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All You Need To Know About ServiceNow UTAH Release

Service Now is all set for its UTAH Release, bringing the latest features and tools for developers worldwide. The General Availability (GA) release date for ServiceNow UTAH is March 22nd, 2023.

Great News for Developers! The much-awaited ServiceNow Utah Release is not far now, opening up new avenues for developers to finetune their applications and manage them even more effectively. The Early Access (EA) for Utah ServiceNow Release is already available, rolled out on February 2nd, so developers can access the PDI (Personal Developer Instance) and experience the UTAH Release benefits first-hand. The General Availability (GA) of the ServiceNow UTAH Release is scheduled for March 22nd, 2023.

About ServiceNow

ServiceNow is an American software company founded in 2004 that allows customized software applications for varied business processes. Till now, the platform has released 28 versions since its inception, each with new products, applications, and fixes for previous releases. Prior to the UTAH Release, the most recent versions include Tokyo, San Diego, Rome, and Quebec, all launched in 2021-22.

Upgrading to ServiceNow UTAH

Developers can conveniently upgrade from previous versions to the UTAH ServiceNow Release, by going through the release notes to understand what advantages UTAH Release brings. The Early Release Program also helps in the practical usage of ServiceNow UTAH.

The best way to make full use of the update is by getting support from Moch.IT, an on-demand IT and business operations solutions provider specializing in ServiceNow products. The firm offers expert-level consultancy and integration services that can help you seamlessly upgrade your existing systems to ServiceNow Utah Release, without much of an effort from your end and at an affordable cost.

UTAH ServiceNow Features and Highlights

The ServiceNow UTAH release offers advanced performance in terms of:

  • AI Search
  • API
  • Agent Client Collector
  • App Engine Studio
  • Application Management
  • Application Portfolio Management
  • Application Vulnerability Response
  • Configuration Management Database
  • Assessment and Surveys
  • Benchmarks
  • Change Management
  • Classic Experiences Dashboards

And much more, which you can find going through the ServiceNow Utah Features on the website. Developers and businesses will find great use of these advanced features. Those using previous versions of ServiceNow i.e. Tokyo, San Diego, and Rome, can be better off upgrading to UTAH ServiceNow Release.

The ServiceNow UTAH is just over a month away from General Availability. Once it is fully launched, the users will be able to get the following UTAH Release Benefits:

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