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MindTech Consultancy is rated as a top Web And Mobile application development company in India and USA that provides high quality and the full range of app development services for iOS, Android, Ionic, and web development platforms.

Since our inception, we have delivered over 500+ mobile and web applications. At MindTech we help you realize your conceptual requirements into a working model which is ready to deploy.

Started off with 2 developers, now grown to a reputed & well established the organization. We have a team strength of 60+ resources comprises of Creative Designer, Developers, Engineers, Managers. Their expertise and innovative solution help our clients to achieve their business goals.

Time and time again, we have continuously evolved as a best Mobile & Web App development company. We connect business with technology to maximize business performance.

When it comes to improving lead acquisition, opportunity nurturing and building a better buyer’s journey, we at MindTech Consultancy being a growth web and mobile app development agency help clients improve results and outcomes from their app development initiatives.

We help you convert your ideas into reality by developing an excelled Industry focused IoT Apps that are transparent, engaging and captivating with Minimal Possible Turnaround Time.

MindTech is trusted Web and Mobile app development company contact us at [email protected] to converting your ideas and dreams into reality.

$25 - $49/hr
50 - 249
521 ISCON Emporio, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015
+91 7948977676

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  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development

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  • Information Technology
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MindTech Consultancy Clients & Portfolios

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  • ContraxAware screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
25 weeks
Information Technology


ContraxAware is a centralized and highly secure cloud-based Contract Management Software. Store unlimited contracts documents and related data. ContraxAwares powerful search features will help you locate any contract in seconds.

Secure servers, automated backups, updated OS as well as security control software is all maintained by ContraxAware. Never lose any contract and never lose any sleep because you know we have you covered. All of this included in our simple per user/monthly pricing.

Read More: https://www.mindtechconsultancy.com/contract-management-system/

eCommerce Website
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eCommerce Website
  • eCommerce Website screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
16 weeks

The client was looking to design & develop an eCommerce web store to sell their luxury brand products. MindTech Consultancy has identified the needs of the client and developed the website using off the shelf eCommerce System.

MindTech Consultancy has discovered that the requirement that customers have come up with and expectations that are supposed to be met. We have chosen to use off the shelf eCommerce system

NopCommerce. The reason behind using off the shelf solution is to develop the website relatively faster and decrease deployment time.

We have successfully delivered a fully functional eCommerce store in less time with good quality.

General Features

  • Product Categories
  • Product Archive
  • Shop Page
  • Custom add to cart functionality (Cart & Checkout)
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration
  • Paypal Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shipping Gateway Integration

Read More: https://www.mindtechconsultancy.com/online-shop/

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  • CookSook screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
10 weeks
Art, Entertainment & Music

CookSook is widely popular multi-cuisine food recipe blog. It consists complete recipe to cook verity of dishes with a restaurant like the taste. This blog will allow you to learn a variety of Indian, French, Mexican, Italian dishes on your own at home.

The client wanted to develop a blog where she can publish a food recipe information freely available for the public. We have designed the blog and integrated with

 WordPress to manage page contents, images, and other information. We have first designed the layout in Photoshop, and converted into HTML/CSS and created a custom template in WordPress. We also have executed Search Engine Optimization activity to promote the website on the Internet and increased the visitors.


  • Create Categories
  • Assign Categories to a post
  • Create / Update / Delete Post
  • Create / Update / Delete Pages
  • Advertisement Management

For more details:


Nearby Deal Promotion Mobile App
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Nearby Deal Promotion Mobile App
  • Nearby Deal Promotion Mobile App screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
14 weeks
Advertising & Marketing

The Nearby Deal Promotion App was designed with technology that will interact with your environment. By using the latest in “Geo-fencing,” we have developed an app that has a coupon locator that is far from the ordinary. We believe you have better things to do then to be encumbered with the task of searching, clipping, printing, or remembering the details of a coupon. 


  • Listing of deals offers by local businesses.
  • User receives notification in-app about different activities.
  • User can view details of the deal offered bu the local business.
  • Setting page for users to set basic parameters
  • User can filter deals based on their location and preferences
  • User account to see recent activities, transactions, etc.
Export Mania - Automobile Parts Portal
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Export Mania - Automobile Parts Portal
  • Export Mania - Automobile Parts Portal screenshot 1
  • Export Mania - Automobile Parts Portal screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000
20 weeks

The client wanted to build a mobile application which gives their customers to avail all the products that they are selling. They were very frustrated and unorganized by manual processing.

