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QTS is a national Payroll Service Bureau that has been delivering excellent service since 1996. QTS provides comprehensive, integrated payroll and HR solutions on a single platform that is scalable for employers of virtually any size and complexity.
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QTS Payroll
Powerful | Simple | Scalable | Fully-Supported
1.00/5 (1 Reviews)
1 Review
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Bob DukerReviewed 3 months ago
No accountability -No integrity
Reviewed 3 months ago by Bob Duker
No accountability -No integrity
We were a customer of QTS for over five years before our company was sold. After the sale, a year-end reconciliation was completed on our 401(k), which did not balance. We went back to QTS and here is their resolution:
• QTS emailed us back and their answer was to insist we figure it out ourselves using the online portal.
• QTS then insisted that we likely altered their reports after QTS supplied them.
• Conveniently, the reports needed to find the cause of the problem were missing from the QTS report portal. (Which they were paid to provide each pay period. All of the others were still there)
• Rick Eddins was nice enough to charge me $20.00 per report to obtain the reports that were missing from their portal; reports they were already paid to produce, but chose not to keep.
• This payroll company failed to upload the payroll reports to their portal when they were paid to provide that service and then they demanded additional money to go back and do the job they were paid to complete to begin with.
• Rick Eddins personally called me (CEO) and that was quite the experience: I was told by him that it was my fiduciary responsibility to confirm the totals they supply to us, (he repeated this word-for-word each time I tried to ask any other question) I agree with that in theory, but that excuse doesn’t hold up when it is his company’s legal obligation to supply accurate reports; the services they are paid for. QTS was paid to assist us in fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility and when you use a company in that capacity, you do not expect that company to play games with you after they make a mistake by producing inaccurate reports, then never uploaded or just deleted the evidence of how that happened.
• Rick Eddins told me himself that they would not be responsible because I could have changed the spread supplied to us. Of course, since his company never uploaded or just deleted the reports from their portal, we could not validate his claim. The QTS weekly reports did not match the year-end numbers that they also supplied. Their own reports did not agree with each other, yet we are responsible for tracking down their failure.

QTS is a fraud. And their CEO Rick Eddins showed himself to be without integrity. He refused to stand by his company’s own work product and instead blamed us, their customer for their failures.

It is so very impressive to hear from the company CEO, Rick Eddins that he is wasting his time with me since I was no longer a client. This is how QTS stands behind its work.

It would be hard for me to believe this could happen if I did not have our entire conversations on recording… An interesting listen to be sure. If you would like to listen, please contact me.

I would not recommend QTS to walk my dog, let alone rely upon them for anything touching payroll ever again.
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