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Staylime is a Magento development company that delivers ecommerce solutions to companies of all sizes, providing end users with engaging omnichannel shopping experience.

Whether you need to develop a multifunctional store from scratch, fine‑tune an existing product or get your project back on track, we have a team of Magento-certified experts to help. Staylime provides a full spectrum of Magento development services: digital strategy and roadmap development, design creation, brand identity implementation, Magento migration, extension development, turnkey solution development, as well as ongoing support through retained services.

Our strong technological and domain expertise enable us to offer effective B2B & B2C ecommerce solutions to transform your online presence and help you achieve the desired results. With 10 years of experience and a successful track record of deploying and managing Magento ecommerce solutions, we have achieved an 80% customer retention rate.

At Staylime, we have a sense of belonging to every project we work on. Visit our website and take a look at our portfolio to see the realized projects. Maybe the next story about successful collaboration will be yours.

$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
United States
541 Jefferson Ave, Suite 100, Redwood City, California CA 94063
+1 (774) 421-9978

Focus Areas

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  • E-commerce Development
  • Web Designing (UI/UX)

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  • Medium Business
  • Large Business
  • Small Business

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  • E-commerce

Staylime Clients & Portfolios

Magento 2 extension development for a design agency
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Magento 2 extension development for a design agency
  • Magento 2 extension development for a design agency screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
50 weeks

Staylime becomes a long-term Magento development partner for Todd Lininger Design. During the initial engagement, our team turned a legacy solution into a commercial Magento 2 extension that facilitates online education via convenient class and event management tools.

Given the product’s commercial nature, we paid particular attention to the architecture design to ensure its ability to adopt new features in the future.

Upon conducting an in-depth extension audit, our engineers worked out a proper architecture addressing the key scalability and performance considerations.

With loads of legacy information residing in the legacy database, we delivered a handy custom script to enable fault-free transfer of critical data to a newly built Magento 2 version.

Our team also redesigned the UI keeping common information architecture patterns of the initial solution in place to provide fluid experience to users, whilst ensuring their smooth onboarding.

Magento 2 Class Manager was significantly upgraded in terms of functionality, automating organizational and management aspects of the educational process. Magento-driven stores can now leverage the tool to create classes online, end-users, in turn, are able to:

  • Check class and seat availability;
  • Register for a class; View assigned instructors;
  • View class schedules and personal calendars;
  • Sign up for a wait list;
  • Track class history;
  • Receive email notifications; Participate in surveys.

A proper project management framework along with the iterative development and unit testing approach allowed us to deliver the full product version in 11 months, regardless of the ever-changing requirements and technical challenges on the way. The new Class Manager extension has inherited the best of its predecessor, yet received a highly scalable architecture and advanced functionality capabilities users will benefit from.

Magento 2 migration and ERP integration for Green Aqua store
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Magento 2 migration and ERP integration for Green Aqua store
  • Magento 2 migration and ERP integration for Green Aqua store screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
52 weeks

Staylime helped a Hungarian aquascaping retailer with Magento migration. We enhanced its capabilities, and integrated the store with an ERP system, maintaining high SEO rankings.

Migration of the initial database to Magento 2 went smoothly as we used the Official Data Migration Tool to transfer business-critical data to a new installation.

Looking to improve customer experience with the store, we implemented extra functionality leveraging a set of third-party extensions that covered the company’s requirements out-of-the-box at a reasonable cost:

  • Klevu Search facilitating fast navigation and better site usability via an AI-driven search engine; Yotpo Reviews to market products more effectively by collecting unique user-generated content;
  • Big Fish Payment Gateway providing for various online payment methods. To additionally protect payment transactions, 3D Secure support was also enabled;
  • Mageworx Reward Points to nurture customer loyalty and satisfaction through rewards programs;
  • SEO Suite Ultimate to simplify SEO management and tracking and so help Green Aqua rise to the top of search engine rankings.

Integration with ERP Symbol, a commercial solution for order management automation, was performed thanks to a custom ERP connector built by our engineers from scratch after an in-depth analysis of the legacy integration.

Before going live, we re-migrated the database to ensure the relevant product catalogue is in-sync with the Magento 1 version that the customer continued on updating throughout the development.

Staylime delivered the new website in-line with customer’s requirements, having conducted a series of pre-live SEO and performance checks before its going live. As the project goals were met and the challenges were tackled, Green Aqua decided to continue our collaboration, so we are now addressing their technology needs under the ongoing support framework.

