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Sirin Software, headquartered in Florida, USA, with an R&D center in Kyiv, Ukraine, is an esteemed IT service company with a steadfast partnership history with global tech firms since 2014. Our expertise spans Software Development, Hardware Design & Development, Firmware Development, IoT Development, AI & Computer Vision, Cloud Development & DevOps, and Mobile and App Development.

Guided by unwavering principles, we ensure excellence:

  • Adherence to Deadlines.
  • High Professionalism and Expertise.
  • 100% Dedication.
  • Ownership Mindset.

Partnered with Microsoft and Infineon, and recognized industry-wide with awards, we extend our reach globally. Clients benefit from our solutions, bolstered by an unmatched commitment to excellence and a deep talent pool.

As a preferred partner for clients worldwide, Sirin Software is committed to delivering superior products and services, placing us at the forefront of IT innovation. Our dedication enables companies to realize their ambitions and bring cutting-edge products to market.

$25 - $49/hr
50 - 249
Yaroslavskaya St. 56a,, Kyiv, kyiv 04071
+38 044 592 50 87
United States
13920 Landstar Blvd Suite#101 - 0060, Orlando, Florida 32824

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Other Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development

Client Focus

  • Medium Business
  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunication
  • Manufacturing

Sirin Software Executive Interview

Alex Nikitenko
Alex Nikitenko
CEO & Founder
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Can you briefly tell us about Sirin Software and describe your primary responsibilities and role in the organization?
Considering my experience in the technical field, the fact that I worked on programming embedded systems, and in recent years, closely involved in sales, I have a combination of these two worlds - business and technical. I've integrated these skills into my current role, which leans more towards the business side. I manage our sales and marketing teams, engage in client negotiations, and develop tailored strategies for each product and client to ensure their needs are met effectively. My role also involves overseeing the technical project managers responsible for organizing technical teams and project execution. Essentially, I serve as a link between our company's business and technology sectors. Another key aspect of my job is to provide strategic direction for the company's future growth, which includes staying abreast of emerging technologies, connectivity, and hardware innovations. I focus on forecasting market trends and positioning our company to adapt and thrive in the coming years.
So, thanks to your technical background, you have the opportunity to deeply immerse yourself in the technological processes directly?
Yes. Lately, regarding the entire understanding of technical processes, I rarely engage in this myself. Mostly, I just delegate it to my project managers and the technical leaders of the teams. However, I still have the necessary technical skills to supervise and control the detailed indicators of project development.
What is the business model of Sirin Software? Is the main strength your internal team, or do you also engage external performers and outsourcing services?
Our service-oriented business model focuses on providing specialized services rather than marketing our products. We primarily fulfill our engineering and skill requirements with our in-house team, ensuring that we have full control over the quality and delivery of our services. While we usually handle projects internally, we transfer all intellectual property rights to our clients after project completion. On rare occasions, for highly specialized tasks such as very specific technologies or specific design and production challenges, we collaborate with trusted external experts. However, these instances are the exception rather than the norm because we have a wide range of expertise in our team.
How does Sirin Software stand out from competitors in the software and hardware development field?
Our priority is focusing on embedded systems and IoT, meaning we rarely take projects that are not directly related to this. We are strong in this industry and position ourselves purely as an embedded and IoT company. We don't do SaaS, we don't do mobile, or, more precisely, we don't position ourselves as a company that does and can do everything. Because managing such a diverse array of services requires either a very large company or presents significant management challenges. Our approach allows us to provide a wide range of projects to the engineers who work with us, and thereby attract the best talent in the market because the experts know that we work with the leading technologies, we have an extensive portfolio of projects, and the specialists always have the opportunity to try themselves and expand their knowledge. As a result, professionals joining Sirin Software clearly understand their roles and the directions they will be involved in. They are guaranteed to work in a focused environment where their skills can be honed and maximized.
What inspired the creation of Sirin Software, and what were the main challenges you encountered in the early stages of the company's operation?
My journey to founding Sirin Software began with my experiences as an engineer in several large companies. During this time, I discovered my affinity for client interaction and project management. I found myself drawn not only to the technical aspects of coding and problem-solving but also to understanding the intricacies of business needs, product-specific challenges, and devising solutions to address these pain points. This realization sparked the idea for Sirin Software - a venture where I could blend technical expertise with a deeper understanding of client needs.

