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Award-Winning SEO & PPC Agency for eCommerce Brands & funded Tech Companies.

Our Team of Google Trainers has already grown 25+ Brands 6−10x times in America, Britain and Europe, incl. well-known BBC Dragon’s Den Brands.

We work exclusively with $250K+ Rev. eCommerce Brands and VC-funded Tech and SaaS Companies (Seed / Round A).

$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
United Kingdom
71-75 Shelton St, London, London WC2H 9JQ

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  • Hanna Sillitoe
  • Shakesphere
  • EP Advisory
  • Hansohome

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$10001 to $50000
30 weeks

PeerBoard is a plug & play community-as-a-service platform. Founders launched the platform with the goal of allowing brands and businesses to benefit from creating their own communities. Now PeerBoard has already helped thousands of companies achieve this, but the team always dreamt of connecting as many companies as possible to their customers.


The Result

Result 1: 197 Organic Backlinks after PR Campaign Launch in 6 Months

Once the PR campaign was launched, we tracked 197 backlinks from 111 Press and other websites, such as Shopify (US, CA, UK versions — each DR 95), Bigcommerce (DR 94), Thinkific (91), Coinmarketcap (DR 90), Yahoo (DR 89), Uscreen (DR 87), Exploding Topics (DR 85), and others.

Result 2: From 42 to 59 DR Growth Within 12 Months On Autopilot

The starting point of the Domain Rate (DR) was 42/100, Page URL Rate (UR) was 9/100. Within 1 month after the PR campaign launch, the the DR was 50 and the UR 22. DR grew to 53 within 6 months, UR to 29. After 12 months the DR of the website was 59/100 and the UR was 34/100. In addition, all the backlinks growth was fully organic, meaning the company didn’t need to invest time and money in searching trusted platforms and extra link-building.

Result 3: 2x Growth in Organic Traffic & 1.8x Growth in Leads in 6 Months

Thanks to our SEO analysis, Keyword Research and PR Topics that we identified, the platform got 2x growth in organic traffic in 6 months. The result was achieved by combining both rewritten Medium content and new content based on high-value topic research plus PR campaigns. As a result, the client also got a 1.8x increase in the number of leads.

Result 4: All UGC Content is Indexed and Brings Traffic Automatically

By the end of our work, all the UGC content was in the index. We analysed the results and are happy to announce that all user content is bringing new traffic and registrations virally.

Result 5: Three Strategic Partnerships & Exit to a NASDAQ-listed Company

Regardless of the small market presence, PeerBoard as a 1-year startup had made 3 strategic partnerships with other brands by the end of our work. The platform also made an exit to the public company Docebo Inc listed on NASDAQ.

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$10001 to $50000
66 weeks

The key idea behind EP Advisory is to help expats find roles in companies where they feel they truly belong. Comprising a team of experts in the digital employment HR space, the company seeks to reduce the gap between expats and companies and open up exciting career opportunities for talented individuals on an international scale.

The Result

Result 1: Organic traffic increased by +865% in 12 Months

Once all the changes were implemented, we recorded an increase in organic traffic from 17K clicks to 147K clicks in 12 months.
Result 2: Leads increased by +764%

The increase in traffic impacted the number of leads visiting the website by +764%, rising from 101 to 873.
Result 3: Ready-to-use €2.2M+ Annual Revenue SEO Strategy

Considering the desired outcomes and existing positions, the SEO strategy and content creation package we created enabled the website to reach a considerably higher position on search engine results pages. As a result of this, conversions for the brand from both SEO and direct traffic increased by 98%.
Result 4: Conversion Rate Increased by +35%

The SEO strategy we implemented made SEO the biggest traffic source for assisted and last-click conversions (41%). This resulted in an overall increased CVR of +35%, from 1.12% to 1.51%.

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$10001 to $50000
70 weeks

Hanna Sillitoe is a health coach, author and BBC Dragons' Den alumni who has struggled with psoriasis, eczema and acne since she was a teenager. After years of trying every available treatment to fight these diseases, Hanna decided to change direction and start connecting with her body naturally in order to heal.

Result 1: 8.8x Increase in monthly revenue in 12 months

One of our biggest successes was the stabilization and increase in the company’s monthly income. From £20K monthly revenue to £200K+ in total sales, equating to £1.9M in just 12 months.

Aside from organizing a more stable and predictable monthly income, we also developed a solid base for further sales growth in the international market, increasing American sales from 3% to 15%.

Result 2: 14x Increase in Monthly Orders

Through the implementation of Google and social ads, brand promotion on Instagram and Pinterest, and more relevant and increased organic traffic from SEO, we were able to positively affect the number of monthly orders–from less than 250 to more than 3.5K orders per month on average.

Result 3: 47% of total monthly revenue from subscriptions

As part of our strategy to make monthly income more predictable, we chose Hanna’s top three products and launched a subscription model. As a result, subscriptions are now responsible for 47% of the total monthly store income.

Result 4: 2.5x Increase in customer return rate

SEO optimization for non-brand keywords on social media increased brand awareness, while trust in the brand was built up through mass media backlinking as part of an overarching PR strategy. This pushed customer return rates up to 76.84%.

Result: 5: 30%+ in commercial organic traffic

Thanks to our market analysis and SEO optimization of product pages, the store saw a 30%+ increase in commercial organic traffic that led to an extra 10K+ visits per month on average. The total number of all organic clicks also increased by +757% in 12 months (from 17K to 147K clicks).

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Ola Ratushnaya

SEO for branding agency

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Project Detail

$10001 to $50000
Advertising & Marketing

Review Summary

Our partnership with ESA Digital began at the Emerge Conference, impressing us with their quality-driven approach and sense of project ownership. Their first move was an exhaustive audit, identifying strategic gaps for our launch. This level of detail promised a robust start.

Our ambition was high, but knowledge of SEO was limited, imagining quick market dominance. ESA's team, led by Dennis, grounded our expectations with a realistic timeline. We trusted their expertise and committed to a months-long strategy focusing on keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page SEO, and link building. Prioritizing areas with less competition and high-profit prospects, ESA meticulously optimized our website, setting a solid foundation for our growth.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Digital Marketing

Describe your project in brief

Ever since we teamed up with ESA Digital, our website has been buzzing with more visitors and potential customers. In the early days, we'd see about 20 people daily, and our monthly count was around 400. Now, we're welcoming 60 to 80 daily visitors and our monthly figures have shot up to more than 2,000, which is five times what it used to be. Just last month, we got 10 new leads, and we even nailed down a deal with a company from Australia.

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

The team's investment in our success was palpable; it felt like we were advancing together. They've been supportive in every aspect, and our collaboration continues to thrive.

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

Working with the ESA Digital team has been a great experience, and we're looking forward to expanding into advertising with them soon.