Complex migration of Jaydee Living stores to Magento 2
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Complex migration of Jaydee Living stores to Magento 2
  • Complex migration of Jaydee Living stores to Magento 2 screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
12 weeks

Staylime carried out a complex Magento 2 migration for Jaydee Living, a british family-run recycling business. We also delivered a custom design theme and functionality for all 5 newly deployed stores.

We were tasked with migration at first. However, given the size of the customer’s online ecosystem, we proposed building a single backend for the suite too.

Apart from performing incremental migration of 4

 standalone websites, our engineers moved the existing blog to the ‘Blog for M2 by Aheadworks’ extension with a custom script. All the SEO settings, including URLs and tags, were also transferred to Magento 2 as part of the migration to preserve the initial positions in search engines.

To reduce the efforts required for deployment of new stores, we created a one-of-a-kind installable theme package for Magento 2 that can be easily deployed on other websites with minor customizations. Thanks to this solution, all websites under Jaydee Living umbrella provide a consistent brand experience to customers now.

Based on the default Magento 2, the new solution still boasts a range of custom features and integrations top for enhanced ecommerce capabilities:

  • Tier Price extension to set tier prices for customizable products;
  • ‘Available in [qty] colours’ feature to show the amount of colour values on the category page;
  • Ekomi Reviews extension to allow customers leave feedback on the site;
  • Quick product deletion from the cart to let buyers remove items with one click;
  • Integration with SagePay and PayPal for secure online payments.

Within a year, our team gradually moved 5 websites to the latest Magento 2 version available at that time. As the result of the transformation, the customer has achieved higher website performance and SEO rankings, having also received an opportunity to expand the online business further at a significantly lower cost.

Magento 2 migration and theme design for a food delivery company
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Magento 2 migration and theme design for a food delivery company
  • Magento 2 migration and theme design for a food delivery company screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
12 weeks

Little Lunch, an organic food delivery service, turned to Staylime to enhance presence and recognition by revamping their Magento 1 website. We migrated the store to Magento 2 and implemented a signature design theme along with custom functionality.

The solution boasts a one-of-a-kind interface built from scratch. With Magento 2 blank theme at base, the conventional template was tailored to support the new custom features the store was to obtain. Prior to implementing the new design, we refined the mockups provided by the client so that they complied with UI/UX standards and conveyed the brand mission and values better.

Migration to Magento 2 was carried out in stages, as the customer updated the product catalogue quite significantly throughout the process. After the first migration cycle, we transferred the updated database to a clean Magento 2 and then moved it to the new store installation, having double-checked the correctness of data.

To ensure the solution meets business requirements precisely, we delivered a set of bespoke features on top of the default Magento 2 capabilities:

  • Customer report generation tool to collect customer data daily with no performance loss;
  • Custom widgets for product data (a slider, labels, a static title block);
  • Relevant recipes displayed on product pages;
  • Ability to add ordinary and double-sized products into one order;
  • Combo Pack wizard allowing clients to place orders for multi-product sets.

An easy-to-follow checkout was made possible by customizing the IWD Checkout extension. We also added Postfiliale and Packstation fields to checkout and personal accounts to facilitate completion of address forms.

With a catchy look and feel, comprehensive ecommerce functionality, and unmatched performance, Little Lunch website now provides an engaging and smooth user experience to buyers, contributing to ever-growing traffic and conversion rates.

Continuous Magento 1 support for Gewächshausplaza
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Continuous Magento 1 support for Gewächshausplaza
  • Continuous Magento 1 support for Gewächshausplaza screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
50 weeks

Staylime takes on a pivotal Magento 1 upgrade project for one of the leading greenhouse retailers in Germany, resolving technical debt and increasing store performance as part of the company’s transition to Magento 2.

Given the critical importance of smooth UX for any ecommerce business, we got started with the interface renovation. Having rearranged the product and category pages, we then enabled a responsive layout to match usability standards and best practices and ensure consistent viewing experience across multiple screens and operating systems.

Poor code quality affected the legacy store performance, causing slow page loading and high cart abandonment rate. Meeting the challenge, we refactored the code and gradually fixed the existing bugs to speed the website up and increase average session times. The latest security patches to date were also installed, further contributing to optimal performance and enhanced security.

