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We are CrustLab - web services and mobile apps development company from Poland. We love technology - this is what makes us highly motivated and focused on our clients’ needs. 

Why do you need to hire CrustLab as a software development partner?

  • Our company has three founders and one of them is always involved in your project
  • +10 projects implemented in the betting industry
  • Free project estimate and deep understanding of your needs
  • Excellent technical skills and work done on time
  • Proactive approach and project workshops
  • Transparency and ease of communication
  • We follow the main principles of Agile and Lean management
  • We are flexible when it comes to team composition or cooperation model
  • We will serve your project comprehensively

Technology expertise:

  • Java
  • NodeJS, Python
  • ReactJS, Angular, Vue.js
  • Kotlin, Swift
  • Flutter, ReactNative
  • SQL/NoSQL databases
  • System administration

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$25 - $49/hr
10 - 49
ul. Wadowicka 7, Krakow, Malopolskie 30-347
+48 795-856-491

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

Industry Focus

  • Gambling
  • Financial & Payments

CrustLab Clients & Portfolios

PelviFly - Healthcare cross-platform mobile app development
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PelviFly - Healthcare cross-platform mobile app development
  • PelviFly - Healthcare cross-platform mobile app development screenshot 1
$100001 to $500000
32 weeks
Healthcare & Medical

Creation of a cross-platform mobile app for the end-users and a custom web application for coaches and administrators. The system introduces the gaming experience into a professional medical treatment to start training pelvic floor muscles for women of all ages.

Both PelviFly’s web platform and the cross-platform mobile app have existed for several years. Moreover, the application was refreshed in 2017. When we took over this project, the main challenge was to further develop and add new functionalities to both the admin panel and the training games programs, maintain and fix bugs that existed.

The PelviFly team had a plan to expand the application. The planned exposure to new European markets such as Great Britain, Germany, and Hungary drove the introduction of new functionalities.

One of the project’s goals was to implement new features and collect feedback from users to fully understand the product’s current situation, problems faced by users, and set possible directions for further developing the cross-platform mobile app and web portal.

The technical side of the PelviFly project is entirely created and managed by the CrustLab team. We were working on both cross-platform mobile app development and a web-based portal. As part of this project, we provided services such as web development, mobile development, front-end development, back-end development, UX design, UI design, and maintenance. 

During our cooperation, we introduced several improvements for end-users (women of all ages), administrators (a team of coaches – medics, and physiotherapists cooperating with PelviFly), and the system itself. The most significant change to the system was creating three new types of games, i.e., interactive exercise sets, building foundations for integrating new kinds of hardware devices, creating a panel for Pelvicoachs allowing automatic commission calculation, and the integration with CRM and automated invoicing system.

PelviFly products owe their growing popularity to cooperation with a network of specialized coaches, and collaboration with them is an essential element of the company’s development strategy. Therefore, to facilitate the team of experts’ presentation, we have added the possibility of creating an account for a coach and an attractive presentation of knowledge and experience that a given person offers. In the panel for administrators, there are options such as the possibility of assigning exercises, a preview of results, reports, and a search engine facilitating access to information.

One of the most significant changes from the end-user perspective is the alerting system. The exercising women are kept informed about the progress or abnormalities during the training sessions. The coach may also send such notifications. There was also an option to purchase an additional consultation from a selected coach and pay with a bank card attached to the application. Another facilitation is the creation of a new, more straightforward contact form for new users.

The result of work on the PelviFly project is an increase in the number of cross-platform mobile app users by 25% and an improvement in the operating speed by 15%. We have added dozens of new functionalities to the admin panel, and we are continually working on maintaining the system and eliminating bugs.

During this cooperation, we managed to prepare the product for PelviFly’s expansion into foreign markets, and we also optimized the software to be able to add new devices.

Additional benefits for PelviFly resulting from cooperation with CrustLab include consulting and advice on product development and selection of new functionalities to be business-friendly and, what is the most important, profitable.

Summarizing the work done, PalviFly can test new solutions with the updated system, collect feedback from users, draw conclusions, and plan amendments or further development directions. 

