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We are the creative studio that help our clients transform imaginations to imagery. By using ideas as the true propellant, we crave for something a little weird, a little wild, anything that gets us out of the exhausting rut on repeat. Rebels with heart, rebels with soul, we embrace authenticity and grow resilience through creativity. Together, we can navigate through the uncharted territories.


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SS6/6, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47301

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Animation & Multimedia
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)

Client Focus

  • Medium Business
  • Large Business
  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Gaming
  • Consumer Products
  • Advertising & Marketing

Moog Studio Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • Riot Games
  • Tencent
  • McDonalds Indonesia
  • Ayam France
  • Maxis MY
  • TT Racing
  • Garena
  • Coway
  • Digi MY
  • Kao MY
  • Toyota SG
  • Desktronic

Desktronic | Home
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Desktronic | Home
  • Desktronic | Home screenshot 1
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  • Desktronic | Home screenshot 3
  • Desktronic | Home screenshot 4
  • Desktronic | Home screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
8 weeks
Consumer Products

German based ergonomic startup Desktronic approached us to create product films for their standing desks Home Pro and Home One. the direction that we went wasn't only to emphasise the functionality of the desks, but to also show that they can be easily incorporated into a living space and provide an ergonomically-enhanced workspace. We did this by using simple limbo spaces and home environment as our background. We used combinations of beauty and dynamic shots to highlight the aesthetics and functionality of the products. As the main visuals are focusing on the product, we knew we have to work wit hcomposed soundtrack and sound design to further strengthen the film. 

The main challenge of these 2 films were that Home Pro and Home One are generally the same product with extended features for the Pro versions. So we went with different color combimations of the tables, and a noticeable change of lighting and background for both the firlms to have a distinct difference. We wanted the audience to notice the difference where Home One looking more clean and minimalist, where Home Pro to have more warm and premium looking tones.

Toyota | GR86
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Toyota | GR86
  • Toyota | GR86 screenshot 1
  • Toyota | GR86 screenshot 2
  • Toyota | GR86 screenshot 3
  • Toyota | GR86 screenshot 4
Not Disclosed
8 weeks

Teaming up with Hogarth WW and Ogilvy SG, they wanted us to help create a commercial for the GR86 to enter the SEA market. Using existing footage from the official TVCs from the US and Europe, we re-edited a sequence and use bold graphics to further give an aggressive tone to the car.

The story flow that we went for was a simple one where we see a silhouette man walking towards his beautiful machine. He starts it up and begin his travel journey with a nice shot of the vehicle coming down the ramp, almost feels like when you drive out of your condo/apartment, but with a taste of power. We wanted the audience to feel that this is not a race car nor your normal car, it is both.

The challenge for creating this film is that we are only have limited footage to work with, and to make it worst, it does not come with any handles as there are some licensing involved for using materials across different regions. So we have to select our shots carefully, and also to work on a lot of masking and cropping to fit our graphics into them. We also had to add on "tinted" films, and to change the car plate into a generic one as the one that came with the footage was obviously from other regions.

VALORANT | Chronovoid
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VALORANT | Chronovoid
  • VALORANT | Chronovoid screenshot 1
  • VALORANT | Chronovoid screenshot 2
  • VALORANT | Chronovoid screenshot 3
  • VALORANT | Chronovoid screenshot 4
  • VALORANT | Chronovoid screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
10 weeks

The pillars for this trailer were ancient futuristic, godly and mysterious. The skin-line is inspired by the story of daedalus and minotaur's labyrinth and we went through rounds of discussions with the creatives at RIOT before deciding not to show a literal maze and the minotaur. 

By using a huge landscape, we wanted to create a feeling for the viewers that it will be a tough journey for the wielder to get into the monolith structure shown in the opening shot. We created a cracked landscape in the foreground where we see energyt lines seeping within the cracks and it all connects back to the structure. The cracked landscape was created to represent the confusing structure of the labyrinth. Does the energy source comes from within or is it the other way round where the energy goes into the Chronovoid spheres? No one knows. 

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