We suggest, you decide, we provide.

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About Vazco
In Vazco we combine customers’ ideas with top notch technologies. Outside and inside relations in our company are built around the very same principles of flexibility, authenticity and win-win approach. Together with our customers, we search for the form that suits bes...
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$50 - $99/hr
10 - 49
We suggest, you decide, we provide.
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We offer:

  • implementation and support of projects (bespoke development)
  • code audits
  • design sprints and project planning
  • design services
  • trainings


Our advantages:

  • we're really good at identifying and working with future-proof bleeding edge technologies
  • we have 9 years of experience working on innovative projects
  • we're a part of ITCorner, a cluster of 60 IT companies from Wrocław. Together we offer a very wide range of services.
  • our OS packages were downloaded over 100 000 times, giving you good insight into quality of our code
  • we live by win-win approach, able to extend our services to make your project a true business success.
Service Focus
6 Portfolios
A service for caregivers. It coordinates help given by many organizations to a single person.   Challenge We were approached by Pnyx with a goal to create a community for care givers, which would allow for different companies to share information about single i...
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$50001 to $100000 75 weeks Healthcare & Medical
Contact information
Podwale 7, Wroclaw, Lower Silesia 50-043