Working in large corporate settings exposed me to the inefficient use of engineering resources. This insight led me to believe that a more streamlined, focused approach could yield better results. Thus, when I established my company, I was driven by the desire to implement these principles, shifting away from a purely technical workflow to one where I could have a more holistic impact on the projects.

One of the significant hurdles we faced in the early stages was securing a large, long-term project that required a substantial team. Initially, our projects were short-term, spanning only a few months. The real challenge was to attract a major client whose project would not only demand a larger team but also enable us to invest in marketing and business development. This step was similar to the challenge of finding a first job without a substantial portfolio - it was about proving our capabilities and potential to handle larger, more complex projects.
Which sectors does Sirin Software primarily serve, and how does it tailor its services for these industries?
Regarding industries in general, our main clients are in consumer electronics, semiconductors, and telecom, as well as emerging smart technologies in areas like smart cities, smart buildings, and industrial automation. While these are our core markets, we also cater to diverse industries, particularly with the rising demand for artificial intelligence solutions primarily focusing on embedded vision projects.

We proactively adapt to the evolving market needs. Our strategy involves staying ahead of industry trends and investing in research to anticipate future requirements. By developing our expertise through internal projects, we ensure that we are prepared to meet the demands of new sectors as they arise. This forward-thinking approach allows us to effectively respond to emerging opportunities and offer expert solutions and services to various industries.
What percentage of your clients return? How does Sirin Software maintain long-term relationships with its clients?
Our approach with most clients involves a comprehensive journey from the initial concept stage to the final product support in the market. This includes working on everything from prototype development to preparation for mass production.
Sometimes, we step in at a later stage, for instance, when a client has a basic prototype that needs refining and preparing for mass production. Our commitment is to be with our clients at every step, regardless of the project phase at which we begin our collaboration.

As for the exact percentage of returning clients, it depends on various projects and their directions. Our focus is mostly on long-term projects, often working with the same clients for over a year and sometimes even more than seven years. It's crucial to note that these clients usually undertake multiple projects with us. Once we complete a project, they often approach us for another one, which indicates their return and trust in our services. They choose to stay with us instead of moving to other companies or competitors. Physically, it may be the same company, but the products we developed for them can be very different.