Export Mania is a portal to supply used automotive parts direct from vehicle recyclers for export. The purpose of the application is to facilitate their customers to search through listed parts like Engines, Front & End Parts, Suspensions, Engine Parts. Customer can view detail information about the parts and can contact Export Mania for further proceedings.

For more details, please visit Export Mania 

Employee Scheduling System
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Employee Scheduling System
  • Employee Scheduling System screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
25 weeks
Business Services

Employee Scheduling System is a New York based online company known for the employee tracking app. The main feature of the time clock is employee scheduling, time tracking, task management and payroll reporting.

Employee Scheduling: Employee scheduling is the automatic process to maintain and create the employee time or work schedule. Use for increasing employee productivity creating many secretarial and manual scheduling positions obsolete such as vacation timing, festival celebration timing and much more.

Time Tracking: Time tracking system is simply the measurement and documenting the hours of employee worked. With the advance time tracking technology we can track additional employee data such as employee efficiency and productivity.

Task Management: Manage the time for each task. As the name suggests, the task management system is the process of managing the task through its life cycle that involves tracking, planning, testing and much more. Task management can help to archive the goal within the time limit.

Payroll Reporting: Payroll reporting system is mainly used for employee payroll and manage wages. It is the easy and quick way to see payroll totals by the employee for the specific amount of time.

For more details, please visit our website MindTech

Contact us at [email protected] to converting your ideas and dreams into reality.

Enterprise staff Scheduling for Healthcare
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Enterprise staff Scheduling for Healthcare
  • Enterprise staff Scheduling for Healthcare screenshot 1
$50001 to $100000
58 weeks
Healthcare & Medical

Enterprise staff Scheduling designed considering all the challenges most of the healthcare facilities were facing. Enterprise staff Scheduling is very easy to use for managers and staff although it is very powerful enough to manage things around. 

Managing healthcare manpower is always been a daunting task for long-term care facilities to the national health system. Since manual paperwork is burdensome and prone to human error, at the same time most of the enterprise software systems are not having intuitive interfaces and ability to meet implications of healthcare organizations.

Employee Scheduling System designed considering all the challenges most of the healthcare facilities were facing. Employee Scheduling System is very easy to use for managers and staff although it is very powerful enough to manage things around. Any healthcare facility can integrate EMR and Time & Attendance systems to make cost-effective decisions based on actual worked hours per unit.

The main purpose of a client is to redesign, re-engineer the application to improve overall performance and to mitigate the issues and troubles that they were facing. The client wanted to change all ASP pages to ASPX, Implement Radis Cache, Implement Entity framework to improve performance and keep up the system with current trends and technologies and Client wanted to have the entire UI change.

For more details please visit our website MindTech

Contact us at [email protected] to converting your ideas and dreams into reality.

Hotel Booking Portal
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Hotel Booking Portal
  • Hotel Booking Portal screenshot 1
  • Hotel Booking Portal screenshot 2
$50001 to $100000
100 weeks
Travel & Lifestyle

When the user makes a hotel reservation at Hotel.com.au, Price Guardian service checks the price of booking each day until the end of the free cancellation period.

If a cheaper price comes up you can simply re-book the cheaper rate or upgrade your room and cancel the original booking.

Hotel prices fluctuate, finding a good price today doesn’t mean there won’t be a better price tomorrow!   There could always be a sale starting tomorrow but how would you know?  You could look up the price every single day, but who wants to spend the time looking every day for a cheaper price?

Price Guardian is a price robot on your side, checking prices every day for you – now that’s a smart way to book.


Client’s main requirement is to get hotel details from 3rd party providers like Booking.com and EAN and store it in our database and make description and URL user-friendly. The client has 7 sites that he is running with the same database and he wants to maintain it globally. Caching to improve performance of the site.

Major Challenges

The major challenge was to improve the performance of the entire web portal after migrating it to Entity Framework. At the same time, they wanted to clean up the database to get rid of junk entries and to implement better and stronger business logic to maintain a clean database and get rid of junk database entries.

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Jesper Simonsen

Excellent service and high quality coding ...

Rating Breakdown

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$10001 to $50000

Review Summary

I have very good experince working with Bhavik and his colleagues. Last year they helped developing a payment solution using Stripe and Billy for a ASP.NET web app that we originally got developed by another software company. They also did a very good work correcting bugs in our web app despite they did not build the solution. Good work.

I am going to use them again soon and I highly recommend them to others.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Web Development

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Their quality, service and professionalism.