TMS Brokers - Online currency exchange office
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TMS Brokers - Online currency exchange office
  • TMS Brokers - Online currency exchange office screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
48 weeks
Financial & Payments

TMS Brokers

TMS Brokers was the first Polish currency brokerage house with a 20-year history on the local market and many industry awards. TMS Brokers has a team of specialists, who assist clients with their investments in global financial markets by providing innovative tools, consulting, and education in the field of financial investments. Their collaboration with CrustLab was initiated by Tomasz Stosio, Director of the Payment and Currency Exchange Department at TMS Brokers.

TMS Brokers principal challenges

This project’s main challenge was to expand the user panel’s functionalities and other elements on the Web platform. The changes were needed to streamline and automate the currency exchange process for users, as well as to enable them to perform new types of transactions. Companies using the platform required the option to create accounts for employees with various roles and grant them the necessary permissions for their work. We transferred new functions from the admin panel to the user panel.

The trading panel is showing the overall cash flow through the platform. The panel could be treated as a platform’s section in which TMS Brokers employees monitor exchange rates on an ongoing basis and may purchase currencies according to current demand.

TMS Brokers face the endless challenge of maintaining, continually optimizing, and developing this platform, so we continue to work together for the foreseeable future.

How CrustLab helped TMS Brokers

As required, we started our work to implement new functionalities available from an individual customer’s perspective. Thanks to this, the user panel gained tools that allow for even more effective currency exchange. At the platform users’ request, we have also introduced new types of transactions (SPOT+ and NETTO) and authorization of transactions via SMS. We’ve optimized integration with banks (PKO BP, Alior, Santander). We have started working on other banks later on (e.g mBank) and on the ability to share an account and assign roles to individual users, granting them new opportunities.

The next step in our cooperation was implementing the currency wallet, i.e., the administrator panel used by TMS Brokers employees. Moreover, the employees of TMS Brokers gained insight into the process of the new users’ registration and can react when the process has been interrupted by the user.


Although our collaboration is pretty short, there are already visible results. First of all, we have introduced new functionalities for individual clients and companies, including new types of transactions, expansion of the admin panel, integration with banks, the option of adding a deposit, and authorization of critical actions on the website via SMS. We have also optimized the platform’s operation by fixing bugs, reducing the risk of new ones and improving the entire deployment process. Moreover, the improvement of automatic payments accounting has made the accounting department’s work easier.

Solver e-learning platform
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Solver e-learning platform
  • Solver e-learning platform screenshot 1
  • Solver e-learning platform screenshot 2
  • Solver e-learning platform screenshot 3
$10001 to $50000
24 weeks

Nowe Motywacje

The originator of the Solver project is the training and consulting company Nowe Motywacje, based in Krakow, Poland. The company has existed since 1996, and a year later it functioned as part of the Schouten Global group, a global training leader. Taking care of the development needs of its clients, Nowe Motywacje creates tailored training and coaching programs, initiates consulting activities, conducts research projects, proposes system solutions for HR, training over 22,000 people annually. In times of change, they adapt their offer and the forms used to the expectations and possibilities of the organization, which results in the creation of a Solver knowledge-sharing platform. Collaboration with CrustLab was initiated by Agata Kołodyńska, Director of Operations in Nowe Motywacje.

Solver principal challenges

The main challenge of this project was the creation of an e-learning platform with the payment option. It was also very important for the client to accurately estimate the project duration and complete the work on time. The funds for the creation of the platform came from the EU subsidy and timeliness was one of the conditions for receiving the funds. Another significant problem was the adjustment of the payment model. Relying on CrustLab's experience with financial applications, the client asked us for advice on choosing the right payment model from among the solutions available on the market. The initial vision of the client included a number of functionalities, the legitimacy of which we had to verify, and plan their implementation to the platform. The last step before starting the development phase was designing the look of the platform so that learning through it would be comfortable, effective, and intuitive.