We carefully track the development of our clients based on the information they publish about themselves in the public domain and see if there are cases where our clients choose another company besides ours for the implementation of their next project. And I can't recall a single case where we saw that our client turned to another company, in which we have expertise, to implement the next project.
Which Sirin Software services are in the highest demand and frequently requested by clients?
Our most in-demand service is embedded software development, which encompasses various aspects. This includes creating userspace applications or kernel modules for Linux systems, firmware for devices, and development for microcontrollers. Essentially, all these services fall into the broader category of firmware development.
Do clients approach you to modify existing devices to meet their specific needs?
Indeed, that's a common scenario. Often, clients come to us with just a concept, needing a tangible hardware component or a fully fleshed-out project. In such cases, we handle the entire development process, from the PCB to the firmware and drivers. More frequently, however, clients bring us hardware they have already developed, either fully or partially, and seek our expertise in either writing the appropriate software or further developing the PCB and its software. The majority of our requests involve clients needing software written for pre-existing hardware.
How do you evaluate the level of client satisfaction at Sirin Software? What measures does the company take to meet the needs and requirements of clients?
Both during the project and after its completion, we conduct quality control of our services, and based on the results we have, the level of satisfaction of our clients is 95+ points out of 100. We constantly evaluate the quality of services we provide throughout the entire path of cooperation.
Can you describe how Sirin Software handles client requests and resolves issues?
Our project managers are chiefly responsible for this. Their main task is to bridge the gap between the technical language of our specialists and the client's needs. Often, technical experts may propose ideal solutions that don't align perfectly with the client's immediate requirements, which might, for example, prioritize speed over perfection.
What typical payment structure does Sirin Software use for client billing?
We tailor an individual work plan for each client, considering factors like team structure, personnel, specific roles, and the project's various phases. Based on this, we estimate the overall budget and project duration, agreeing on these with the client before proceeding. Usually, our projects are too functionally extensive to account for all the nuances that can affect the project's cost and especially new client needs that may arise during the project's implementation. Like in the example of building construction, it's impossible to predict the price of everything down to each nail, but of course, it's possible to predict key points, their implementation deadlines, and a preliminary cost, and to forecast that we will not exceed certain specific limits in any area. Payment is made in stages, usually tied to a month of the team's work.
Does Sirin Software have a basic budget threshold for accepting new projects? If so, what is this minimum budget, or what was your smallest project budget?
One of the short-term projects was completed for $10,000.
Could you outline the range of project budgets Sirin Software has worked with in the past year?
Over the past year, our project budgets have varied widely, ranging from as low as $10,000 to several million dollars. While it's challenging to provide a final figure for projects spanning multiple years, this has been the typical budget range for those initiated within a single year.
How do you see the future of Sirin Software in ten years? Considering future technological changes and market shifts, how do you plan to adapt and evolve?
As always, we will keep up with all the latest technologies appearing in the market, for example, processors released by the major market players and solutions that can be built on these technologies in the future. We will always be trendy and will have expertise with SDKs of these processors, released and to be released for embedded system developers, such as RISC-V and ARM, which will allow us to continue creating specialized solutions for our clients. And I see the company's future as a certified design partner of major manufacturers of these solutions. I understand that being an official developer - a trusted partner of companies that release such chips or solutions - is one of the highest achievements. Currently, we are proud to work with leaders such as Infineon, SiFive, and Microsoft.
Considering the growing threat of cyber attacks, what strategies and measures does Sirin Software employ to ensure the security and integrity of your products and services?
Our approach to security involves utilizing services from reputable and trusted companies. We actively use cloud services for storing source codes and managing documentation, capitalizing on their robust security mechanisms. We always adhere to best practices and strict policies in using these tools to ensure the highest level of security and integrity. Important project files are securely backed up, not stored locally, to provide enhanced protection against data breaches and cyber threats.
What impact do cloud computing and IoT solutions have on various industries, and what role does Sirin Software play in facilitating this transformation?
It's hard to imagine businesses that don't integrate these solutions into their own projects, and our task is to help and offer the best, ideally the best and cheapest solutions, most optimal for our clients' needs. Sometimes, it can be a combination of several different services, it can also be a combination of some ready-made service with some custom solution that we specially developed for our client.
How important do you consider the implementation of AI in modern business processes, and can you provide examples of how Sirin Software integrates AI into its solutions for clients?
We are already implementing AI in our solutions, such as AI-powered software extensions or high-speed intrusion detection systems, which can be found on our website portfolio page. Plus, we have clients whose product value is precisely artificial intelligence and its development. In our internal work, we actively use AI neural networks, such as Chat GPT, for analytics, marketing, and even code documentation.
From an engineering task perspective, it's computer vision, where we are currently conducting our internal projects. We see this direction moving towards decision-making on the side of embedded devices. We are implementing our own research thanks to the fact that we currently have sufficient capacity for such research.
As the CEO of Sirin Software, what is your approach to leadership and building a positive company culture, and how do these aspects contribute to the company's success?
I adhere to an approach called 'leadership by example.' For instance, if I notice engineers struggling with choosing a strategy, I get directly involved, applying my engineering background to guide them. I often share insights based on my own experiences, highlighting why specific methods are more effective than others, especially drawing from past challenges where different approaches didn't yield the desired results.

I strongly emphasize communication, which is vital not just in client interactions but within our internal teams as well. Effective communication is important because technical teams often focus on solving tasks without realizing the client or project manager might prioritize different aspects, like understanding the project's current stage. Timely intervention and providing status updates can be more critical than waiting for a complete solution. This focus on clear, continuous communication is fundamental in today's business environment and essential for efficient workflow and process development.
Are there any recent innovative projects or products developed or currently being developed by Sirin Software? Can you share details about these projects?
We have many projects that we can call innovative. But I can highlight our contribution to the RISC-V ecosystem through the development of software SDKs for one of the leading RISC-V processor developers.. Very few companies have the same experience and expertise as ours in this direction. More and more companies are discovering this processor architecture for themselves, and we believe it has a bright future. We are glad that we were able to contribute to the development of SDKs for one of the RISC-V solution vendors.
Based on your experience, how effectively has GoodFirms increased Sirin Software's visibility among potential clients? Can you share your feedback on their services and impact?
From my experience, independent platforms where honest data and client reviews are posted are quite effective, because, for a stakeholder, it's quite challenging to make the first step and trust your project to a company you've never worked with before. As for GoodFirms directly, I don’t have much personal experience yet, but I have very good expectations.

