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Yash Computech Solutions offers innovative solutions that raise our customers' effectiveness, efficiency, and production. We have extensive experience in virtually every area of technology-related work, from site design and development to IT consulting services and programming development. Furthermore, we are a Microsoft Certified Partner. We provide crucial customer care and support to strengthen each project we take on. We operate our firm effectively so that the costs of our goods remain in focus. We invest our resources on our team. We train and prepare our employees. Yash Computech Solutions has a global perspective and ambition, but we are aware that success only comes to businesses that operate ethically.


ISO 9001:2015
10 - 49
HB 37, II Floor,Scheme No 94, Ring Road,Near Teen Imli Flyover Landmark: SBI bank musakhedi branch above delhivery Office Indore (M.P.) India 452001, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001
HB 37, II Floor,Scheme No 94, Ring Road,Near Teen Imli Flyover Landmark: SBI bank musakhedi branch above delhivery Office Indore (M.P.) India 452001, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Implementation Services
  • Maintenance & Support
  • IT Services


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  • YES-POS screenshot 1
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Not Disclosed
50 weeks

YES-POS (point of sale) is POS application for Grocery Store, General Store, Super Markets, Chain of Super Markets, Retail Chains, Liquor Shops, Gift Stores, Mobile Stores, Stationary Stores and Electronic Stores with more than 260+ satisfied customers.

There are two type of YES POS are there

  • Desktop Based

  • Web Based

        We Work for Desktop Based YES-POS

This application has various sections which are as follows

Software Detail section :-

In this section a detail about application is provided like barcode scanning. Manage selling price and Credit sales etc.

The basic functionality of this section is as follows

  • Manage Items /Category
  • Barcode Generation and scanning
  • Mange /Selling Price
  • Manage Customer
  • Mange Cash / Credit Sales
  • Manage Print bills
  • POS (point of scale) by Barcode
  • Receive Customer Payment
  • Manage Cash Payment
  • Reports Generation which may be of different types like
    • Stock Report
    • Categorized Stock Report
    • Cash Register
    • Sales Details
    • Cash / Credit Sales Details
    • Customer Ledger
    • Supplier Ledger
    • Sales Register
    • Purchase Register

POS (Point of Sale) :-

This a most important part of a application because all important tasks are performed here

The tasks are of different types like

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Multiple item Entry
  • Cash / Credit/Card Sales
  • ISales Return/Exchange
  • Cancel Sales

Accounts Section :-

As the name is specifying accounts here accounts of each and every thing is maintain like purchase, sales, payment etc.

This section maintain following data

  • Customer Accounting
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Register
  • Physical Stock Verification
  • Sales Register
  • Cash Book
  • Inventory Reports
  • Salary issues
  • Expenses
  • Payment / Receipt
  • Reports

Silent features of this application are as follows :-

  • Desktop Application
  • User Level Security
  • User Level Access Permission
  • Role Based Security
  • Code Access Security
  • Report Export (Excel/pdf/rtf/doc/Printer)
  • Dynamic Report Creation
  • Rich User interface
  • Parameterized calculation
The Vyom ERp
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The Vyom ERp
  • The Vyom ERp screenshot 1
  • The Vyom ERp screenshot 2
  • The Vyom ERp screenshot 3
  • The Vyom ERp screenshot 4
  • The Vyom ERp screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

In today’s fast-paced business world, managing resources efficiently is essential to stay ahead of the competition. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has emerged as a popular solution for businesses looking to streamline their processes and improve productivity. One such solution is The Vyom Enterprise resource planning software, which is an all-in-one solution that helps businesses manage their resources efficiently. It is a desktop-based software that can help businesses manage their resource planning with ease. It streamlines different operations such as accounting, inventory management, production, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) in one platform. The software offers a range of features and modules that can be customized to meet the unique needs of different businesses, from small startups to large corporations.

Kalansh One
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Kalansh One
  • Kalansh One screenshot 1
  • Kalansh One screenshot 2
  • Kalansh One screenshot 3
  • Kalansh One screenshot 4
  • Kalansh One screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Kalansh is a comprehensive banking and finance solution designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of financial transactions. Through its Agent Mobile App, pigmy agents can easily collect cash from customers using a mobile device, ensuring a convenient and error-free process. This system simplifies data capture, allowing agents to select the customer account number within the app and process deposit transactions in real-time, instantly crediting the amount into the customer’s account in the bank’s CBS. Customers receive electronic receipts via SMS or print immediately, reducing the risk of fraud and eliminating delays in crediting pigmy amounts. With its user-friendly interface and portable devices, Kalansh is an ideal solution for doorstep banking and financial inclusion, making it easy for banks and societies to implement this efficient system, all while benefiting from the reliability of real-time online transactions, subject to network and plan availability.

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  • BidCrafter screenshot 1
  • BidCrafter screenshot 2
  • BidCrafter screenshot 3
  • BidCrafter screenshot 4
  • BidCrafter screenshot 5
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Other Industries

BidCrafter software is a powerful technological solution designed to facilitate online auctions and streamline the buying and selling of goods and services in a digital environment. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and features that enhance the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of the auction process. At its core, BidCrafter software provides a platform for hosting and managing auctions. It allows organizations to create and customize auctions, set parameters, and invite participants, all within a secure and user-friendly interface.

One of the fundamental features of BidCrafter software is the ability to create different types of auctions, such as reverse auctions (where suppliers compete to offer the lowest price) and forward auctions (where buyers compete to obtain goods or services). This flexibility allows businesses to choose the most suitable auction format for their specific needs.

BidCrafter software often includes robust user management capabilities, enabling organizations to define user roles and access permissions. This ensures that only authorized personnel can participate in or oversee auctions, enhancing data security and integrity. Real-time features are also a hallmark of BidCrafter software. Participants can engage in live bidding, monitoring auction progress and submitting bids instantly. This dynamic environment encourages competitiveness and often leads to more favorable outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools are another crucial aspect of BidCrafter software. Users can access detailed data on auction performance, track historical trends, and make informed decisions based on actionable insights. Moreover, BidCrafter software typically supports multiple currencies, languages, and geographic regions, making it a versatile solution for global procurement and sales. It often integrates with other procurement and supply chain management systems, ensuring seamless connectivity within an organization’s ecosystem.


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