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GlowLogix, a web house with a reliable status in the web production industry; based in Gujrat with a sub-branch in Islamabad, Pakistan. We provide our customers with high-end solutions for their problems; providing coverage for the creation of websites, mobile applications, logos, illustration, and Branding. We are recognized worldwide for inexpensive, quality work. We offer round the clock communication to our customers to assess their specifications because our customers’ satisfaction is our top-most priority. We are highly known for, “Quality over Quantity”.

Clients First: Our clients’ satisfaction is our top-most priority. To achieve our clients’ trust we provide standard communication, quality services, reasonable budgeting, and reliability.

Quality Over Quantity: Our Company operates on the discipline, “Quality over Quantity”. We tend to provide our customers with high quality, creative solutions. We do this by focusing intently on our clients’ requirements.

Inexpensive Work: Our advantageous point is that in addition to quality, our work is also low-cost. We deliver work to our clients with almost half-price as compared to others in the industry.

10 - 49
Muslim Abad, Iqbal chowk, Gujrat, Punjab 50700
Suite 1301, NSTP, NUST H-12, Islamabad, Federal Capital Area 45710

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Web Development
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)
  • E-commerce Development
  • Software Development
  • Other Services

Client Focus

  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Designing
  • Other

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  • dimahighway5 screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
1 week
Healthcare & Medical

This project is about the tracking of "modafinil" shipment delivery. The details of the project are below:

Zendesk integration example: For a given ticket that belongs to folder

1. If a customer submitted a ticket (first submission only, not a follow-up nor a response). Example AND

2. The latest tracking update was made 0-14 days

Origin Post is Preparing Shipment In transit Jun 28, 2020, 10:31 THEN Apply a macro SHIPPED AND TRACKING. OK With placeholders (e.g. tracking number + USPS website link if the order from the US, Australis Post for Australia, ParcelForce for the UK, etc) AND SUBMIT AS PENDING Zendesk

Courtney Kates Garcia
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Courtney Kates Garcia
  • Courtney Kates Garcia screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
1 week
Consumer Products

Move Social Icons from Current location (blocking Menu on mobile) to the bottom of the site. Also, want to "recommend" matches/pairing to the customer on each product page - not sure if this is possible?

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  • Amanda screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
1 week
Advertising & Marketing

Create an option in the system when you exclude products by collection or SKU in the Shopify App area.

"Shopping for someone and not sure what to buy? Give them the gift of miniatures with a Little Shop of Miniatures gift card. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions on how to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no processing fees and they never expire!"

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  • Rachel screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
1 week
Healthcare & Medical

This website was down. Client Needed it to be live and make some changes. She gave this project to Glowlogix and here is the detail.

Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine Website edits:


1) Change to: Awarded Best Clinic and Doctors for11 years in a row

2) Change hours in the footer and on other pages to reflect CLOSED on Friday and now open on Wednesday, 9-5

3) The photo of the staff is cut off at the top and needs to be reframed.

4) Remove Nina Kolbe


1) Remove Massage and Bodywork as a category

2) Remove Integrative Nursing

3) Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine is cut off--not sure if that is fixable

4) Services—Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine is formatted incorrectly at the header


1) Even out the sizes of the photos--2 are larger

2) The header needs to be reformatted

3) Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams: Reformat header

Edit bio:

Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, MHS, ABIHM, ABoIM

 She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine. She is a former board member of the American Holistic Medical Association from 2013-2015.

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  • A-Plan screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
1 week

Make some changes in custom made plugin for style purpose and make the procedure for social sharing of the client website page.

In this project, we have to make the only plugin for style purposes. Secondly, social media sharing buttons were not performing right.

Jared Wolhgemuth
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Jared Wolhgemuth
  • Jared Wolhgemuth screenshot 1
  • Jared Wolhgemuth screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
1 week
Information Technology

The first task is to make templates in the Avada WordPress theme for the seminar purposes, it includes speakers' days templates and various days of events templates. The task is to make a group of persons that are registered for this seminar and make restrictions for these landing pages for only registered users.

Rick Rule is Chairman of the company.

Accurate News | Insightful Analysis | Thought-provoking Interviews As an independent media firm, we strive to produce the highest quality and most reliable market news and commentary in the natural resources sector. Our vision is to connect scarce knowledge with the people who seek it and to inspire intelligent investing decisions.

WP Front-End Plugin
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WP Front-End Plugin
  • WP Front-End Plugin screenshot 1
  • WP Front-End Plugin screenshot 2
  • WP Front-End Plugin screenshot 3
  • WP Front-End Plugin screenshot 4
  • WP Front-End Plugin screenshot 5
  • WP Front-End Plugin screenshot 6
Not Disclosed
2 weeks
Information Technology

WP Frontend Profile gives you the ability to add an extensible user profile section to the frontend of your WordPress website. By default, the plugin adds two tabs to the frontend profile. One of these tabs, titled profile, allows a user to edit their user data including email, first and last names, URL, and bio (description). The password tab allows a user to change their password for the site.


As the frontend profile is rendered with tabs you can easily add your own tabs with your own fields to store user metadata. Tabs and fields are added through filters and all the saving of the data is taken care of for you.

You can add the following field types:

  • Select
  • Multi-Select
  • Radio
  • Text Area
  • Checkbox
  • Password
  • Email
  • Text


  • Added Login Widget
  • Addon for Mailchimp
  • Added Content Restriction feature for paid members.

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