Sirin Software Clients & Portfolios

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Not Disclosed
20 weeks
Information Technology

Sirin Software built a sniffing middleware on top of the existing OpenWRT platform that allowed us to capture all wi-fi probe requests near the access points. Static devices such as routers and laptops are filtered using the blacklisting algorithm. Server-side was implemented as a hub collecting data where all movement is recording for further use in marketing analysis.

Devices in use


low-end device with optional outdoor enclosure and PoE power. Allows sniffing on 2.4GHz wifi band.


high-end device with optional outdoor enclosure and PoE power. Allows sniffing on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi bands. Used in most locations.


experimental super-low-cost device that doesn’t provide internet access, but only sniffing. Sniffs both wifi and BLE probe requests.

Value Delivered:

  • Movement reproducing algorithm on the server
  • Cloud management dashboard
  • Automatic blacklisting of static devices (laptops and access points)
  • Filtration of randomly-generated MAC addresses (like in latest iOS devices, they send random MAC during network search to avoid tracking)
  • Filtration of struggling between two nearby access points using hysteresis Algorithm of matching BLE address and wifi MAC address to use BLE address when wifi turned off.
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Not Disclosed
10 weeks

Technology Set

  • Sketching
  • Rhino
  • KeyShot
  • SolidWorks

Clients Backrgound

A startup that produces IoT solutions for the automotive industry.

Business Challenge

The client required an AI-enabled camera design for the vehicular environment (e.g. a smart dash camera).


Our team created a prototype modular build camera optimized for the detection of objects inside and outside moving vehicles (cars, trucks, trains). Due to its modularity and powerful processing capabilities, it can detect a variety of different objects and behaviors in different scenarios for example:

  • drowsiness or distraction in drivers
  • obstructions such as people, snow piles, rails
  • tailgating
  • through the use of a built-in accelerometer and GNSS for geofencing, it can identify aggressiveness, speeding, and road anomalies

Scope of our work included:

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Firmware Development

The final design was prepared for immediate printing for future testing and for the launch of products in serial production.

Stages of development:

  •  Research
  •   Conceptualization 
  •   Design Stage
  •   Mechanical Design

Value Delivered

  • The Dash Cam’s body, mount, and ventilation were designed universally and could be implemented in any kind of vehicle.
  • The final design was prepared for immediate printing for future testing and for the launch of products in serial production.
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Not Disclosed
16 weeks
Business Services

After the research phase, we created a complex turn-key solution for smart parking which can be implemented in any kind of parking lot, is flexible, easy-to-use (both for the operator and customers) and results in cost-savings for the owner.

The solution consists of sensors, Cloud, Web dashboard, and Mobile App. The signal transmission from the sensor to the Cloud is performed by LoraWan and Bluetooth 5.0.


The Smart Parking node includes an external enclosure, the PCB, the battery, the antenna, and the internal enclosure piece.

The PCB is screwed to the base and the base is screwed to the external enclosure piece. The antenna is glued to the external enclosure and connects to the PCB via coax cable with u.FL connector.

The Smart Parking node can be equipped with a GPS module for outdoor parking. The GPS can ease the initial installation for big parking lots.

For indoor positioning on underground and multistorey parking lots, nodes are equipped with NRF52832 Bluetooth 5.0 enabled MCU. With installed mobile app nodes, indoor locations can be as accurate as outdoor GPS.

Power supply:

replaceable lithium-thionyl chloride AA batteries; the expected lifetime – 5-10 years (depends on settings and usage)

Radio protocol:

LoRaWAN / Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth position accuracy:

< 3m

GPS position accuracy:

< 3m

Operating temperature:
-20 to +65 °C


The cloud is developed as Serverless Architecture using the latest AWS Services. This kind of architecture allows pay and scale as you go. The cloud receives slot status and notifies all subscribers in real-time. Also, it keeps all data for future analytics or predictions.


