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LogiNet is a digital software development agency with more than 15+ years of experience in digital product development, e-commerce, MVP development, custom development for web and mobile and IT outsourceing.

Our services:

Web development

Professionally implemented web development needs, be it web software development, portal development or e-commerce custom web development.

Digital Product Development, MVP development

Go to market with us in up to 12 weeks with the design and development of a new web or mobile app. You can also count on us for step-by-step digital product development and enhancements.If you have already outlined your FinTech, HealthTech, AgrarTech, E-commerce digitalisation concept from the business side, we recommend our validation service before starting the development.

E-commerce development

We support businesses in entering and growing on the market with e-commerce solutions that provide a solid foundation for a quick start and keep the pace as your business grows. Our Logishop webshop solution can easily be extended with mobile app or custom in-store digital solutions to create a complete e-commerce ecosystem.

IT outsourcing

Our outsourcing service offers companies a solution that delivers the most advanced technology and expertise at predictable costs and deadlines. We put our developers at the disposal of our partners, who work efficiently with up-to-date knowledge for the success of any temporary or long-term project.

There are more than 90 committed professionals at LogiNet: our team is made up of software engineers, testers, project managers, consultants, business analysts and designers. Based on your business needs, we define the best end-to-end project management methodology.

We are working with Hungarian and international clients such as Auchan Hungary and Auchan Poland, Vodafone, PhoenixPharma, Mountex, Konzolvilág.

Develop your enterprise with us, grow with the help of the experienced LogiNet IT professionals!

$100 - $149/hr
50 - 249
Galvani u. 2. III. floor, Budapest, Budapest 1117
+36 30 174 1633

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • Other Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development

Client Focus

  • Medium Business
  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Financial & Payments
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Information Technology

LogiNet Systems Kft. Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • Auchan
  • Mountex
  • Vodafone
  • Garmin
  • Graphisoft
  • Helit
  • Magic Tools

Szimpatika Offers its partner a unique web store on the market
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Szimpatika Offers its partner a unique web store on the market
  • Szimpatika Offers its partner a unique web store on the market  screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
68 weeks
Healthcare & Medical

Szimpatika already had a website with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, a content site that reinforced its brand and awareness, but no shopping.

Szimpatika's idea was that the new online store should be closely linked to its website, szimpatika. hu. Visitors and potential customers would come from there to the Szimpatika WebTér, from where, after selecting the pharmacy, the customer would be directed to the pharmacy's webshop. The WebTér thus supports a B2B model of partner networking (Szimpatika provides the webshop to its members), while the pharmacies serve customers in a B2C model.

Szimpatika considered it important that pharmacies should remain autonomous in their pricing and stock management, i.e. they should decide for themselves what they sell online and at what price, except for prescription medicines not authorised by law. 

It was also important for Szimpatika to provide pharmacies with an online shop that would minimise the administrative burden and extra work for them.


1. Connecting multiple pharmacy systems

2. The same range of products, which may appear at different prices from one pharmacy to another

3. Integrations

4. Due to the complexity of the project, creating the right dedication within the company

5. Continuous and comprehensible information on the progress of the project

6. Allow sufficient time for testing the webshop


Logishop webshop has added several new innovative features to the Szimpatika webshop.

1. Pharmacy selector

2. Customizable pharmacy sub-sites

3. Product datasheet and filters

4. Product variant structure

5. User profile page

6. System integrations

The development of WebTér took about a year. LogiNet consultant, project manager, backend and frontend developers, and testers were involved in the project.

The surprisingly high time investment was due to the uniqueness and complexity of the solution. There is currently no service in the pharmaceutical market offering a webshop for independent pharmacies similar to WebTér.

"The long-term goal is to connect as many Szimpatika pharmacies as possible to Szimpatika WebTér", says Gergő Szombati, e-commerce manager of Szimpatika WebTér. Adding. Some pharmacies are likely to have higher online turnover, others lower, but that's not the only reason for this opportunity. A dedicated platform allows pharmacies to present themselves, where the user can find information, search for the product and sometimes buy it in the pharmacy rather than online."

 New Garmin's e-commerce website by LogiNet
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New Garmin's e-commerce website by LogiNet
  •  New Garmin's e-commerce website by LogiNet  screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
17 weeks

Garmin.hu wanted to lay down the foundations for further dynamic growth by building an e-commerce ecosystem where the integration of systems and automated operation is achieved. This was not possible with its previous web store and ERP system. They also wanted to innovate the e-commerce site in terms of design, at the same time better emphasising the premium brand message and implementing the guideline defined by Garmin as an international brand. The solution was to introduce the Logishop webshop, the Cégmenedzser ERP and the iLogistics fulfilment logistics system, which were to be implemented simultaneously.

Navi-Gate Ltd., Garmin’s leading domestic distributor, which is the world's leading manufacturer of civil navigation devices and smart watches, and the representative of Fusion, a manufacturer of Tacx indoor trainers and marine sound systems, was unable to meet the growing B2C and B2B customer demand with its previous webshop and logistics support, and therefore was looking for a new solution. 

The problem with Garmin's existing warehouse was that it was not scalable, and they thought that this could be solved by a fulfilment system that could be integrated with their ERP system. Since the logistics software could not be linked to their legacy ERP system, they decided to implement a new one at the same time replacing the webshop, which had become obsolete.

They chose the Enterprise Resource Planning System from Cégmenedzser. Their decision was also influenced by the fact that the ERP provided possibility for integration with the LogiNet Logishop webshop: the webshop included the B2C and B2B functionality they needed, as well as the option to customise and extend it in the future. 


The development of the garmin.hu webshop took almost 4 months, and due to the longer lead time for uploading products, content and photos, it was not ready until September 2022.  

The Logishop Standard solution has been enhanced with unique features.

-Clean design, new banner types

-Transparent product end page, easy to upload product descriptions

-Customer registration

-Synchronised operation between Logishop and ERP

Mobile app development for HiKOKI
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Mobile app development for HiKOKI
  • Mobile app development for HiKOKI screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
17 weeks
Consumer Products

We created a native catalogue application for the machine tool giant HiKOKI.

Our custom developed application helps to get to know and review the manufacturer's product range, and raises the customer relationship management tasks of warranty administration to a new level. With the traffic diverted to reseller webshops and stores, the company can help its partners' sales, further strengthening its market position and growth prospects.

Since its launch in December 2019, users in eight other European target markets have been able to use our solution, which is capable of managing multiple product lists and English-Hungarian languages, in addition to Hungary.

Read our case study about the mobile app development: https://www.loginet.hu/en/news/mobile-app-client-experience-in-b2b-hikoki-launches-a-mobile-app

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