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In Vazco we combine customers’ ideas with top notch technologies. Outside and inside relations in our company are built around the very same principles of flexibility, authenticity and win-win approach. Together with our customers, we search for the form that suits best. It’s all about pairing ideas into product.

We tend to focus on bleeding-edge technologies. We're experts in: React, Redux, Node.js, JavaScript, Meteor, Apollo, GraphQL,, blockchain (Solidity)

We work within Scrum process, offering help of PO and ScrumMaster when needed.

$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
Podwale 7, Wroclaw, Lower Silesia 50-043

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • IT Services
  • Testing Services
  • Blockchain Technology

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

Vazco Clients & Portfolios

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  • Pnyx screenshot 1
  • Pnyx screenshot 2
  • Pnyx screenshot 3
$50001 to $100000
75 weeks
Healthcare & Medical

A service for caregivers. It coordinates help given by many organizations to a single person.


We were approached by Pnyx with a goal to create a community for care givers, which would allow for different companies to share information about single individuals they provide help for. The system had to meet all requirements of Australian law for storage of sensitive information.


Pnyx was built on Meteor, where our key challenge was to quickly adapt access system to meet strict requirements of Australian law. Particular caregivers can be given specific access type to any part of the site.

The whole website was designed around a careroom - a place where all information about an individual are stored. The careroom contains schedules, planned services and caregivers that are providing them, as well as information about an individual.

Individual’s family can control access levels and can freely communicate with caregivers.


  •  A custom access system, with over 50 settings
  •  A care room - a knowledgebase for a single person
  •  Progress note for services that individual needs
  •  A shared calendar for services
  •  Document templates for caregivers
  •  Social features
Learning Circle
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Learning Circle
  • Learning Circle screenshot 1
  • Learning Circle screenshot 2
  • Learning Circle screenshot 3
$10001 to $50000
50 weeks

A platform allowing students to learn from each other.

Technologies: Meteor, MongoDB, hangouts, Bootstrap, NodeJS


We were given a task to create a platform which organizes students in groups based on their location and preferences. Students then interact and learn from each other, based on a predefined interactive program, with minimal involvement of a teacher. The project was built for Learning Circle, under a support of a Newcastle University.


We helped define functionalities and interface for this website. We chose Meteor to realize this project, due to a number of features we could reuse from our codebase. We based Learning Circle on our Universe platform. It increases sustainability of Meteor projects by implementing better encapsulation of code, better separation of front-end modules from back-end and providing option of extending functionalities through a set of predefined rules.

Central feature for student cooperation is live conferencing, which we implemented based on Google Hangouts. Students can cooperate by preparing projects and inviting others to their projects, as well as through blog content they create. They can interact through a twitter-like communication for their groups and sections. All education-focused activity is presented to them through an activity feed, working similar like Facebook’s activity wall.

Mentors and teachers can manage student progress and guide them through teacher’s panel. Administrators can manage portfolio of courses. They have insight to admission reports through a separate tool prepared for them.

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  • Cenabo screenshot 1
  • Cenabo screenshot 2
  • Cenabo screenshot 3
$10001 to $50000
40 weeks
Art, Entertainment & Music

A guest management platform for sit-down events.

Technologies: Meteor, MongoDB, Apollo, GraphhQL, React, Bootstrap


We were approached by a client with a task of finishing an already started project.

An old platform was implemented with the use of .Net technology, and due to technological debt and complexity, had to be rewritten and simplified. Client already had a scapefolding of a new application when he asked us for help.

We were provided with very detailed specifications. The main challenge of this project was to implement all requirements exactly as they were defined, with pixel-perfect graphical precision, as well as with a perfect correctness of implementing a business model - all this in a limited timeframe.


We started with a technological audit, which proved the application was in a fairly good state. Stack was set as Apollo, GraphQL and React.

The client had a very good product definition due to an experience of creating a prototype version first, which allowed us to start implementation immediately.

We were tasked with implementing 5 sets of functionalities. Those were later reviewed in detail and adjusted based on a client’s feedback. Functionalities included a drag-and-drop seat planning, an advanced events management system, as well as custom views for different roles in the system.

