UI/UX and mobile app development

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About Rosberry
Rosberry is a mobile app design and development company. We build, test, deploy, and support the apps at scale.   Since 2010 we've implemented more than 170 projects for corporate innovators, technology start-ups and entrepreneurs worldwide.  At Rosb...
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$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
UI/UX and mobile app development
5.00/5 (4 Reviews)

Whether you are a big brand or a startup we will help you solve all the issues. We will:

- study your mobile app idea and come back to you with the findings as to its feasibility;

- reach out to you with the budget and timeline with milestones and man hours specified;

- write an iOS/Android app project specification for you and us to understand the scope;

- design your app (UX/UI) following Apple/Google guidelines to make the app user-friendly;

- code your app (Objective-C/Swift/Java) in a clean and understandable way to make it bug-free and usable;

- develop a server-side which would be scalable in case of user traffic increase (PHP, MySQL, PostgresQL/AWS);

- ensure quality to make your mobile app functional, consistent and admirable;

- make your mobile app marketable and monetizable for you to increase the ROI;

- submit your iOS/Android app to App Store or Google Play or both following the stores’ requirements;

- maintain and update your iOS/Android app under a separate negotiated contract;

- make your interaction with us easy ensuring that we provide our support in good English;

- do everything in-house without outsourcing any of the tasks;

- comply with the confidentiality requirements set forth in the NDA signed.

Key Clients

Start-ups, small, medium, large companies, entrepreneurs and appreneurs, dreamers and visionaries

Contact information
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