementation and 60,000 after)

✅ Improved customer satisfaction score (CSAT) by 3,2% (96.8% before the implementation and 99.998% after)

✅ Decreased churn rate by 80% (5% per month before the implementation and 1% after)

More details —

Public API
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Public API
  • Public API screenshot 1
  • Public API screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
62 weeks
Information Technology

A large telecommunication company that delivers advanced business communication services and helps establish transparent communication systems at all levels.

👇Challenges They Have Faced

* Lack of a reliable API to integrate with CRM systems and third-party services

* Necessity for a unique selling proposition, setting the company apart from competitors lacking similar features

* Lack of software features for call center agents to automatically input call details, facts, and recordings into CRMs after each call

* Lack of automation capabilities, restricting company system's ability. 


This project consisted of the following stages:

1️⃣ Integration with third-party apps through public API

We have developed a versatile public API to enrich the functionality of third-party systems. By seamlessly integrating Cloud PBX, CCC, and CRM platforms through this API, users can access a wide array of telephony features, allowing them to tailor custom integrations that cater to their specific needs. This API acts as a gateway, enabling smooth and efficient communication between systems.

2️⃣ Data exchange through CRM platform integration

We have developed pre-built integrations with popular CRMs, streamlining data exchange between Cloud PBX and CCC and CRM platforms. It allows users to synchronize data, call routing, call facts, recordings, and history with their CRMs in real time.


✅ The enhanced capabilities and seamless integrations positioned the client as a leader in the telecommunications industry, leading to increased adoption and market share.

✅ The API's integration capabilities gave the company a unique selling proposition, setting them apart from competitors lacking similar features. 

✅ Improved services and expanded market reach have significantly contributed to substantial revenue growth

✅ The client significantly improved customer satisfaction by addressing business challenges and offering seamless integration with CRMs.

More details —

Personal Account
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Personal Account
  • Personal Account screenshot 1
  • Personal Account screenshot 2
  • Personal Account screenshot 3
  • Personal Account screenshot 4
  • Personal Account screenshot 5
$10001 to $50000
80 weeks
Information Technology

The client is a software and services developer for business communications, a leading provider of SaaS solutions, and our long-standing partner. The company offers its clients an ecosystem of IT solutions that enables businesses to establish a transparent communication system at all levels.

👇Challenges They Have Faced

* Difficulties in assisting their clients with initial setup and providing ongoing support

* No means to effectively upsell additional services

* Necessity for an efficient system for creating tickets to streamline their interactions with clients 

* Lack of an app allowing their clients to easily access and utilize the supplementary services offered

👇Project workflow 

1️⃣ Research and development

2️⃣ Personal account design 

3️⃣ Enhanced call analytics integration

4️⃣ Additional feature development

5️⃣ Testing and refinement

6️⃣User experience enhancements

7️⃣Successful implementation


✅ Increased revenue from additional services by 25%

✅ Reduced support costs by 30% through self-service 

✅ Improved customer retention by 20%

✅ Enhanced operational efficiency by 40%

More details —

Cloud Unified Communications Solution
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Cloud Unified Communications Solution
  • Cloud Unified Communications Solution screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
100 weeks

Our client is a prominent telecom company with a longstanding presence in the regional cloud PBX (private branch exchange) market. 

👇Challenges They Have Faced

* Challenges in maintainability and further development due to older software being written procedurally.

* Customers’ complaints about background noise and other people’s discussions during conversations.

* Older CT boards took up a lot of space in server chassis and added to the expenses of renting racks in data centers. 

* High cost due to the 30% annual traffic growth rate.

👇Project workflow

1️⃣ Modular architecture implementation

2️⃣ Rigorous load and stress tests

3️⃣ Core features implementation — signaling servers, Softswitch, media servers, 

application servers, SBC controllers, personal accounts, etc. 

4️⃣ Migration to the new platform


Our solution has been designed and implemented with an architecture that allows for horizontal scaling and meets industry standard requirements for a service-level agreement (SLA) of 99,999% uptime, ensuring high availability and reliability of the platform.

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