How CrustLab helped Solver

After thoroughly examining the customer's requirements and needs, we started designing the UX and UI of the platform. We have created a mock-up of a friendly-looking tool that is easy and intuitive to use. We focused on creating a video call panel that looks similar to Google Hangouts - which is well-known to many users, but we equipped it with additional functionalities facilitating the exchange of knowledge. During online lessons, users have access to a dashboard containing a school board on which they can draw, a notebook, and a messenger, thanks to which they can share training materials. The operation of this type of platform would be difficult without the possibility of booking appointments, so we have created a dedicated calendar that allows users to conveniently book the dates of lessons. Regarding payments, we gave up the integration with a simple payment gateway proposed by the client and focused on integration with the Stripe payment system, thanks to which we reduced transaction costs. Platform users can create a customer account where they will find the full history of the lessons they have purchased along with the billing of payments they made.

Key Takeaways

Security - The learning process from the moment of booking a lesson is carried out by public and safe Google Meet tools,

Transactions API - Payments are made through the third-party provider Stripe. The change of the payment concept facilitated formal issues and shortening the time needed to become a payment institution,

Artboard - Dedicated functionalities facilitating the exchange of knowledge and effective learning.


We have created a web-based e-learning platform for users who want to share knowledge and those who want to learn. We have designed a tool that is intuitive and allows you to effectively help you to expand your knowledge, thanks to dedicated functionality that facilitates learning. We've enabled bookings and payments to be made within the platform to make it even easier for users to learn.

Sportech - online betting platform
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Sportech - online betting platform
  • Sportech - online betting platform screenshot 1
  • Sportech - online betting platform screenshot 2
$100001 to $500000
100 weeks

Sportech PLC is a world leader in the betting industry from the United States. Their main strategy is to invest in a continuous evolution of the offered services, including their digital betting platform. Starting from production of mechanical machines in early 20th century that were able to accurately tabulate race odds, so-called “totalisators“, through computerized totalisator systems to online betting platform integrated with other services provided, Sportech follows a vision to be a key player in the betting industry. Digital services and unique user experience are their keys to success. Sportech provides technology and service solutions for gaming companies, sports teams, charitable foundations, and lotteries. Collaboration with CrustLab was initiated by Scott Watterson, Director of Digital Development in Sportech PLC.

The main challenge of this project was creation of the next generation of the betting system. CrustLab created a new version of web and mobile applications, changing the system’s backend architecture and technology stack. The previous version of the betting platform due to the huge technological debt and obsolete design of UX and UI did not achieve satisfactory performance and it barely attracted new users. The online betting app needed a refresh to change it. Unfortunately, due to the debt, adding new functionalities seemed to be time-consuming and very expensive. The best solution was to take a step back, rewrite the application code, and run a refreshed version of the online betting platform, richer in a number of new functionalities, as well as flexible enough to add new features in a quick and cheap way. The new design was intended not only to improve user experience and performance of the applications but also to position the company as a technological leader in the world of horse racing betting.

Sportech PLC asked CrustLab to create a next generation of their offered Web UI. After checking the system we decided to rewrite the backend part of it and apply newer, performant solutions. We have redesigned the database architecture and redefined user experience as well. We also added new functionalities, including new payment methods, new bet types, improvements to an embedded wallet, an extensive system reporting (analytical tools for Sportech and stats of wins and loss for the end customer) and notifications to protect users against gambling addiction in accordance with the responsible gambling initiative. Later on we have also created a new version of the offered mobile application, reusing the backend we created.

We have created a flexible betting platform. Sportech PLC is now able to freely develop and tune functionalities, layout or features based on a specific demands of their clients. Despite the fact that the application was created with the US market in mind, it is also adapted to other locations, e.g. Scandinavia.

The changes had a huge impact on the application’s performance. The most important results it is worth noting: 0 faults in production during the Triple Crown racing series, mean session time increased from 16 to 24 minutes and number of weekly sessions per 1 user increased by 241% since system first deployment.

With a redesigned system’s CMS, Sportech and their customers are able to toggle features and customize the product in a pleasant and intuitive way. The previous offensive approach of configuration checking has been replaced with a performant mechanism that makes it possible to apply changes on the user interface in milliseconds instead of minutes or hours, compared to the previous version of the system.

Both Sportech PLC employees and users of their betting platform confirm that the new application design is clear and more pleasant to use.

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