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Welcome to Loovacloud - we focus on DevOps services for the software development lifecycle and help companies launch or migrate their products to AWS.

Our out-of-the-box service with the best AWS & DevOps practices, standards and automation templates we’ve honed over a decade allows us to deliver cloud infrastructure in 1-3 days. We also use widely adopted tech stack, primarily AWS, Kubernetes (EKS), Terraform, and TeamCity.

Fixed-price bundles provide you with transparent and predictable costs. We hand over all automation code and use open-source technologies, so there is no vendor lock-in. Additionally, we conduct training, guidelines, and develop DevOps-culture within your team.

If you're looking to launch your product on AWS quickly and effectively, our services are ideal for you. We're here to help if you're dealing with an unstable or slow product, facing complex and lengthy release processes, or want to reduce time-to-market of new features. Our solutions are especially beneficial if your development team is burdened with infrastructure-related tasks.


ISO 9001:2015
$25 - $49/hr
10 - 49
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Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Cloud Computing Services
  • DevOps

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

Industry Focus

  • Information Technology
  • Startups

LoovaCloud Clients & Portfolios

Kubernetes IT Infrastructure Dev for IT Product Company
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Kubernetes IT Infrastructure Dev for IT Product Company
  • Kubernetes IT Infrastructure Dev for IT Product Company screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
12 weeks
Information Technology

Challenge: Faced with a government initiative to regulate the betting industry, our client needed a system to monitor betting companies for compliance and fraud prevention, and accurately calculate significant taxes. This project also tested the scalability and efficiency of the client's proprietary container management software, NOVA, under the demands of a highly regulated and high-load environment.

Solution: We enhanced our client's service delivery by optimizing application updates in test and production environments, designing a scalable IT infrastructure for high-load services, and setting up a Kubernetes infrastructure. This approach improved work speed, reliability, and ensured applications run smoothly. Automatic monitoring of service quality and availability ensured a seamless launch and reliable support, showcasing our dedication to robust, efficient IT solutions.

Results: The implementation of our solution marked a significant leap forward in regulatory compliance technology, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of service and application updates in both test and production environments. Our system now offers uninterrupted performance with automated quality and availability monitoring, ensuring compliance with the stringent standards set by the government.

Cloud Resilience & Deployment Automation
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Cloud Resilience & Deployment Automation
  • Cloud Resilience & Deployment Automation screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
10 weeks
Information Technology

Challenge: The objective was to transition an infrastructure and application, initially configured for testing, to full-scale deployment for real users. This required ensuring the service's resilience to failures and enabling the capability for automatic updates deployment and rollback to previous versions with a single button press.

Solution: To achieve this, the application components were containerized for deployment in Docker, and cloud infrastructure was set up using Terraform. A fail-safe MongoDB database cluster was configured, and CI/CD processes were automated to deliver new feature updates and bug fixes efficiently. Processes for automated testing were also established, to be conducted before rolling out updates to production.

Results: The system now operates stably for real users. A monitoring system has been implemented to proactively address various issues before they escalate to customer complaints. Additionally, the CI/CD pipeline allows for quicker feature delivery compared to competitors, enhancing the service's competitive edge and customer satisfaction.

Picvario - AWS Migration & Infrastructure Upgrade
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Picvario - AWS Migration & Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Picvario - AWS Migration & Infrastructure Upgrade screenshot 1
Not Disclosed

Challenge: Picvario needed to upgrade its infrastructure for better fault tolerance and scalability to ensure continuous service, even during high user traffic. The existing setup was not equipped to handle these demands efficiently.

Solution: LoovaCloud engineers redesigned the infrastructure in AWS. This included setting up a Kubernetes cluster with AWS EKS and integrating advanced services like OpenSearch, RDS, and ElasticCache. The team also transitioned from Docker Compose to Helm charts for Kubernetes deployment and implemented a more efficient CI/CD process using ArgoCD. Monitoring was upgraded to Prometheus/Grafana from Zabbix.

Results: The new infrastructure significantly enhanced application reliability, enabling it to handle high workloads and multiple client requests seamlessly. The introduction of Helm and ArgoCD simplified the addition of new services, and the updated monitoring system improved issue prevention and response.

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