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Skynix is a team of web development professionals focused on LAMP and JAM stacks. We deliver complex web and mobile applications using PHP (Laravel, Yii2, Zend, or CMS systems like Magento or WordPress) and JavaScript (React, Vue, TypeScript, Ember).

$25 - $49/hr
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Turgenivska, 55A, Kyiv, kyiv 04050

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  • E-commerce Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development

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  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

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  • Healthcare & Medical
  • E-commerce
  • Business Services

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Not Disclosed
96 weeks
Business Services

Progressive, Fast, Secure, Clodify SaaS CRM System!

Clodify was born in May 2015 as a small internal project for a startup in Ukraine. They were looking for a cheap and useful way to manage their customers. Most of the existing services of that time were either offline, quite complex, oriented on middle and big business sizes, or very expensive. A decision was made to develop CRM system. During 5 years the system was fully transformed from a very little CRM system to a fully-featured online SaaS CRM system. The right tech stack was chosen and since the system grows very fast, it has become modern, and secure in a short period. Nowadays, thousands of customers are using the basic version of Clodify for free. And many of them are considering Clodify as the core system of their business and keep on using many useful paid modules.

LAMPStack solution based on the Yii2 Framework was initially chosen. It was easy to start, however, that approach has its complexities to separate UI from Business Logic.

And not only from this point of view. Since the first release of the Clodify system, web standards have dramatically transformed.

The existing system could not meet today’s clients’ needs, such as practicality and simplicity, neither complex management requirements.

At the same time, JAMStack was announced.

Skynix took that risk and decided to migrate to JAMStack at the very beginning.

Having passed a difficult way through the new JAMStack architecture, the Skynix team managed to get all the necessary components working like a breeze.

Clodify became a full-featured system and their team’s reliable companion, remarkably transforming their operations, skyrocketing their ROI, and allowing them to keep growing for years to come.

Even having significant expenses the Clodify team keeps a basic version of CRM free of charge. Any small startup requires to be cost-effective, otherwise, it dies. When a business spends tons of money on paperwork, all the processes go very slow, customers are not happy and the business loses money. And instead of gaining profit, the business should balance expenses and income. Clodify software gives the solution. The team of IT professionals at Skynix delivered a highly performed SaaS system based on the Ember and Yii2 Frameworks. To see what we mean, visit We are pretty confident that any offline business will be satisfied with it. Core features of Clodify System Architecture was designed for a distributed AWS-based architecture with database replications, load balancer, dockerized containers, cheap spot servers, health, and security monitoring. SaaS Web Application was built from scratch using Ember and Yii2 Frameworks.

  • An intelligent cloud-based - and real-time - CRM software which lets you keep track of your customers
  • It saves you money by reducing labor downtime, improving efficiency in the office, and helping to highlight problem areas in business productivity.
  • The best thing is because it integrates seamlessly with Atlassian Software

Implementation and integration of those third-party services, Skynix managed to become cost-effective, significantly reduce development expenses and timelines. Timely launched, upgraded, and modern CRM SaaS software was rapidly growing. During the first five months after launch, the business has multiplied the number of joined clients.

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  • Bikebiz screenshot 1
  • Bikebiz screenshot 2
  • Bikebiz screenshot 3
  • Bikebiz screenshot 4
  • Bikebiz screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
96 weeks

Big, Ambitious, Sales Forcing e-commerce for Bikebiz Webstore!

The online presence of Bikebiz brand has been long established at the time of their first contact with Skynix. Starting in 1987 as a small second-hand bike dealer, Bikebiz quickly grew to become one of Australia's leading bike retailers. And they seem to be at the top of their home market for many Australian-favorite bike brands. The previous version of their website was running on an old and unknown yet fairly powerful platform.

As you see, the older version no longer met the requirements of time.

And not only from the design point of view. Since the first release of Bikebiz website, the e-commerce industry has dramatically transformed.

Their existing website could not meet today's customers' needs for practicality and simplicity, neither Bikebiz own complex management requirements.

At that point, Magento 2 was just announced, and choosing it as a platform would be a risky step ahead.

Skynix took that risk and proposed to try it, and that was a good choice.

Having passed a difficult way through the raw Magento 2 development, Skynix team managed to get all the necessary components working as a breeze.

Bikebiz received a full-featured system which has now become their team's reliable companion, remarkably transforming their operations, skyrocketing their ROI and allowing them to keep growing for years to come.

When you are running a web-store you want any required modifications to the site developed quickly and responsibly. You want a developer to spend as little time as possible and deliver results when you need them. Does that sound like too much to hope for? We don’t believe it does and we’re here to prove it! Just recently a team of IT professionals at Skynix delivered a highly complicated e-commerce solution. To see what we mean, visit We believe you might find some features and ideas there that could help your business. Core features of the site: This store was designed for a distributed Google Cloud-based architecture with database replications, load balancer, cybernats, pods, dockers, health and security monitoring. A fully automated Continuous Integration architecture was implemented to automate builds, tests, deployments on staging servers and releases. The software was a built-from-scratch Magento 2 Community Edition. Magento 2 delivers a high level of complexity with the capacity to be customized as needed to fit the most sophisticated customer’s needs. Speaking about Bikebiz, such customizations included:

  • 32 third party premium level modules installed
  • a unique theme created from scratch
  • SLI Search service implemented for better search experience and performance
  • Google Tag Manager integrated and configured for Enhanced e-commerce analysis
  • Olark and Live chat services were implemented for gathering data from many different custom forms
  • reCaptcha and Cloudflare set to perform better content delivery and DDOS protection
  • Integration with another Magento store of original parts and accessories (like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki) developed and set up
  • Orderhive accountant service integrated
  • Special deals module based on frontend Ember.js framework was created from scratch

Due to implementation and integration of all those third-party modules and services, Skynix managed to be cost-effective, significantly reducing development expenses and timelines. Timely launched, upgraded and modern Magento 2 Bikebiz e-commerce store was rapidly growing. During the first three months after launch, the business has multiplied their income and covered 2 years of development by a profit of 3 months. Bikebiz became a number one bikes retailer in Australia and left their competitors far behind.

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  • EMAC screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
64 weeks
Business Services

Powerfull, Fast, Competitive, Reliable SaaS solution for EMAC clients!

Intention: Development of reliable SaaS solution from scratch

Technologies used: Yii2, HTML5, jQuery, AWS, Xero, Custom Integrations

EMAC was born in Sydney in 2015. The team made its way through the thorns, developers from India were exhausted from lack of knowledge and technologies. In 2016 Matt Caddy managing directory met Skynix online and having some agreement, Skynix made a proposal for building a proper team to get the software on the right rails. In a team of 6 engineers during the next two years, we architected a reliable system based on the microservices of the AWS provider. The existing system coded by Indian developers on the outdated Yii framework was taken as a conception and was rewritten from scratch using moder for that year Yii2 Framework, RESTfull APIs, and jQuery UI Framework. In the end, we launched a fully automated and reliable SaaS solution and during next year EMAC got their first 1000 happy clients. Nowdays, we keep supporting this complex system, develop and adapt it for new needs.

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