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About HebronSoft
HebronSoft is a software engineering company. We focus on technology and providing ways in which your business can run more efficiently, resulting in reduced costs and increased profits. In the same way, as our company’s values are to change the lives of less privilege...
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We Help You Succeed Through Better Software
5.0 (1 Reviews)
1 Review
Client Reviews
Pavlo YurchukReviewed on 4/8/20
IoT Product Dev for Shared Scooter Service
Role: Managing Partner at at Easy Scooters
Reviewed on 4/8/20 by Pavlo Yurchuk
Role: Managing Partner at at Easy Scooters
IoT Product Dev for Shared Scooter Service
We wanted to launch a sharing service of electric scooters in our city since there are no analogs of this service there at all. And for this, we needed a company to develop Mobile iOS App, Mobile Android App, Web Admin Panel, Web Landing, MQTT broker, and API.
The main goal was to launch an electric scooter sharing service and for that, we were focused on building an app that could send commands to the scooters we use in our service. The main objective was to build a server to relay storage commands utilizing an MQTT system. Also, we wanted to create a user-friendly design for our mobile application for avoiding any misunderstandings by our users.
We had very limited time to implement all our plans, approximately 3 months. And first, they built a whole business logic with a system that would scale with our business requirements. After that, their engineers created a Web Landing - the one-page website where the users can find information about the service. Also, they developed a web admin - a panel that contains all information about users, their status, payments statistics, ride history, etc. This admin panel also allowed us to manage the whole system: add / edit / change the status of scooters, add the allowed using area of the scooter on the map. Also, they built a mobile app for iOS and Android that communicates with and controls IoT devices. Using an MQTT system, they developed a server that relays storage commands. They created API that connects all systems with each other and with which the scooters can be controlled.
The product is live now and working thanks to HebronSoft. For one month of existence in the App Store and Google Play, our mobile application was downloaded by more than 5000 users and for us it is a success.
They have always been fantastic to work with. They're responsive and timely with deliverables. We communicate perfectly, we always have access to the project manager and the whole development team. And the most impressive thing about them was their ability to explain all technical things in a clear, simple language as we don't have any technical background. We are also very impressed with their performance and with their services. We highly recommend them. They are so much more than we could hope for.

What do you like most about the company?

Because of HebronSoft's work, the product is functioning well and has received over 5000 downloads. They were very professional and followed all requirements while delivering on time. While having good project management skills, the team was responsive and highly collaborative. HebronSoft was very professional! They followed all requirements, helped us to define roadmaps, and find the right solutions specifically for us. It was very much a partnership and a highly collaborative effort between us. We use Jira for project management and sometimes we also had face-to-face meetings.

What they should improve on?

They were perfect in everything they did.

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Mobile App Development
Project Budget:
$50001 to $200000
Project Duration:
5 Weeks
Project Status:
  1. Software Product Development

  2. Dedicated Development Team 

  3. Mobile Application Development

  4. User Experience and User Interface Design 

  5. SAP Consulting

  6. Software Manual and Automation Testing

  7. Technology Consulting

  8. Business Inovation Strategy

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IoT Product Dev for Shared Scooter Service
Relying on its considerable experience in custom web/mobile software development and IoT for several industries, HebronSoft as a solution provider built an e-scooter sharing app for Easy. Within a very short time, HebronSoft team managed to develop a complete business strate...
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$10001 to $50000 12 weeks Transportation & Logistics
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67 Chornovola , Lviv, Lviv 79019