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SupremeTech is a product-focused development company. We believe that technology has the power to provide unlimited value to the world. We provide offshore software outsourcing services for high-demand markets.

SupremeTech prioritizes teamwork and personal growth. We believe that the power of working as one team toward a shared goal will lead all projects to success. 

We focus not only on developing software but also providing the best solutions based on your business goals and core values.

SupremeTech provides many different outsourcing models to suit your needs. Choosing the most appropriate outsourcing model will allow you to receive the software you need, within your budget and deadlines.

1. Dedicated team: This model provides a dedicated team that works exclusively on your project. Cost is based on fixed monthly payments for each dedicated team member.

2. Time & material: In this model, our specialists work on-demand, and the cost of development depends on the number of resources and time used.

3. Flexible scope (DSDM): This is a full-lifecycle Agile project management and delivery strategy that offers rapid and effective solutions.

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ISO 27001
50 - 249
Nguyen Huu Tho, Da Nang City, Da Nang 550000

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • E-commerce Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development
  • Other Services

Client Focus

  • Small Business

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  • Miahire screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
Other Industries


MiaHire is a video interview solution that digitalizes the process of large scale recruitment.

Recruiters typically struggle with digesting stacks of resumes, spending time arranging and attending numerous rounds of interviews. In some cases, they find candidates unqualified within the first five minutes of the interview, but they have to finish the interview in order to be polite. Additionally, the tiring interview process may cause many qualified candidates to be buried and missed in the thousands of resumes and CVs.

Project Challenges:

The application must be lightweight and easy to access. Recruiters and candidates who are not familiar with video interviews will resist trying a new method of interviewing. Simple UX leading and video processing speed are key requirements of this application.


Our developers created a platform for recruiters to conduct their first interview screening completely online. The recruiter can conduct high-quality personnel evaluations by video interview regardless of location or time. MiaHire's users report that they can reduce up to 85% of their time and effort spent on large scale recruitment.

Main Features:

Recruiters can invite candidates to a video interview, evaluate interview videos, manage statuses, collaborate on evaluation results, and more. 
Questions can be in text, images, or video format with editable preparation and answer time for each question.

The evaluator watches the videos of the candidates' answers and evaluates using the preset form. Evaluation forms are highly customizable based on each company's hiring criteria. Candidates can be filtered by position and interview status so recruiters can compare candidates for a fairer and more accurate assessment.

Candidates can attend the interview using their own device. Candidates can also attend the interview any time, anywhere. No more back-and-forth calls just to arrange an interview time.

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  • LUNA screenshot 1
$100001 to $500000
Art, Entertainment & Music


LUNA is a next-generation SaaS that revolutionizes digital transformation in the TV industry.

The Internet era has changed the classic TV viewer’s behavior from passively receiving broadcasted content to a specific device (a TV) to actively looking for their favorite content on multiple devices. Big content corporations have all invested millions of dollars into creating OTT TV apps, in order to bring their videos directly to consumers. However, it is not as easy for smaller players in the industry to approach this new technology.

LUNA aims to create a one-stop service for content enterprises to catch up with the technology trend and distribute their videos, programs, and ads to their current users.

Some of the challenges we faced include:

Creating industry standard features in the browser with UX that is easy for operators to adopt.

Building a reliable system that is able to deliver live programs to users in different places in the world.

Providing mobile apps for end-user that are easy to customize for different clients.

Providing different scenarios for monetization, such as: subscriptions, pay-per-view, ads.

Our team developed a one-stop service with a playout management site for operators, two mobile apps for end-users, various monetization strategies that are backed by the industry standard for video streaming, and the distributing system. It can also perform dynamic ad stitching to the live streaming program on the server-side.

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