The Web app is targeted for employees who will operate the parking facility. Using the Amplify React component and AWS Cognito, we implemented the authorization of operators and customers (users). By using GraphQL and AWS AppSync, parking space status is visualized in real-time.

The Web app shows detailed statistics about parking spaces and cars: which parking spaces are the busiest/ which car make and models parked/which times are the busiest/ and what revenues are derived from each space.

The parking manager can see what car and plate numbers are parked in each space. 

Parking owners can reduce costs on payments and tickets: our solution can be paperless (a user would just need to scan the QR code from their mobile phone).


Using React Native and Typescript, we developed a cross-platform application that is suitable both for Android and IOS. The Mobile App is targeted to help parking lot clients control the parking process (parking space status and all collateral information are updated in real-time so clients can use a smartphone without any data delay). 

With Mobile App Users Can:

  1. Search for parking with some criteria (near user’s location, opening hours, cheapest, available slots, slots for EV, etc).
  2. Show directions to parking (Google Maps).
  3. Pay for parking directly in the mobile app.
  4. Make a reservation for a parking slot.
  5. Lock their car – make an alarm if a car moved without unlocking from the mobile app.
  6. See the parking space size (mid car/van/truck etc).
  7. Highlight free slots with LED lights.
  8. Get parking tickets with full information (show parking working hours, slot number, time and price for parking).

Value Delivered

Cost Savings:

  1. Serverless Architecture allows pay and scale as you go.
  2. Using the payment method, a vandal protection and control system is developed that the client can use to reduce the number of staff
  3. Using the payment method, violation alerts, and a control system are developed that the client can use to reduce the number of staff

Enhancing User Experience for Users:

  1. Credit card payment options.
  2. The driver can easily find a free parking slot via a mobile app or LED lights.
  3. Users can book parking slots in advance.
  4. Parking ticket – shows parking working hours, slot number, time and price for service.

Improving Workflow for Parking Provider:

  1. The Web app shows detailed statistics about parking spaces and cars. (Which parking spaces are the busiest. Which cars’ make and model are parked. Which time is the busiest.) There is revenue reporting for each parking space.
  2. The parking manager can see what car and plate numbers are parked in each space.
  3. The provider can communicate with users via the Web app
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Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Information Technology

Technology Set

  • Platforms: Embedded Linux, RTOS (Cypress WICED, Marvel IoT, Samsung IoT, realtek Amebа)
  • Operation systems: FreeRTOS, ThreadX, NuttX
  • Supported programming languages: C, Bash, Python

Clients Background

The client is an IoT connection provider offering internet connectivity for any smart product, automatically and securely, right out of the box.

Cirrent provides a global network of ZipKey Wi-Fi hotspots for connected products through partnerships with ISPs, Wi-Fi onboarding, product lifecycle management, and tools for ongoing support and Cirrent’s Wireless Connection Manager.

Cirrent’s mission is to make Internet-connected products simple and secure for mainstream consumers, and to make it easy for companies to add value by connecting their products to the Internet.

Customers of Cirrent include Electrolux, Smanos, Bose , Ayla Networks, and more.

By 2020, there will be an estimated 30 billion devices connected to the Internet. The biggest impediment holding back this connectivity is that frequently these devices need a technician to get them running smoothly. Another problem is that most of the devices have no input-output interface and no keyboard.

Business Challenge

The client required the creation of a wireless configuration manager application that resolved such problems so that a user only has to plug in a device and wait for a few seconds for the device to connect automatically. The solution should be easily-installable and should establish a secure connection outside of the customer’s private network. Moreover, the client’s main goal was to create a system which would provide full-product lifecycle management and tools for ongoing support for any device.

Our team contributed to the design and implementation of the Cirrent Wireless Connection Manager (WCM). The WCM helps devices connect instantly with no setup and no password, but with strong security.

We created a robust, embedded, Linux-based software system that can be ported on an embedded platform with minimal effort, and that satisfies the time and memory constraints of current hardware from major vendors.

