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Blockchain, dApps and mobile technology are moving fast. From intelligent hardware devices (IoT) to app-enhanced car dashboards, every industry can now participate in the smart, customer-driven app revolution. We help our clients and partners keep pace and thrive. As an engineering team, we specialize in building hardware-integrated mobile apps and the backend systems to power them.

As a team of consultants and specialists, we help with every phase of planning, design, cloud infrastructure, and software engineering. Do you have an existing project that is ready to go to the next level or do you want to build a project from scratch? Find out how we can help you with that.

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Concise Software Clients & Portfolios

Oply / ExaMotive
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Oply / ExaMotive
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$100001 to $500000
100 weeks


Building the Future of Urban Mobility

The challenge

There are more and more cars in the cities, but the road infrastructure is not growing. Fuel prices are rising all the time, we have more and more problems with pollution, which, among other things, causes increasing smog. An interesting direction of development is the sharing economy and electromobility. New technological solutions make it possible to construct services that help solve problems faced by our civilisation. 

As our cities become ever more congested, keeping people and goods moving is one of the world’s greatest challenges. Oply Intl. (formerly Examotive) was founded on the belief that the way vehicles are used has to change – fundamentally.

In partnership with a strategic automotive investor, Oply is an enabler and operator of intelligent mobility solutions for the modern world. With its unique blend of expertise, know-how and a proven MaaS platform, Oply solutions are designed to keep the world moving.
No need to privately own the vehicle anymore –  the right car is always one (app) click away from you. Oply already operates over 1.000 vehicles across Germany and the UK.

Oply (Examotive) at a glance

Oply is a platform that allows you to rent cars for short periods of time with the help of your mobile phone. With the Oply mobile app, you can easily book and manage the vehicle you want to use. Oply is present in the cities of the UK and Germany - you do not need to use your own car in some cities, you only need to have access to the Oply app. 

Examotive was mentioned in: Berliner Zeitung | FleetNews | Die Welt

The result
For two years, Concise Software has been working on Oply / Examotive mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. In addition to introducing new features, we were responsible for fixing bugs and implementing new content. The project was completed in September 2019. The applications were written "from scratch" and in the meantime, we started integration for another city - London.

RedBull Mobile
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RedBull Mobile
  • RedBull Mobile screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Red Bull Mobile - case study

What is the "most energetic" mobile operator in the world? It is definitely Red Bull Mobile, which offers solutions for customers who are not afraid of challenges and love an active lifestyle. Concise Software is proud to be partnering with Red Bull Mobile - the company has benefited from our experience in order to provide its customers with the best solutions in terms of sales and more. This is how we "added wings" to Red Bull Mobile!

The Red Bull brand does not need to be introduced to anyone: it is an Austrian energy drink known all over the world and a pioneer of this type of product. In Poland, the first Red Bull can was sold in 1995 and today the brand is by far the most recognized representative of the market. 

Red Bull is also present in sports: especially in extreme sports. Poles best associate the close cooperation of the best Polish ski jumper in history - Adam Malysz with the Red Bull brand. Every time this competitor sat on the starting beam, the viewers could watch the logo of the beverage manufacturer on TV. Moreover, Red Bull was present in Formula 1, where it currently functions as one of the teams (Aston Martin Red Bull Racing). 

Red Bull Mobile at a glance

Red Bull Mobile is an international brand of mobile telephony services. The offer of this operator includes "pre-paid" and post-paid solutions. Red Bull Mobile was created for active customers who love an energetic lifestyle and strong impressions. A customer who purchases a prepaid starter can count on a free beverage can as a gift. It is worth noting that the Red Bull brand partner Sebastian Vettel (one of the leaders of Formula 1 races) became the face of Red Bull Mobile's advertising campaign in Poland. In addition, the brand is also present in Austria and Belgium. In our country, Red Bull Mobile uses the infrastructure of the P4 (Play) operator.

Our challenge

Concise Software received the task of preparing the Red Bull Mobile website for the Polish market ( According to the client's specifications, the website was supposed to be informative with a description of the operator's offer. In addition, it was to include data on tariffs, telephones and packages (both in the prepaid and postpaid versions). The presented list of available products was to be downloaded from the provider's server. On the other hand, the stock was to be refreshed periodically on the basis of a feed. 

Results & technologies used

The Red Bull Mobile website was created in accordance with the design provided by the customer and the agreed specification. What is more, everything was completed within the set deadline. We managed to create a solution that combines a very high level of security with the latest available standards, including UX/UI. This, among other things, allows our client to achieve satisfactory sales results: the Red Bull Mobile website allows to make purchases.

The site was written in PHP, based on Drupal CMS. The database was based on MySQL, while the cyclical tasks were developed in Cron. Feed import was constructed in PHP and PERL. Thanks to the use of the latest versions of the above mentioned technologies and excellent optimization, we have achieved a fast-acting project that was generating a negligible amount of technical problems. In addition to that, it scales very well depending on customer needs.

Red Bull Mobile & Concise Software - what's next?

Our involvement in the Red Bull Mobile project did not end with the development of a website for the customer. Such a responsible sales platform requires constant care: Concise Software is responsible for the SLA service for the operator. Our dedicated team carries out all tasks related to website updates, implementation of new functionalities, implementation of new information subpages, landing pages and content updates.

It is a great honour for us and an incredible success that we can cooperate with such an excellent brand that’s active in the telecommunications market. Thanks to the tasks performed for Red Bull Mobile, we have gained the necessary know-how in terms of customers from this market: we are definitely not afraid of such challenges!

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  • HungryHouse screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Other Industries

The challenge

Hungryhouse, owned by Delivery Hero, is a synonym for tasty and reliable online takeaway and food delivery services. Their platform, which allows you to order great meals in minutes, has gathered more than 10, 000 restaurants and 550, 000 honest customer reviews. Hungryhouse has partnered with some of the finest takeaway restaurants across Britain, allowing you to instantly access a wide range of takeaway restaurants in your local area from your phone! Concise Software was responsible for developing the iOS and Android app for the UK market.

Delivery Hero at a glance

Delivery Hero started as an incredibly dynamic business in the European food delivery market. Nowadays, Delivery Hero has expanded their services to Asia, South America and Australia. Whether it is Bangladeshi or Vietnamese, Hungryhouse in the UK is putting local takeaway food menus at your fingertips thanks to the Android and iOS applications that Concise helped to develop.

The results

Concise started working with Delivery Hero from one of the first versions of the app, and so we have helped them to grow and refine it, and gain more and more traction with their mobile products. We offer technical project analysis, development, professional tests and advice on features that might be important from a user perspective.

Hungry customers can order and pay for a takeaway food delivery in seconds, or choose a delivery time that suits them. We created mechanisms for searching by postcode or using the “Nearby” function to discover a new local favourite in the neighborhood. Customers can also intuitively flick through each menu, which can be used in four directions. This, and many more features such as several filters or no sign-in required until checkout, makes Hungryhouse the most popular food delivery application in the UK.

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We worked with Concise for now 2 years and we are very happy to do so.
They managed to develop native Android and iOS applications in a very agile / flexible way.
If we discovered any problems or bugs, even on a weekend or on public holidays, they were reachable. The reaction time was quite quick and always solution orientated.
I was very happy to work with their team.

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App Designing (UI/UX), Mobile App Development