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We turn ideas into wonderful things

1.25/5 (1 Reviews)
ur mission and values define the niche essence of our work and to make that happen we start with believing in you and your requirements. We work like a PRO! For a project you’ll get the service of digital studio, a top grade development, strategic business solution, a ...
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WebMob Technologies
We turn ideas into wonderful things
1.25/5 (1 Reviews)
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Not good
Reviewed 2 months ago by Ajay Valecha
Role: Managing Director at General Counsel London Limited
The experience of this firm started very well but progressively began to deteriorate and is now in a terrible disarray.

We had agreed a transitional project handover plan during the time I was having difficulties with the relationship. Our relationship broke down after the CEO dogmatically and non negotiably demanded more money for services and was unbearable in communication. He stated he did not want to deal with me any further unless I agree to the higher rate.

They were treating me like an unwanted employee. By no means did I feel like I was a client.

The worst thing is that they did not handover the project correctly and are now demanding more money for further cooperation to provide key details to what they have delivered.

Rude, obnoxious, extortionate and criminal behaviour.

I hope no one has to gone through this.
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