Smart, Cloud-native Apps without hiccups

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Imroz helps dreamers quickly build smart, cloud-native software and applications which deliver experiences that modern customers expect. We use the latest technologies, sensible processes and best practices to deliver quality software, all while providing great value for mon...
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Smart, Cloud-native Apps without hiccups
0.00/5 (0 Reviews)

1. Product & Digital Strategy

Whether you want to explore the power of digital to transform your business and customer experiences; or want to bring a new product to the world, you will need a plan. We help you analyse both the internal and external landscape and devise a strategy.

- Digital Transformation: We help businesses integrate technology with their people and processes; transform existing business practices to support better end-user experiences, drive decisions through data and bring more visibility in operations.

- Product Roadmap: We help entrepreneurs build product roadmaps and milestones, determine and measure customer metrics, establish product rollout strategy, and making practical decisions to enhance growth and profitability.

- User Experience Design: We research the user workflows and come up with designs which are intuitive to use. Every product is wire-framed screen to screen and consensus is reached with the customer before implementation begins.

2. Cloud-native App Development

Modern applications can become huge very quickly with ever expanding scale and changing requirements. The size of data and needs for intelligence also keep increasing. Cloud-native micro-services platforms and robust frontend technologies are necessary to handle these challenges.

- Frontend Development: We utilise structured process to convert user experience needs into smoothly working web and mobile apps. We prefer using React and React Native, which are some of the most battle tested frontend platforms.

- Microservices Development: We architect and develop micro-services backends using the best backend platforms for the job. We are especially in love with Node and Python; and we like throwing Kafka into the mix.

- Containers & Cloud: We use Docker from development to production, and prefer using Kubernetes to orchestrate all kind of workloads while seamlessly integrating with public cloud services when required.

- DevOps Practices: We test and build our code automatically in continuous integration and deployment systems, and staging environments are orchestrated so that code can be rolled out to production with confidence.

- Operations & Monitoring: We build supporting infrastructure for crash reporting, metrics, logging, request tracing, alerting, security, etc., so that any anomalies can be detected and remedied quickly.

3. Machine Learning & Analytics

Customers now expect every app to be smart. Business people also need more visibility into data to make good decisions. Processing large amounts of data and building artificial intelligence is almost integral to every modern software.

- Data Engineering: We build data pipelines, data lakes and methodologies for collection, formatting, storage, transfer, and processing of data using the most appropriate big data platforms and modern stacks.

- Machine Learning: We use proven statistical tools to make sense of data, build machine learning models to intelligently extract inferences, predict behaviour and prescribe appropriate actions.

- Analytics & Visualisations: We build dashboards to visualise data and metrics in realtime to get visibility about your business. We use exploratory tools to run extract insights used to analyse and plan for the future.

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