The solution created a global network, in public spaces and homes across the world, designed to get instant cloud connection and product registration using Cirrent WCM. With Cirrent WCM, devices have the ability to access public Wi-Fi networks and get limited access to the internet (up to 10 kbit/sec). When a customer changes his or her network password the product will still be online. Moreover, WCM doesn’t need any hardware or proprietary software, it can be integrated into existing product lines at very little cost.


We have integrated an installation package of WCM in the common build process for OpenWRT platforms and as a result, there is ready-to-use firmware which can be flashed into device directly or using OTA update..

Designing the same solution for RTOS platforms is planned in the next release, but for now, we provide a collected library which can be integrated into standard SDK for target platforms.

Value Delivered

  • Wireless Connection Manager protects customers, featuring encryption, certificates, and authentication.
  • WCM is a robust Linux-embedded software that is fully maintainable over the long term and can be adjusted for different platforms so companies can instead focus on the breakthrough features for their products.
  • WCM solution is compatible with all of the leading Wi-Fi chipsets, Linux, and real-time operating systems.
  • WCM includes support not only for products with ZipKey but for products without this technology and allows a full connected product lifecycle for them too.
  • With our solution, manufacturers can make better products and reduce costs, while consumers get a much better user experience.
  • Automated functional and integration tests were created that validate the current version of the software and simplify porting of the system onto other platforms.
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Not Disclosed
25 weeks
Information Technology


  • FPGA Firmware on Cyclon V MCU
  • RF on Software Defined Radio device
  • Linux OS on arm
  • Network via PLC
  • Additional IoT by LORA for consumer purposes


The customer provides disruptive smart city solutions for high-rise and large scale buildings. By applying new technologies and methods to long-established markets, the company not only enables property owners to meet new occupancy regulations but also provides ongoing support and expertise to ensure continued compliance.


Create the design of Low Power Active Distributed Antenna Network.


The system is a solution that is “Active-to-the-Antenna” enabling two-hour survivability, supervision, and ease of engineering and installation at a lower cost than other solutions. Additionally, it provides an IoT wireless network by LoRa to cover an entire building for consumer purposes.


DSP algorithms written in Verilog/VHDL on FPGA Cyclon V-chip provides immediate voice transmission from node-to-node by RF without delays.

The RF-module designed based on LMS6002 Software Defined Radio covers the 150-900 Mhz spectrum and is able to detect any antenna damage that, along with other required health information, is reported to the Master unit (see “AUXILIARY IN-BUILDING RADIO SYSTEM WITH DEDICATED RADIO CONSOLE”) and the AWS Cloud from which a supervisor can receive mail/SMS in order to quickly fix a breakdown.

A network stack developed based on PLC technology allows for a two-hour rated, fire-proofed cable without any length restrictions, like a typical ethernet cable.

LORA is used for coverage, in order to provide a low-power consumption network throughout the building.


  • Verilog/VHDL on FPGA Cyclon V-chip provides *immediate* voice transmission
  • AWS Cloud from which supervisor can receive mail/SMS in order to fix the breakdown
  • Network stack developed based on PLC technology allows using two-hours rated fire-proved cable without any length restrictions as does typical ethernet cable
  •  LoRa is used to cover the building in order to provide consumer low-power network within the whole building

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Not Disclosed
16 weeks


  • Visual Studio 2017
  • NET Framework 4.6.2-4.7
  • C# 7.0
  • LINQ
  • TPL
  • MySQL (MySQL Workbench, MySQL Connector, MySQL 5.7)
  • HALCON 12


Our customer is a high-tech company specializing in developing and delivering fully-automated 3D inspection cells. Their systems provide inline optical quality controls and/or 3-dimensional measurements for the shopfloor.


The customer required the creation and implementation of GUI for a 3D scanner which is exceptionally accurate in detecting defects.

Using the latest version of .NET Framework and C# we created a modern graphical application to view and inspect factory products with high accuracy. To achieve it we used Windows Presentation Foundation – a toolkit that allows for the creation of a highly responsive and attractive user interface. On the backend, high-precision comparison algorithms were created with the use of a unique library provided by the customer.


