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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use ReactJS for web development?

You should consider using ReactJS in your web apps for many compelling reasons. A few of them are simplified scripting due to JSX, the component-based architecture that allows code reusability, faster rendering of the user interface due to virtual DOM, etc. Since ReactJS is a library, some many other free extensions and features further make it very developer friendly while maintaining a good quality of the end product. These advantages of ReactJS development make it a great choice for web apps.

How to choose the best ReactJS development company?

In order to choose the best ReactJS development you need to be ready with your project scope, objectives, goals, and budget. You need to be familiar with the skills required to execute your project and then simply match those requirements with your shortlisted companies. Once you are clear about your requirements, choosing the best React development company becomes much easier, just visit a trustworthy online company listing and review platform like GoodFirms, and browse through the best market players providing their services and expertise in ReactJS development.

What is the top reason to outsource ReactJS developers?

The most lucrative advantage of hiring a React.JS development company for a business is the cost-effectiveness of the solution. When you hire a specialized React development company for a project, you gain access to superior skills, more experienced React developers, better and wider tech resources, etc. The expertise that comes with hiring a ReactJS development company can prove to be quite insightful to your project and product.

What services does the React.js development company provide?

Most ReactJS development companies offering their services to clients strive to provide end-to-end ReactJS development solutions. To meet the business needs of their clients, React development companies can provide Customized ReactJS development services, including React Web App Development, React Front-end Development, React Mobile App Development, React UI/UX Design, React Migration and Porting, as well as React Consulting services.

How to hire a ReactJS developer?

The easiest way to hire React.JS developers is to visit a good online directory, like GoodFirms, that acts as the perfect platform to help you compare and review various companies as per your hiring needs. Detailing the basic steps that you need to follow before hiring a React developer are: Defining your project requirements, scope, and goals, then researching the skills you require in a React.JS developer, visiting a directory page that hosts reliable and credible React.JS development companies, reviewing the companies based on their client ratings and reviews, then reaching out to them for a final discussion about the project and budget.

How much does it cost to hire a React developer?

To give an overview of the cost of hiring a React.JS developer, it may fall within the range of $15 to $150/ hour. Do note that these rates are subject to change depending on a variety of factors such as developer experience, location, skills required, overall estimated time for the project, and the company's brand reputation, to name a few. 

An easier breakdown of the costs can be found below:

  • Beginner React.JS developer - $15 to $35
  • Intermediate React.JS developer - $35 to $100
  • Experienced React.JS developer - $50 to $150

How much time does it take to develop custom React applications?

We can’t comment on how long it will take to develop a custom ReactJS app without knowing the details of the project. Estimating an app's timeline and delivery date depends on many factors, such as the project's complexity, the resources available, the project constraints, the skills and experience of the hired React developers, etc.

Nonetheless, here’s a guesstimate on the time required to develop custom React Applications:

Small-scale projects: Development time is 2-4 weeks

Tasks undertaken include developing small-scale applications with limited features and functionality. Perhaps a single developer or small team can manage the project in a limited period of time.

Medium-scale projects: Development time is 1-3 months

Medium-scale applications are built and often come with multiple features and functionalities. It might as well comprise multiple tests and integrations of external services such as APIs and more. A small team is required to complete the project.

Large-scale projects: Development time is 3 months - 1 year and more

Large-scale applications of the enterprise-level are developed with a range of features and extensive integrations. The development team has to be big, of course, and large-scale projects involve continuous iterations and more.

All said and done, as mentioned, it will be challenging to give you a definite timeline to build a React app in a general sense.

Can I hire a React.js development company for ongoing maintenance and support?

Yes, after discussing your ongoing project requirements with the company, you can hire them for maintenance and support.

How does GoodFirms help React.JS development service seekers to hire the best companies?

GoodFirms can help buyers find the best React development companies by providing a comprehensive directory of the leading tech companies and their client reviews. As a buyer, you can head to the React.JS development companies listing page and use the various filters to explore the best-fitting companies per your hiring requirements.