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Welcome to eExpertize, where we go beyond being a standard digital agency; we are the architects of your brand's digital destiny. With an innate understanding of the ever-evolving online landscape and a fervor for crafting compelling digital narratives, we empower visionaries like you to transcend boundaries and achieve online eminence.

Our Mission: At eExpertize, our mission is to be your unwavering partner in the digital realm, guiding you through the intricacies of online marketing, brand identity, and web design. We believe in translating your dreams into actionable digital strategies that deeply resonate with your audience and drive tangible results.

What Sets Us Apart:

  1. Emotive Expertise: We don't simply design websites; we craft digital experiences that touch hearts and minds. Through emotive web design and authentic storytelling, we establish profound connections between your brand and its audience.

  2. Holistic Strategy: Our approach is all-encompassing. From comprehensive brand positioning to holistic SEO solutions, we ensure that every facet of your online presence aligns seamlessly for maximum impact.

  3. Guided Growth: Your aspirations fuel our dedication. Beyond providing services, we chart your brand's growth journey, utilizing our expertise to help you achieve exponential online sales and recognition.

  4. Partner in Success: Your triumph is our triumph. We foster robust partnerships founded on trust, collaboration, and shared objectives. Your journey is exceptional, and we're committed to navigating it alongside you.

Why Choose Us:

  1. Personalized Approach: Recognizing that each brand is distinctive, we tailor our strategies to mirror your brand's personality, values, and goals, ensuring an unmistakable online presence.

  2. Expert Visionaries: Our team comprises seasoned experts and creative visionaries who stand at the forefront of emerging tech tools, online marketing trends, and digital artistry.

  3. Results-Driven: More than aesthetics, we prioritize delivering measurable results. Whether it involves amplifying your online visibility, enhancing engagement, or driving conversions, our strategies are meticulously designed for tangible outcomes.

  4. Entrepreneurial Synergy: Just like you, we are fervent about entrepreneurship. We resonate with your journey and leverage our expertise to amplify your brand's voice in the bustling digital landscape.

Join Us in Crafting Your Digital Story: Let's embark on a transformational journey together that will etch your brand's digital legacy. From sculpting an emotive brand identity to navigating the intricacies of SEO and beyond, eExpertize stands as your devoted partner in realizing digital magnificence.

Elevate, resonate, and conquer the online world with eExpertize. Your brand's story, magnificently told.


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Mirpur, Dhaka, Dhaka 1216

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eExpertize Digital Agency Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • Cambridge Remodelling
  • Green Mountain Movers
  • Angela Worley

Brand Design and Website development for Green Mountain Movers
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Brand Design and Website development for Green Mountain Movers
  • Brand Design and Website development for Green Mountain Movers screenshot 1
  • Brand Design and Website development for Green Mountain Movers screenshot 2
  • Brand Design and Website development for Green Mountain Movers screenshot 3
$0 to $10000
4 weeks
Transportation & Logistics

We embarked on an exciting journey with Green Mountain Movers, a premier relocation service, to transform their online presence into a compelling digital destination. Our comprehensive approach encompassed brand logo creation, brand design and strategy development, and the complete design and development of their website.

Key Deliverables:

🌿 Brand Logo Creation: We meticulously crafted a brand logo that encapsulated the essence of Green Mountain Movers – reliability, efficiency, and seamless transitions. The logo served as the cornerstone of their visual identity, forging a memorable connection with their audience.

🎨 Brand Design and Strategy: Our team delved into the core values and aspirations of Green Mountain Movers to develop a brand strategy that resonated deeply with their target market. This strategy guided our design choices, ensuring every visual element communicated their unique value proposition.

🌐 Website Design and Development: Through a fusion of creative design and technical prowess, we brought their website to life. The platform was thoughtfully engineered to not only showcase their range of services but also to provide a seamless user experience. From intuitive navigation to engaging visuals, every aspect was carefully curated to leave a lasting impression.

📱 Social Media Profiles and Advertising: Recognizing the importance of a robust online presence, we established and optimized Green Mountain Movers' social media profiles.

Furthermore, we crafted and executed targeted advertising campaigns. These campaigns yielded outstanding results, generating over $20,000 worth of business each month.


The culmination of our efforts resulted in an impactful digital transformation for Green Mountain Movers. Their website became a hub of information and engagement, fostering trust and encouraging inquiries. The brand design and strategy not only attracted their ideal clientele but also positioned them as industry leaders. The successful advertising campaigns not only bolstered their revenue but also solidified their market presence. We take immense pride in our collaboration with Green Mountain Movers, and the results achieved underscore our commitment to delivering comprehensive digital solutions that drive growth and success. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your brand's digital journey to new heights.