  • We’ve created a comfortable and functional interface with the touchscreen which provides ease in working with a 3D scanner
  • Hardware notifications, warnings, and errors can be read out from the PLC and sent to the GUI via the PPU.
  • The project was successfully implemented with a hard deadline. Since the previous contractor couldn’t accomplish the task our team should meet client’s expectations to present the ready-to made solution at the automotive exhibition.
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$100001 to $500000
100 weeks
Information Technology


  • Platform: CentOs, Ubuntu14, RHEL 7.0
  • Programming language: C, C++, node.js
  • Host and Network Requirements: standard x86 servers 10GbE switches
  • .deb and .rpm software packages


Sirin Software should design the solution from the ground-up to deliver high performance Block and Object storage services, and limitless scalability for the next generation of OpenStack clouds, petabyte scale active archives, and Big Data applications.


The solution runs on shared nothing clusters of industry standard Linux servers, and builds on IP and the patent pending Cloud Copy On Write (CCOW) technology that breaks new ground in terms of reliability, functionality and cost efficiencies.

Our major scope of work included:

  • Development of the main functionality of Cloud Copy On Write
  • Development of automation tests and integration with Jenkins CI
  • Integration within different platforms (OpenStack, Linux, VMware and Windows) – in progress.


  • Next generation design
  • Data protection & Optimizations
  • High protection

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$100001 to $500000
13 weeks
Information Technology


  • embedded GUI based on Qt framework
  • cloud-based remote connectivity (REST-API)
  • IP-based protocol for realtime digital voice transmission between DRC and Radiostation (digital voice transmission)
  • reporting to existing safety system in building via BACnet
  • smart vandalism detection
  • in-memory database storage
  • PCB design for satellite boards from scratch


The client works towards a safer future by manufacturing reliable, affordable, and easy-to-install wireless infrastructure for buildings. A multinational corporation based out of New York City, the company’s Tactical Series line of products operates at the nexus of two-way radio and fire-alarm systems, speaking the language of both. The company is FDNY ARCS B-03 certified, providing unmatched experience at getting installations for US FD by UL and FCC.

The company has a wide resellers network: Siemens Building Technologies, New York Fire Detection Inc, National Fire Products Inc, etc.


Tragic losses of life have highlighted the need for vast improvement in the coverage and dependability of emergency communications, especially inside buildings. So the client required the creation of an auxiliary radio system Command and Control center for First Responders which would allow for a better radio signal, monitor its condition in the cloud, and which would be easily-installable and flexible for each reseller’s requirements.


Our team created an In-building Two-Way Radio Communications Enhancement System with a dedicated radio console and cloud solution. It was certified US FD by UL and FCC.

Its main purpose was to ensure that firefighters would have uninterrupted communication. The cloud solution provides different access levels and allows for status monitoring of the system’s availability and prompt response to any unanticipated problems. The cloud solution also provides a flexible set-up for any system’s indicators and can send smart notifications in the event of an anomaly.

The radio system was created for a customer who has a wide resellers’ network and it needed to be very flexible and easily customizable for each reseller’s requirements. Our system has the easiest installation on the market today and is designed to be easily extended with any additional sensors or actuators in the future.

The product was designed as immediately ready-to-use given the great importance of radio coverage systems.
Also, user manuals were prepared and we provided training for firefighters and resellers.

Our team was responsible for all phases of the product’s hardware and software development, which was designed from scratch.

Our engineers support the manufacturing process (we provide the manufacturer with full PCB’s documentation and make changes to boards’ prototype on demand).

After the product was released to market, another contract was signed with the customer to develop an advanced active radio coverage system within an additional wireless network for consumer purposes.

The solution consists of:     

  • DRC (Dedicated Radio Console) which is equipped with two sections, each occupying half of it, one for two (11 and 12) FDNY radio channels. Each section consists of two parts: the communications panel and the system GUI panel. The DRC is outfitted with a 6,5” TFT monitor. It’s maintained for firefighters and allows them to check the essential elements (radiostation condition, selected radio channel, volume level) and the general system conditions (console’s availability status, network settings, power supply check, ground fall detection etc.
  • RAU (Radio Amplification Unit) which ensures radio system operations and a Radio Amplification Monitor (RAM) module to monitor against vandalism, earthquakes, overheating and high humidity.
  • Antennas and Cables which are located on each floor of the skyscraper. Their main purpose is to equip firefighters with a stable and continuous radio connection. All cables and antennas are fireproof for at least two hours and can withstand water pressure.
  • Cloud System which ensures remote firmware updating and provides the radio system with centralized data storage.


