Zone24x7 Inc.

Zone24x7 Inc.

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5.0 (2 Reviews)
About Zone24x7 Inc.
Zone24x7 is the innovator of the world’s first Android powered braille device, a gold medalist at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards for R&D in autonomous ground robots and a technology innovation partner for some of the largest retailers in the U.S. The company is&nbs...
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250 - 999
United States, Sri Lanka
Zone24x7 Inc.
IoT | AI | Robotics | Embedded | Software
5.0 (2 Reviews)
2 Reviews
Client Reviews
Great team to work with.
Meredith Jolly CEO at Conarc Inc.
on 9/6/20
Quality of deliverable
Customer support
Value for money
Overall rating
Project Details
Software Development
Project Status:
In progress
Zone24x7 is Truly Committed to Deliver!
Galina Mitchem Senior Software Engineer at Macy’s Technology
on 8/6/20
Zone24x7 developed new .Net applications used for mobile devices at Macy’s Tech. We could have not done it without these guys!
Quality of deliverable
Customer support
Value for money
Overall rating
Project Details
Project Name
Zone24x7 is Truly Committed to Deliver!
Software Development
Project Status:
In progress
Services Systems Development

  •     Microcontroller/Microprocessor Designs
  •     Embedded Systems Firmware Design
  •     FPGA Designs
  •     Embedded Security
  •     IoT Device and Wearables Design
  •     Wireless Communication Technologies
  •     Payment Device and Firmware Expertise
  •     OS Porting and Driver Development
  •     Battery Management Systems
  •     Motor Control Systems
  •     Device SDK and Application Development


IoT Middleware Development

  •     Machine to machine protocol expertise: MQTT, CoAP, LWM2M
  •     On Premise IoT Platform Expertise
  •     Remote Monitoring, Management and FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) Expertise
  •     Cloud IoT Platform Expertise
  •     Expertise in transport and storage security


IoT Edge Application Development

  •     Expertise in low footprint languages such as C, C++, Go Lang and Python
  •     Cutting Edge IPC protocols such as GRPC
  •     Expertise in auto-healing mechanisms for edge software


Robotics Engineering

  •     Mechanical Design
  •     Computing System Design
  •     Robot Navigation System Design
  •     Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  •     3D Prototyping & CAD
  •     ROS



  •     Evaluation & Selection of RFID Tags, Labels, & Hardware Infrastructure
  •     RFID Middleware/Software
  •     RFID-based Localization
  •     Inventory & Item Level Visibility
  •     Asset Tracking


AI Based Computer Vision

  •     People Counting
  •     Proximity Detection
  •     Age & Gender Identification
  •     Action Detection
  •     Queue Identification
  •     Theft Detection
  •     Real-time User Intent Identification
  •     Custom Machine Learning Use case Implementation


Big Data Engineering

  •     Big Data Consulting
  •     Big Data Architecture and Solutions Engineering
  •     Monitoring and Visualization
  •     Data Processing Pipeline Design and Development
  •     Cloud Based Big Data Solutions
  •     Data Audit


Data Science

  •     Data Science Consulting
  •     Custom Data Science Solutions
  •     Advanced Machine Learning
    •    Computer Vision Systems
    •    Deep Neural Networks
  •     Predictive Analytics
  •     Recommendation Engineering


Web Application Development

  •     Frontend Engineering Expertise 
    •    Angular, React JS, Vue JS
    •    Progressive Web Application (PWA) Design and Development
  •     Web Accessibility Engineering
  •     SOC2, CCPA, WCAG 2.0, HIPAA, GDPR Compliant Solution Development
  •     UI/UX Design and Development
  •     Web Streaming Protocols (RTSP)
  •     Middleware Development
    •    Framework Expertise in Spring Boot /.NET Core / .NET Framework
    •    Expertise on Caching & Scaling Deisng and Technologies


Mobile Application Development

  •     Flutter, React Native
  •     Native Android and iOS Development


Augmented and Virtual Reality Application Development

  •     Microsoft Holo Lens
  •     Oculus Rift
  •     Google Tango


Business Analysis

  •     Business Research and Idea Validation
  •     Business Process Re-engineering
  •     Product Management


IP Protection as a Service

  •     Patent Drafting Working With the Inventors
  •     Provisional and Non Provisional Patent Filing 
  •     Trademark Filing


End to End Program / Project Management

  •     Certified Agile and PMP Practitioners
  •     Total Ownership from Start to End


Service Focus
4 Portfolios
Fixed RFID Reader Based Inventory Localization
An innovative retail logistics company in Sanjose, California (unable to reveal the company name due to NDA) required to optimize their inventory picking time. This company serves order fulfillment requests of some of the largest tech companies in the U.S and takes prid...
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$50001 to $100000 12 weeks Transportation & Logistics
Team Members
Thivanka Vithanage Strategic Partnerships | Marketer | Digital Customer Experience Professional
Contact information
Zone24x7 Inc.
3150 Almaden Expressway, Suite 234, San Jose, California 95118
United States
Zone24x7 Inc.
460, Nawala Road, Koswatte, Western Province CO10107
Sri Lanka
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