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Many Hats is a full-service technology company made up of exceptionally talented professionals. We blend our expert knowledge with a passion for innovation and cultural expression to push the limits of what is possible in web, mobile, gaming, VR, AR, and more.

In March of 2018, after spending close to a decade at Microsoft and Electronic Arts, founders Mike and Evan realized the only way to develop great products without big corporate redundancies was to form a coalition of like-minded individuals. The name Many Hats, short for We Wear Many Hats, implies our team’s multidisciplinary skill set, as well as our ego-less, fluid, efficient approach to content creation. Since inception, we have successfully completed over 30 projects, while adding to our growing network for national experts in software development, visual and audio design, 3D modeling, and communications.

$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
4388 Still Creek Drive, Unit 243, Vancouver, British Columbia V5C 6C6

Focus Areas

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  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Game Development
  • Web Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)

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  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

Many Hats Clients & Portfolios

Phyxter Pro
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Phyxter Pro
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$100001 to $500000
25 weeks

Phyxter is a technology company based in Toronto, Ontario that aims to empower the daily lives of skilled labour and independent contractors through their proprietary mobile and web platform.  Co-founded in May of 2017 by Jake Gibson and Ben Fagan, Phyxter now connects over 100,000 independent skilled workers with almost 30,000 wholesale suppliers across North America.

Phyxter Pro and Phyxter Wholesaler

Phyxter asked us to provide them with a complete mobile and web solution for their users to search, discover, and order the parts they need with a few simple clicks. The result was Phyxter Pro and the Phyxter Wholesaler.

Phyxter Pro is an intuitive mobile application powered by a smart search algorithm that locates the closest available products from the highest rated suppliers at the best price. 

With a just one touch, a busy skilled worker can order parts with little effort while keeping track of its shipping status and purchase history. Phyxter Pro also comes with a built-in instant messenger for those who wishes to contact suppliers directly for sales inquiry or to negotiate a better price (suppliers can sell a product right in the chat) or send out a parts request to all nearby suppliers. On top of all that, app users are also rewarded with Phyxter Points that can be used to redeem great prizes.

On the other end is the Phyxter Wholesaler web portal created for merchants to easily manage their virtual storefronts. It is free to sign up and takes less than five minutes to start selling on Phyxter. Simply sign-in through any web browser to upload product information, process payments and sales order, answer customer inquiry, process returns and refunds, or promote yourself towards thousands of potential new customers around your proximity.  

Unibroue Passport
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Unibroue Passport
  • Unibroue Passport screenshot 1
  • Unibroue Passport screenshot 2
  • Unibroue Passport screenshot 3
  • Unibroue Passport screenshot 4
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  • Unibroue Passport screenshot 7
$100001 to $500000
30 weeks
Consumer Products

Unibroue is a brewery in Chambly, Quebec, Canada that was started by Serge Racine and Quebec native Andre Dion in 1993. The company was purchased by Sleeman Breweries Ltd. In 2004, which was itself taken over by Sapporo in 2006. Unibroue is the first of three microbrewing companies in the greater Montreal area, both chronologically and in terms of sales benefits.

Unibroue Passport: Quest to the End of the World

Unibroue reached out to us to come up with a social media app that would help them strengthen the relationship with their loyal fans. Taking inspiration from their award-winning flagship beer, La Fin du Monde, which is French for “The End of the World”, our team created a “Quest to the end of the World” virtual reality game within the Unibroue Passport mobile application to give its users a chance to win great prizes, including an all-expenses-paid trip to the Unibroue brewery in Quebec, Canada.

In addition to the three more games that will be progressively released to promote other flavours of Unibroue beer, we have also implemented several other features to enhance a user’s purchasing experience:

  • Unibroue Finder: A tracking feature that allows users to find where their favourite Unibroue beers are being sold.
  • Unibroue News Alert: A notification feature that informs users on the latest Unibroue news and sales promotions.
  • Unibroue Library: Quick access to all Unibroue product information including flavour, brewing process, ingredients, and food pairing.
Health Nunavut
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Health Nunavut
  • Health Nunavut screenshot 1
  • Health Nunavut screenshot 2
  • Health Nunavut screenshot 3
  • Health Nunavut screenshot 4
  • Health Nunavut screenshot 5
$10001 to $50000
12 weeks

In cooperation with Pinnguaq Association, a non-profit organization that promotes technological advancement with rural and remote communities, and Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre, an independent, non-profit community research institute founded by Government of Nunavut, Many Hats was tasked with creating an all-in-one mobile application for new members of the health care work force arriving in Nunavut.