  • Our solution has been quickly adopted in NY buildings and immediately generated income for the customer.
  • The client saved about 50% in costs compared to the product’s development with an in-house team
  • The system was certified for US FD by UL and FCC.
  • The solution is flexible and meets the requirements of any reseller, which allows for its expansion into wider markets.
  • Technical features:
    – Quick access GUI for fast maintenance
    – Lightweight SNMP protocol for inter-module communication
    – Cloud management system
    – Both handset and fixed speaker and microphone for convenient use in the event
    of a noisy situation
    – Digital voice transmission protocol between radio console and radio station

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$100001 to $500000
72 weeks
Transportation & Logistics


Parking meters are getting into the act. Many cities are now replacing traditional mechanical coin operated parking meters with smarter connected meters. Smart parking meters can accept credit cards, detect when a vehicle is in a space, and can even send notifications regarding maintenance. Parking space rates can also be set remotely for specific days, hours, or special events.


Our engineering team adapted a Linux Board Support Package for the client’s needs by taking care of supporting all the low-level aspects of the Linux System for an embedded product.

We provided support in the following areas: Linux kernel programming, development of custom device drivers, systems integration, and support to application developers.

We adapted the Linux kernel for custom hardware platforms and wrote some additional Linux device drivers. We have extensive experience with numerous ARM platforms, especially Marwell, Xilinx, Allwinner, Atmel and Texas Instruments, but are able to work on other platforms and architectures as well.

We have specific experience in the kernel subsystems relevant for base platform support (clods, pin-muxing, power management), network, graphics, input, industrial sensors, and more. We also helped our customers make appropriate hardware choices in order to reduce the amount of development effort needed to use the Linux kernel on a given platform.


Positive customer experience.

A well-designed, automated parking solution ensures patrons and staff can enter, park & pay, and exit the lot quickly & easily.

Parking control.

Limit parking lot access to paying customers, employees, monthly pass holders or others who should actually be there, as well as control traffic flow by setting advanced levels of access control.

The increase of productivity and revenue.

Capture all of your parking income by ensuring that every vehicle must pay to get out. Increase turnover with hourly parking. Reduce overhead by decreasing staffing levels.


View live and recorded video from strategically placed security cameras located throughout your site.

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Integrated Cloud and Communication Solution

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$0 to $10000
Information Technology

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Review Summary

We hired Sirin Software for a project to create a cloud system to make our customer service chats and data management better. Working with this team was straightforward and effective. They immediately got what we needed and gave us a plan that fit our project. Their skills in cloud systems and data analysis were clear the whole time. They kept us updated regularly, which made everything run smoothly.

What was the project name that you have worked with Sirin Software?


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Software Development

Describe your project in brief

Integrated Cloud and Communication Solution

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

The best part about Sirin Software was how they tailored their services to our needs. Their use of AWS for cloud communication and how they handled data with Node.js and Express.js were standout points. They were also very adaptable and quick to respond to our changes. Our project with Sirin Software was a big success. We saw improvements in how quickly we could respond to customers, how we used our data, and in customer happiness. Their knowledge, dedication, and focus on results were awe-inspi

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

The least impressive part was the training for our team. Although they provided all documentation, screenshots and instructions, a bit more training would have helped us adjust to the new system faster. Besides that, Sirin Software was great in value and quality.

Dennis Belichenko

Software Development Process

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$10001 to $50000

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Review Summary

Sirin Software's team immediately joined our software development process. Due to their previous experience, their developers completed their tasks extremely fast.
Sirin Software stands out for their technical expertise, experience in work with projects of varying complexity and their ability to meet specifications. I would definitely hire them for future software development projects.

What service was provided as part of the project?

Software Development

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Prompt service, educated support personnel, well qualified developers.

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

I guess they just need to scale up to accept bigger projects.