As the customer planned on moving to Magento 2, we took care of necessary preparational activities within the project framework too. Thus, our team upgraded Advanced Product Options, one of the business-critical extensions in place. With no available documentation or Git commits, Staylime engineers had to alter the extension’s frontend and backend and handle unexpected changes in product templates introduced by the client.

Git repository was created by our team from the very beginning and the commit history was kept synced and clean throughout the entire project. Following the incremental approach, we migrated legacy product data to the updated extension and renewed its layout as appropriate.

Regardless of the dated and imperfect technology foundation, Staylime managed to freshen up Gewächshausplaza online store and achieve its stable performance and operation. Thanks to the improvements made, the website conversion has grown significantly, resulting in a 10% turnover increase.

Migration to Magento Commerce Cloud for Renovator Store
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Migration to Magento Commerce Cloud for Renovator Store
  • Migration to Magento Commerce Cloud for Renovator Store screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
12 weeks

Our customer, Renovator Store, provides premium renovation materials. They helped 40+ million homeowners improve their houses. For business management, the customer used Magento 1. Yet, it stopped meeting their growing business demands, so they decided to migrate to Magento Commerce Cloud.

Renovator Store required a smooth migration of their business-critical data, third-party extensions, and a WordPress blog. They held a tender and chose Staylime for project implementation. We deployed a Magento 2 Commerce installation, using the Data Migration Tool.

We encountered many errors along the way, including mapping issues and corrupted records, which we successfully eliminated. Besides, we had an additional challenge: the customer’s migrated database had obsolete records due to which Magento 2 couldn’t start.

We solved this problem by cleaning the database and eliminating the old rubbish. To help the customer consolidate their entire architecture under a single platform, our team migrated their Wordpress blog to Aheadworks’ Magento 2 Blog extension, and their Reward Points extension to Magento Commerce’s native functionality. Renovator Store entrusted their store redesign to a local vendor for on-premise control and then got back to us with a new design for delta migration.

Renovator Store introduced new changes to their Magento 2 store although we advised against it. Therefore, we received the modified store’s database dump. To prevent errors, we deleted all obsolete data and performed a successful overnight delta migration. Then we returned the updated database dump to the customer’s dedicated support team and they made a switch to the new Magento 2 store. We successfully overcame all project challenges and migrated the customer’s store to Magento Commerce Cloud.

Magento 2 migration of Gameday’s store
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Magento 2 migration of Gameday’s store
  • Magento 2 migration of Gameday’s store screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
12 weeks

Gameday offers branded sportswear for North-American League fans in Sweden. To operate their business, Gameday used Magento 1 that soon stopped meeting their requirements. They also hadn’t changed their store’s design since opening.

To move their business forward, Gameday decided to migrate to Magento 2 and launch a new website. They outsourced the project to our team due to great customer references and required experience.

To ensure all assets were transferred smoothly, we installed a Magento 2 version on a staging environment and performed beta tests. Then we installed and configured the required extensions:

  • Mirasvit Help Desk for customer support
  • Social Login for logging in via social media
  • MLX-STORE Guest Wishlist for making wishlists offline
  • Magefan Blog for blog management

We also collaborated with Gameday’s local vendor, responsible for installing shipment data management and payment modules. The vendor failed to deliver the modules on time, so we finalized their installation and setup.

Staylime created a modern, intuitive website design. We built a mega-menu, dividing all leagues into first-level categories. For easy navigation, we implemented a filtering and sorting tool, utilizing Magento 2 Layered Navigation. To meet Gameday’s business requirements, we also built custom features:

  • Sports team-based / region-based product arrangement to add new regions and/or teams within a category and create product groups based on these attributes
  • Pop-up login form to log in via social media without redirection to a login page
  • Custom API to monitor website’s traffic via Facebook and Google analytics

For high website ranking, we conducted a pre-live SEO check and made necessary adjustments.

Magento 2 customization for Strapworks
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Magento 2 customization for Strapworks
  • Magento 2 customization for Strapworks screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Strapworks is a strap manufacturer and supplier, serving 400,000 customers in the US. Strapworks managed their online store via Magento Commerce 2.1. They worked with a technology vendor that failed to make necessary changes to their product — Advanced Product Options extension. Strapworks also wanted to add new functionality and improve product configuration.

After online meetings with stakeholders, we offered some changes to improve the Strapworks’ solution. Being impressed by our approach, they entrusted the project to our team.