The Health NU mobile application is an intuitive, easy-to-use, easy-to-read library that is specifically designed to be accessed quickly in times of need. It contains information about working and communicating in a multilingual environment, the organization of the health system, the Inuit historical context of different regions, important aspects of health care practice, and values and expectations in the health care setting. It also includes useful community-specific information including maps, phone numbers, information pages, weather information, ways to get involved in the community, and things to pack. As of today, Health NU has become a must-have mobile application for any health care professionals, social workers, or anyone who is looking to visit the Northwest.

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  • Tunngavik screenshot 1
  • Tunngavik screenshot 2
  • Tunngavik screenshot 3
  • Tunngavik screenshot 4
  • Tunngavik screenshot 5
$10001 to $50000
10 weeks

In cooperation with Pinnguaq Association, a non-profit organization that promotes technological advancement with rural and remote communities, and Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, the legal representative of the Inuit of Nunavut for the purposes of native treaty rights and treaty negotiation, Many Hats was tasked with creating a modern tool for Inuit to use to learn and explore their rights in the Nunavut Agreement. It is meant to play a part in re-instilling empowerment and visioning amongst Nunavut Inuit and tap into their potential by learning about their history and rights.

Key Features

  • Full text version of the Nunavut Agreement
  • Plain language version of the Nunavut Agreement
  • Audio explanation of each article
  • A timeline detailing the history and negotiation of the Nunavut Agreement
  • A glossary
  • A quiz game that allows users to build an igloo with every correct answer
Arm Nation
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Arm Nation
  • Arm Nation screenshot 1
  • Arm Nation screenshot 2
  • Arm Nation screenshot 3
  • Arm Nation screenshot 4
  • Arm Nation screenshot 5
$10001 to $50000
10 weeks
Art, Entertainment & Music

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, or more commonly known as APTN, is a Canadian broadcast and Category A cable television network. Established in 1992 with government support to broadcast in Canada’s northern territories, it obtained its national broadcast license in 1999. APTN airs and produces programs made by, for and about Indigenous people in Canada and United States. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it is the first network by and for North American indigenous peoples.

Arm Nation

In association with APTN, based on the network’s hit documentary series Arm Nation, this challenging game allows to go up against your favorite characters and unlock exclusive series video content.

Build your strength, endurance and technique through a campaign-based gameplay just like you would in an arm-wrestling tournament. Unlock characters with additional skill level and pin your opponent to unlock exclusive video content. Try your shot at quick play to discover if you’ve progressed enough to go against the top challengers in the game.

Key Features

  • Play as some of your favorite Arm Nation TV series characters
  • Unlock up to 10 new characters when you play campaign mode
  • Unlock exclusive video content for the Arm Nation documentary series
  • Unlock exclusive episode teasers before they’re released
  • Challenge your favorite characters and discover each of their strengths
  • Play to a unique soundtrack produced by Indigenous artist Boogey the Beat
  • Read up on your favorite characters’ profiles before seeing them on the show
  • Learn different arm-wrestling techniques: top roll, hook, press

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Review Summary

We have an ongoing collaboration with Many Hats who are helping us develop autosmoke and testing infrastructure as well as console porting for our multi-platform video game.

Mike Despault has been a pleasure to work with, he is inquisitive, insightful, seeks to understand our challenges, and leverages his experience to craft systems that will be key for the longevity of our studio and the titles we ship. Mike and Many Hats as a whole work with transparency as a value, form negotiations to execution, we have always been clear on costs and time. As a small studio, this has given us the flexibility we need for our budget. I'm grateful for this partnership and hope to continue to work with Many Hats for many years to come.