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We are an interactive design studio that rocks. At TSUKAT we share a common passion for immersive technologies, especially VR and AR, and are fascinated by the enormous opportunities they bring to the table. Our mission is to bring a unique experience of transforming the perception of the edge between your imagination and reality.

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United States
4300 BISKAYNE BVLD STE 203,, Miami, Florida 33137

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • AR & VR Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • App Designing (UI/UX)

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  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

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  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate

TSUKAT Clients & Portfolios

YOU MAWO Mobile App
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YOU MAWO Mobile App
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Not Disclosed

YOU MAWO is a German eyewear tech company that produces 3D-printed premium bespoke eyewear based on infrared 3D face scans through their proprietary software.

The company's mobile app, YOU MAWO, allows users to make a face scan and create custom glasses frames that perfectly fit their face.

With the app's Virtual TryOn tool, users can fit and change the frame in real-time, adjusting parameters like size, color, and more. Once the glasses frame has been selected and all parameters have been finalized, users can place their order by selecting the order type and filling out the necessary information.

Our team was involved in most parts of the development process for the YOU MAWO app. The application allows anyone worldwide to acquire a 100% individualized frame, ensuring a perfect fit for every wearer.

With the use of 3D face scans and 3D printing technology, YOU MAWO can produce bespoke eyewear that is tailored to the unique contours and dimensions of each customer's face. This means that individuals no longer have to settle for off-the-shelf frames that may not fit properly or be comfortable to wear.

The YOU MAWO app is just one example of the innovative products and services that YOU MAWO has to offer. As a company, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the eyewear industry, using cutting-edge technology to create high-quality, customized eyewear that meets the needs and preferences of their customers.

Whether you need glasses for vision correction or want to make a fashion statement, YOU MAWO has something for everyone.

K�rber VR Robots
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K�rber VR Robots
  • K�rber VR Robots screenshot 1
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  • K�rber VR Robots screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
8 weeks

The Korber Robots project was created as a VR experience for warehouses’ logistics and operations with the help of the robotic system. The main gist of this case is to present people the opportunities for the automation of production or manufacturing processes with the help of robots. By interacting with robots through their performance, people can save time, effort and use robots as reliable assistants to perform their work as quickly, efficiently, and qualitatively as possible.

The VR experience allows us to work with two types of robots and each has its own function and workflow:

1. Goods To person. The process of working with this kind of robot is quite simple. The mobile robot consists of a computer monitor, a fixed scanner, a mounted handheld scanner, a step ladder on wheels, and put to light with a tote on each side of the pick module.

A mobile robot displays a shelved rack containing boxes of various sizes and colors to an opening. The process starts when the monitor's screen shows the pick location (level and side), an image of the item to pick (a box of a specific size and color), and the required quantity. The picker will choose the indicated item and quantity asked by the robot, scan it with a fixed scanner, and check the monitor for the location of the tote on the put-to-light wall. The picker will then go to the put location, place the items in the tote, and press the put-to-light wall button to finish the pick.

Once the first pick is complete, the picker will return to the pick port, where a new bot positions itself for the next pick. The picker will repeat the same process for the second pick.

2. Collaborative In Aisle Picking. In the aisle, multiple mobile robots with totes will be positioned at different locations, each representing a robot ready for picking. The picker will approach the closest robot and view the screen, which displays an image of the item to be picked, including its bin location and quantity.

After the picker selects the item and quantity, they will scan it on the robot and confirm the quantity. The robot will then indicate where the item should be placed on the robot. The robot has four put locations, each represented by a different colored tote and labeled position 1-4 on the screen. The picker will put the item in the indicated tote and press the confirm button on the robot's screen.

The robot will then proceed to the next pick. After completing the second pick with the first robot, the robot will move on, and the picker will approach the next closest robot to begin the process again for a single pick.

The client of the project has used this experience on several events and received overwhelmingly positive feedback that makes us be proud of our tsukat team.

3D Face Reconstruction
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3D Face Reconstruction
  • 3D Face Reconstruction screenshot 1
  • 3D Face Reconstruction screenshot 2
  • 3D Face Reconstruction screenshot 3
  • 3D Face Reconstruction screenshot 4
Not Disclosed
36 weeks
Healthcare & Medical

3D face reconstruction is a technical solution from tsukat that will give you major advantages over your competitors and holds the key to unlocking new opportunities and driving business success.

Our RnD team developed a framework that allowed us to create a 3D scan of the human head from a series of depth-enhanced RGB images. 3D Face Reconstruction was designed to be an intuitive and simple scanning procedure for users, allowing them to perform independently with no additional help from the business side.

With modern phones, this process has become even more accessible, as their depth-sensing capabilities have transformed the 3D scanning field by combining portability, advanced hardware, sophisticated software algorithms, and artificial intelligence advances.


With our solution, customers can get all the necessary facial landmarks to ensure the perfect fit of any facial product. This includes the front of the face and surrounding areas such as hair and ears. This comprehensive scanning approach would enable a more holistic representation of the individual's facial structure. It will allow a range of applications, including personalized avatar creation and animations, surgical planning and prosthetics design, as well as virtual apparel and makeup try-on.

The tsukat team created a robust and reliable solution that met the requirements of our partners and delivered exceptional results in terms of accuracy, accessibility, and efficiency. Through our development efforts, we broaden the limits of existing 3D face scanning technology and empower businesses with advanced capabilities for their respective industries.

CorPower Ocean VR Experience
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CorPower Ocean VR Experience
  • CorPower Ocean VR Experience screenshot 1
  • CorPower Ocean VR Experience screenshot 2
  • CorPower Ocean VR Experience screenshot 3
  • CorPower Ocean VR Experience screenshot 4
  • CorPower Ocean VR Experience screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
8 weeks
Oil & Energy

In partnership with our trusted partner, Swedish Frames AB, we have developed an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience for CorPower Ocean, a leading renewable energy manufacturer. The goal before our team was to ensure the solution's ability to captivate audiences and potential clients and showcase the work of the wave converter at various thematic events and conferences. Therefore, our Unity engineers and 3D artists put lots of effort into creating a visually appealing and realistic environment with gamification tools.

  • The energy extraction simulator is the first part of the VR experience. The user appears on the ship replica's deck with two menus and a buoy miniature in a water tank. The hand-tracking function allows the user to create waves in the water tank to generate energy from the buoy movement. The key challenge was accurately representing users' actions and seamlessly integrating environmental responses. Our Unity developers devoted substantial time and energy to achieving realistic wave simulation, buoy motion, and accurate strength and amplitude calculation caused by user interactions.

    Thanks to our engineers' mathematical algorithms, a state-of-the-art solution was achieved. As users' movements vary, the simulator responds with nuanced outcomes — slower wave beats when moves are weakened, gently bobbing the buoy miniature, and reflecting results on the menus. The more accurate the users' actions are, the more energy they generate. Once the goal of the simulator is reached, the user will see their results along with fireworks naturally implemented by our VFX designer.
  • Another part of this VR experience is the possibility of checking the actual size of the buoy from the inside. Once pressing the watch menu, the user can get to the upper and lower levels of the buoy. It is worth noting that our engineers ensured the virtual environment accurately represents buoy levels. Even details such as the feeling of height while standing on solid ground. VR solution is initially developed for the Oculus Quest 2 headset.

As a result of our collaboration, CorPower Ocean has gained a powerful tool to connect with potential partners and clients, fostering a deeper understanding of their innovative wave converter technology. The tsukat team, in association with Swedish Frames, surpassed all expectations and delivered a truly exceptional VR experience.

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