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In Codein we highly value quality, proper functionality,integration of existing solutions,one contact team and of course price. These are usually the main concerns of business owners,CEOs, CFOs, CTOs. People who are responsible for operation,finances and technology usually spend a lot of time to search for the appropriate team which will be responsible for a potential change on their current IT operation or the creation of a new one.

So initially you get the idea, gather all requirements and calculate your budget for such a project. Then you might be involved to a procedure which will cost you in terms of operational time and lost profits. For example,you might want to ask for a second opinion concerning your idea, perform some market research in order to find the ideal for you team and for such a project, and finally to shortlist the companies which you think are fitting better to your idea. On the other hand, you can avoid all this procedure and contact directly Codein.Just submit your idea (with full requirements/functionalities) and the rest is up to us. We have a great team with a lot of experience and a diversity of skills and expertise.

During the last 10 years we have successfully delivered projects (namely in financial services and exchange trading sectors, gaming, retail etc.) but we have created or participated in various complex and customized solutions. Of course, as all companies which don't put limits, we too have our strategic plans. Our vision is to create fully operative products which will help our clients boost their profits and minimize their operational costs. Till then, you can trust our team with current solutions as many companies did till now. We promise to be there in all steps of the project, from analyzing needs up to post delivery support.

So, if you have a concrete idea which you believe it can help your daily routine and engage more satisfied clients, act fast. Contact us now, and we will be happy to convert it to a useful business tool.

$25 - $49/hr
10 - 49
Kyyanivsky bystreet, Kyiv, kyiv 03142

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Testing Services
  • Maintenance & Support
  • IT Services

Client Focus

  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Financial & Payments
  • Gambling
  • Startups

Codein Software Clients & Portfolios

B2B web portal
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B2B web portal
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  • B2B web portal  screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
31 weeks
Consumer Products

The Codein Software company has developed a general solution architecture and integration model for accounting system.

Functionality of the implemented system:

  • registration module, authentication and password reset modules
  • personalization module
  • purchase orders module
  • elastic search module
  • public communication module
  • user activity log
  • admin panel
  • user's profile with access to accounting documents
  • integration module


Golpas | bookmaker
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Golpas | bookmaker
  • Golpas | bookmaker screenshot 1
  • Golpas | bookmaker screenshot 2
$100001 to $500000
100 weeks

Codein Software Company during cooperation with Gol+Pas as an external team have been provided a full range of services, namely: development of new betting and gaming products, online and offline, radical refactoring of software and infrastructure, support for server and network infrastructure, maintaining web-site under load, audit of system vulnerability, applying the latest cybersecurity practices, quality assurance.

  • project of comprehensive power system enhancement (change of software architecture, server hardware and communication channels, migration to another DB)
  • security service of sense content on the portal (modern practices + own know how)
  • project of multiple languages interface, which helps to avoid language barrier during expansion into new markets
  • white-label system, which allows Gol + Pas partners to start similar business without applying resources on the back-end part
  • a special system for charging and recording customer bonuses, which becomes an important part of the loyalty system
  • virtual games that have expanded the range of services on the portal and increased the profitability of the system as a whole
  • Successful security against targeted external attacks on a business and case investigation of insider attacks on the system with 100% successful result
  • native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms
  • system development for offline clubs, multi-monitoring system for displaying beta stocks, betting terminals, etc.
  • development of BI system for business monitoring and retrospective analysis


Cryptocurrency trading platform
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Cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Cryptocurrency trading platform screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
64 weeks
Financial & Payments

Starting with a Peatio open source code, during 2018, we have developed and deployed to production cryptocurrency trading platform.

Client idea was to start his own cryptocurrency trading platform as soon as possible with basic setup of functionality and add new functionality step by step.

The challenge of the project was to develop and deploy to production cryptocurrency trading platform in very short terms - 3 months. On the other hand there was a long features list for upgrading service step by step after the production star and that’s why the solution we were looking for has to be flexible, easy to add new features, scale, update and improve.

We have done market research which shows us that the optimal way of doing that project is using open source solution Peatio as a basis of the project.

Codein management has created dedicated team that consist from Ruby (RoR) developer, front-end developer, devops, html developer, QA, PM/BA. There was created roadmap that has set milestones for every stage of project creation from POC and MVP to next features implementation.

As a result, during 2018, we have developed this project into fully cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Here is our “Done List”:

  • developed a new modern front-end single page application with night and day mode, modern construction of charts;
  • implemented our own multilanguage mechanism;
  • implemented our own push notification mechanism;
  • implemented modern methods of two-factor authorization;
  • implemented integration with several payment gateways for fiat currency connection;
  • implemented cold wallets and hardware wallets management, and multisignature;
  • implemented SEO optimization;
  • upgraded admin-panel, with new features of regulatory control of payment gateways, withdrawal and deposit monitoring of fiat currencies and coins, hot and cold wallets management, limits and fees management for verified and unverified users, manual and automatic mode of query evaluation for fiat currencies and coins withdrawal;
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  • PayPong screenshot 1
  • PayPong screenshot 2
  • PayPong screenshot 3
  • PayPong screenshot 4
$100001 to $500000
48 weeks
Financial & Payments

Client profile

European Payment System LLC is Ukrainian technological company, which is a brand holder of PayPong trademark. It was founded in 2016, it provides to retail customers online loan services, p2p payments and online payment services. 

Location: Ukraine, Europe

Business cooperation from: 2017

Core results of our business cooperation

  1. The system is stabilized, the number of blocking and critical errors was reduced to zero;

  2. Created new payment module, it was built with consideration to the principle of transactional operations; 

  3. There were implemented a list of new services and expanded functionality of existing services.

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Iskendirov Nikolay

Golpas betting platform support and development

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Review Summary

I'm director and owner of Golpas ( the oldest betting company in Kazakhstan, we operates more than 17 years. We have started our collaboration with Codein Software long-long time ago - at 2011.
Since this time they serve us as only one technical team that provides all range of services.
Our business has plenty of threats, starting from network attacks and up to cheaters who uses special software in order to get sencitive information that allows than to get some advantages for their betting.
Also, as a live business we every time invents some ideas for implrovement of our services and new features creation. Some times, during our regular activity, we face to system issues and other troubles.
Codein specialists closes all our neediness for development and support all this time.
With Codein we have done such things like:
- created white-label portals for our partners
- created and implemented special data protection solution
- created mobile applications for two platforms
- created very functional module for client's bonuses and perks management
- integrated plenty of 3rd-part content and games providers
Our collaboration is very fruitfull and efficience and I can confirm, that this team is definitely high-level professionals with deep technical competency and deep understanding of betting industry.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

They are very reliable and reactive. Specificy of our business is highload at weekends and evening time, so if at this time will appear any trouble that blocks our system, it will lead us to significant financial loses. Codein specialists ready to solve all such blocker in a short time (even at weekends) after our request or by themselves if their systems of auto monitoring will notify them first.

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

I'm satisfied, nothing to improve for now. At least nothing important.