QTech Networks

QTech Networks

Web Development, Mobile Applications, Web Hosting

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About QTech Networks
We are a Digital Media Agency with over 20-years of experience in building and maintaining the presence of brands online. With our international presence and rich history - designing and developing for renowned brands globally, our clients have ranged from several industries...
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Jordan, United Arab Emirates
QTech Networks
Web Development, Mobile Applications, Web Hosting
5.0 (1 Reviews)

Web Design & Development

As a primary service, we help brands by designing and establishing them by taking a personalized concept and developing it with the initiation of a website. The web design and development integrates innovative drafting, web programming, and the management process of databases. Our web design and development processes are individualized under the expertise of two different fields. We have experts set in place to oversee our strategy and design process that includes the designing of website interfaces with the help of CSS and HTML. Additionally, we have a separate team of web developers who specialize in coding with specific programming languages to support the technical side of building and maintaining websites, writing web scripts in ASP, and PHP. With design and development, the main purpose of our team is to create a user-friendly website that will showcase its products and services, while maintaining it’s features and technicalities that requires the assistance of our programming expertise.


Mobile Applications

We are pioneers in Android and IOS mobile applications and specialize in building customizable apps, in the specification of what our clients imagine it to be. As a leader in the design of mobile applications, we understand the importance of making a brand’s products and services easily accessible on smartphones. Since you are likely to find more customers accessing a company’s information or a brand’s products and services on a smartphone than a desktop or laptop, as the number one selling-platform among many, it only makes sense to build a stunner mobile app. All apps designed and developed by us undergo a process from initiation to end-result fitted to what our customers need to promote their business and elevate sales. We craft mobile applications to perfection with the best-integrated software and supported code for fast and easy access to discovering and purchasing from your brand.

Key Clients

UNICEF Jordan, UNESCO Jordan, Pearl Indsurtries UAE, Arthur Murray Dance Studios London, ChiliHouse, Giant Group (AlEmlaq), Maaza, Toni&Guy, Jotun, Cell Avenue, AlFalak UAE, DeerFields Mall Abu Dhabi, Kabi Holding KSA, Amman Chamber of Industry, National Council for Family Affairs, Al Ashoury Industries, Al Dayaa, Izzat Marji Group, Flamingo Hotels Group, Gerard Ice Cream, Engineering Consortium, Derma Zone Dubai, Mackenzie Pharmacuticals Canada, Al Bilal Group, Go Aqaba, Atwan Law.

Contact information
QTech Networks
Wasfi Altell Street, Amman, Amman 2024
QTech Networks
Downtown Dubai, Dubai, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
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