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Optimify s.r.o.

Complex Problems - Simple Solutions

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About Optimify s.r.o.
We are privately held company founded in Prague. We are build on "common sense approach", meaning that with us, you won't face any of the problems you might encounter when dealing with corporate sphere. We never compromise on quality, but we...
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Czech Republic
Optimify s.r.o.
Complex Problems - Simple Solutions
0.00/5 (0 Reviews)

Our company mainly focuses on developing cloud applications. Most of our applications target large amount of users or perform operations on top of large datasets. Hovewer, we also have experience with smaller web applications where budget is a primary limiting factor.

We achieve competitive pricing by using in-house developed microservices. It is perfectly possible that bigger part of the application you require already exists in our codebase, in which case, you are able to rent the microservice for monthly fee much smaller than you would pay for actuall development of that functionality, or recieve significant cost cut from the final application price.

We are proficient in working with APIs of other companies, meaning we can easily connect applications together. 

Some microservices we already developed and can easily implement them to you application:

  • Automation of creating and sending large amount of emails
  • SMS Chatbot
  • User authentication and administration

Technologies we mainly use for our projects:

  • React, Vue or Blazor for frontend development
  • .NET Core or Node.js for backend development
  • Azure for DevOps
  • AWS or Azure for hosting our applications
Key Clients

Our clients can be found on our website in references section.


We are trying to update the list as often as we can, but our clients projects have priority, so the list doesn't have to be up-to-date.

We are also not permited to list all of our collaborations.

Contact information
Optimify s.r.o.
Perlová 371/5, Prague, Praha 110 00
Czech Republic