We customized Magento 2 Advanced Product Options extension as per Strapworks’ requirements and added new features:

  • Dependent product options for flexible product configuration;
  • Custom option wizard for displaying products with multiple options and grouping these options into separate tabs (size, material);
  • Dynamic pricing for setting a rate for a product and associating this rate with other product options, which allows calculating a price based on many options;
  • Hidden price for hiding product prices and adding explanations that guide users (e.g., select a product to see the price);
  • Credit terms checkout for allowing clients to place an order and pay for it later;
  • Quick product import/export for importing/exporting products in only one click; 
  • Swatch options for replacing text descriptions on the preview with product icons.

For enhanced user experience, we offered a new website design concept. We also revised Advanced Product Options extension and eliminated excessive features. It helped increase the website speed by 30 points in Google PageSpeed Insights.

Due to the issues with Strapworks’ hosting provider, such as delays in responses, we offered and further performed migration to Amazon Web Services. Being satisfied with the project results, Strapworks offered to continue our business partnership.

Magento 2 store for Luicella’s Premium Ice Cream
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Magento 2 store for Luicella’s Premium Ice Cream
  • Magento 2 store for Luicella’s Premium Ice Cream screenshot 1
  • Magento 2 store for Luicella’s Premium Ice Cream screenshot 2
  • Magento 2 store for Luicella’s Premium Ice Cream screenshot 3
Not Disclosed
8 weeks

The customer, Luicella’s Ice Cream, is a one the most popular parlors of Hamburg specializing on crafting and distributing premium ice cream, sauces and toppings, blends and equipment for ice cream making via brick-and-mortar and online shops.

Aimed at increasing sales and enhancing brand image, Luicella’s Ice Cream decided to replace the legacy online store with a completely new Magento 2-based solution with engaging and modern UI, improved usability and boosted response times for catalogue browsing, add-to-cart and checkout. Above all, the customer was going to present the updated website on TV to the 2-million audience of the The Cave of the Lions.

Staylime was chose to perform this project as a reliable Magento expert with flexible and proactive approach to process planning and high level of commitment. Our team has successfully delivered a Magento-based online store, supplemented with custom functionality:

  • cataloguing
  • advanced search
  • payment processing
  • gift cards generator
  • shipment management

Considering tough project deadlines, we offered the T&M engagement model that enabled us to start the project at once, and provide for reasonable and transparent budget allocation throughout the project flow. Staylime met the 2-month deadline, having delivered the solution by the TV show. During the live TV show, every feature of the website worked correctly against extreme peak loads.

Since its release in September 2017, Luicella’s Ice Cream store has been operating successfully, while Staylime has been continuously monitoring and advancing it to the customer’s immense pleasure.

Ankerkraut’s Online Store Migration to Magento 2
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Ankerkraut’s Online Store Migration to Magento 2
  • Ankerkraut’s Online Store Migration to Magento 2 screenshot 1
  • Ankerkraut’s Online Store Migration to Magento 2 screenshot 2
  • Ankerkraut’s Online Store Migration to Magento 2 screenshot 3
Not Disclosed
12 weeks

Staylime performed full-cycle migration of Ankerkraut’s spice e-store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and created a unique adaptive design.

The customer, Ankerkraut, is a German manufacturer and retailer of over 100 types of savory spices. They wanted to increase productive capacities up to 5 million product units per year and improve sales significantly. With this goal in mind, Ankerkraut addressed Staylime to migrate its online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Staylime’s team performed full-cycle store migration using the incremental approach, ensuring that data is not lost during migration by performing a series of test runs. The designed Magento 2 solution has a modern look and feel that gives webstore visitors easy and pleasant navigation experience. Special attention was paid to site performance optimization and custom features development, such as a unique product slider and a possibility to see the cost calculated either depending on weights measured in grams or on the number of packed items users want to buy.

The designed solution was integrated with major online payment systems, including PayPal and Amazon Pay, as well as The German express mail service DHL. The customer also integrated the new web-store with its ERP system.

Staylime delivered Ankerkraut’s online store within three months, and the customer was satisfied with the developed solution. With a new Magento 2-based store, Ankerkraut received a number of benefits:

  • Increased sales conversion and greater usability thanks to a modern UX/UI
  • Brand image improvement thanks to custom design
  • Maximized business potential provided by an updated Magento 2 platform and custom functionality development
  • Lower bounce rate and increased time that visitors stay on the site

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