Website design and development for Cambridge Remodeling
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Website design and development for Cambridge Remodeling
  • Website design and development for Cambridge Remodeling screenshot 1
  • Website design and development for Cambridge Remodeling screenshot 2
  • Website design and development for Cambridge Remodeling screenshot 3
  • Website design and development for Cambridge Remodeling screenshot 4
$0 to $10000
3 weeks
Real Estate

Project Overview:

Welcome to the exciting world of Cambridge Remodeling's digital transformation journey! We are thrilled to present a comprehensive project that encompasses brand strategy, logo design, website development, and a strategic SEO initiative. Our aim is to elevate Cambridge Remodeling's online presence, provide an engaging user experience, and significantly boost revenue by a projected 200%.

Scope of Work:

Brand Strategy and Design: Our journey began with a deep dive into Cambridge Remodeling's identity. We formulated a powerful brand strategy that capitalizes on your strengths, identifies unique selling points, and resonates with your target audience. Our expert team conceptualized a visually captivating brand logo and design that embodies your company's values and sets you apart in the competitive market.

Website Design and Development:

Our design and development wizards transformed the brand strategy into a stunning, user-centric website. By incorporating intuitive navigation, compelling visuals, and a seamless user interface, we ensured an immersive experience for your visitors. The website showcases your services, portfolio, and testimonials, delivering a cohesive brand narrative that drives engagement and conversion.

SEO Enhancement:

As part of our ongoing commitment, we are currently focusing on supercharging your online visibility. Our seasoned SEO analysts are diligently optimizing your website's content, structure, and keywords to enhance search engine rankings. By targeting the right keywords, optimizing meta data, and implementing technical SEO best practices, we are set to drive organic traffic and boost your online reach.

Expected Outcomes:

Revenue Surge: Our meticulously crafted strategies and efforts are projected to deliver a remarkable 200% increase in revenue for Cambridge Remodeling. This growth will be fueled by heightened brand recognition, enhanced user experience, and improved search engine rankings. Online Authority: Through the amalgamation of compelling brand elements and strategic SEO, Cambridge Remodeling will establish itself as an authoritative voice in the industry. Your website will attract targeted, high-quality traffic, positioning you as a go-to resource.

Engagement and Conversion:

The seamless user experience, backed by captivating visuals and user-centric design, will lead to increased visitor engagement and higher conversion rates. Users will trust in your brand, resulting in more inquiries and business opportunities.

Let's Collaborate:

We are excited to continue working hand-in-hand with Cambridge Remodeling to achieve your ambitious goals. Our comprehensive approach, spanning branding, web design, and SEO, will yield a holistic transformation for your business. As we delve deeper into the SEO phase, we anticipate the realization of your growth projections. Get ready to witness a new era of success and digital prominence. The journey ahead promises to be exhilarating, and we can't wait to see Cambridge Remodeling thrive like never before.

Reach out to us for any queries or to discuss further steps. Together, let's redefine your digital landscape!

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Faiz Hashmi, PMP, PSM

eExpertize Digital Agency exceeded all expectations, seamlessly transforming our moving company

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$0 to $10000
Transportation & Logistics

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Review Summary

Collaborating with eExpertize Digital Agency was an absolute pleasure; their seamless website development, impactful social media strategy, and effective SEO catapulted our moving company's online reach, surpassing all expectations.

What was the project name that you have worked with eExpertize Digital Agency?

Set up moving business website and Get Sales

What service was provided as part of the project?

Web Development, Web Designing (UI/UX), Digital Marketing

Describe your project in brief

Stepping back to admire the journey with eExpertize Digital Agency, I'm thrilled to share the successful completion of our moving company's website project. From inception to realization, every step has been a testament to innovation and collaboration. With eExpertize, our vision for our website was brought to life through meticulous design and skillful development. The result is an intuitive platform streamlining the moving process, reflecting our commitment to top-notch service. The partnership didn't end there. eExpertize's proficiency in social media marketing has amplified our brand across platforms, creating a buzz that resonates with our audience. Their SEO mastery ensured our website tops search lists, driving organic traffic and bolstering our online presence. As the owner, I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. The project stands as a testament to what's achievable when expertise and vision converge. Here's to eExpertize for reshaping our digital landscape.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

What stood out the most about eExpertize Digital Agency was their ability to seamlessly blend creativity with technical expertise, resulting in a website and online strategy that truly captured the essence of our moving company's services. They are a team of dedicated souls with the mindset of continuous improvement.

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

I didn't come across any weakness as they were relentless.