The final functionality was a print mechanic, which allowed to support mass printing of table cards for guests.

All functionalities were being released to production server separately, after going through the QA process.

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  • Wombee screenshot 1
  • Wombee screenshot 2
  • Wombee screenshot 3
$10001 to $50000
10 weeks
Travel & Lifestyle

Social network for travelers.

Technologies: React, React Native, Apollo, GraphQL, Grapghcool, AWS Lambda, Algolia


We had been challenged with creating a highly maintainable code, based on serverless architecture. We picked since we had relevant experience and found it technologically adequate and quite useful in terms of rapid development. As the business model had been based specifically on distances between users, we chose Algolia in order to support geolocation queries - which were not supported in


The client turned to us after two other MVPs that proved to be not successful enough. We were asked to create a final one.

Working within tight time constraints, we had to constantly be in touch with the client so that we could clarify his requirements and expectations as we moved along. The scope of the work as originally planned was a bit too broad for the limited time we had been given. We decided to help the client carefully redefine the product to deliver it in the minimal viable form without crossing the planned deadline.

As mobility is a must for travelers, an obvious choice was to build an application as a mobile app. We chose React Native as it combined fast development ability with a native look and feel for the end user.

We had been challenged with creating a highly maintainable code, based on serverless architecture. We picked since we had relevant experience and found it technologically adequate and quite useful in terms of rapid development. As the business model had been based specifically on distances between users, we chose Algolia in order to support geolocation queries - which were not supported in

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  • Clozer screenshot 1
  • Clozer screenshot 2
  • Clozer screenshot 3
$100001 to $500000
100 weeks
Business Services

A cross-platform mobile application that helps sellers get to new contacts, with the use of machine learning solutions.

Technologies: Meteor, Apollo, GraphQL, React, Cordova, uPort, LUIS


We were tasked with creating a hybrid mobile application that would offer standard Customer Relation Management functionalities, empowered with machine learning solutions, and innovative functionalities to guarantee integrity of contact data.

A goal was to support natural language processing, voice chat, and interpret commands with the use of machine learning. Integrity of contact data was planned to be guaranteed with the use of a blockchain technology, which would allow to synchronize dispersed knowledge in community of sellers.

Functionalities were fully synchronized with SalesForce, Google Calendar and Google Contact, with plans to introduce additional synchronizations.
The application was based on a pre-existing code, which we had to refactor and replan.


  •  speech commands recognition on mobile devices
  •  machine-learning with the use of Microsoft Cognitive Services
  •  inbox emails processing with the use of machine-learning - LUIS
  •  Intelligent voice chat interface implemented with the use of Microsoft Bot Framework
  •  data synchronization with Salesforce, Google Contacts, Google Calendar
  •  roles management system
  •  GraphQL-based single point of truth system for identities
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  • aleno screenshot 1
  • aleno screenshot 2
  • aleno screenshot 3
$100001 to $500000
100 weeks
Other Industries

A tablet-focused reservation management system for restaurants.

Technologies: React, Meteor, MongoDB, Semantic UI, less, Blaze

Challenge: We were tasked with creating an innovative graphical interface for handling reservations, as well as an interface optimized for tablets for all more traditional functionalities. Everyone is busy in the restaurant business. We had to plan an application in a way that would optimize the speed of interaction.

One of the requirements was that as a SaaS system, aleno should be adjustable to the needs of both singular restaurants and groups of them, either manually or through the inheritance mechanism.

We were asked to be able to release modifications requested by restaurants to live server within one week.

During later stages of development we focused on optimization of a SaaS system for larger traffic.

In time, the system grew with multiple advanced functionalities.


  •  SaaS system with extensive options of customizations
  •  full mobile support
  •  REST API’s for external applications
  •  interactive graphical interface representing restaurant’s room layout
  •  reservation widget that can be embedded in external websites
  •  payment system integration (Braintree by PayPal)
  •  real-time communication between clients and restaurants
  •  full translation support for multiple languages
  •  CRM
  •  MailChimp integration
  •  integration with the Laax system

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