Popular Drawing Software Solutions of 2019

Updated on :June 14, 2024
By :Sarah Jay

Each aspect of our lives has been touched by technology and its evolution. These changes have impacted each virtual task we have taken on, including artwork and how we make graphics. The associated discipline which comes with the art of drawing is no exception to the rules of these advancements. What artists and creative workers used to achieve by using pencils, papers, and different colorations is now easier and simple. Computer consoles have allowed design and drawing software to take over this task, and, with this global acceptance also comes a lot of change.

There are a variety of best drawing software solutions available in 2019, which are capable of giving state of the art solutions. For people who use software to make art for their work, it can be tricky to find the software which works perfectly for you. So how do you know which one is the best?

Evolution of Drawing with Technology

Technological advancement is transforming people’s lives. From simple things like using apps for ordering food to creating real-life characters from AI devices, we live in a modern digital age. This has led to a shift in many fields, especially when it comes to drawing. The way we work with new ideas and give end results has taken a complete turn in the 21st century.

The Start of Computer Art

Computer art started as early as the 1950s. Artists and designers had been working on devices that used analogue computing operations as precursors to manipulate images. The work of the earliest digital pioneers showed that computer art had its own awe in the eyes of the public. One of the earliest digital artworks was the 'Oscillon 40', which dates all the way back to 1952. Ben Laposky was a digital artist who used an oscilloscope to manipulate electronic waves when they came upon a small screen. Back then, he had to use long exposure photography, which was able to record some brief moments that made up the end product.

drawing solutions

The Advent of Graphic Design Software

Graphic design software is part of what we use today to create drawings and other forms of art. They employ some very powerful tools which are used in the creation and management of computer graphics. These images and sketches can be constructed out of nothing, edited to perfection, and tailored according to user preference, all with the help of software. The types of clipart, illustrations, web graphics, and icons that we see on a day to day basis come from the advent of graphic design software.

Different Design Programs

The best thing about the popularization of technology is the different design programs that have been made available to us. The drawing, painting, and design programs we have been made accustomed to all have their own strengths and focuses and can be operated with smartphones and laptops. The design programs work with digital pens or pencils, and can even copy the movements of human fingers. Fine details, maximum accuracy, and cutting edge focus is what these programs have brought to even the simplest drawings. These stylish visuals are now driving the modern economy as we know it.

Flexible Work Opportunities

Whether you are aiming to create some standalone artwork or need to create a variety of sketches for bigger projects, design software is always a huge help. A powerful software is a critical driving force behind making ideas stand out more. Creative industries have monopolized on the vitality and importance of these technological changes and have noted what they do for business growth. Therefore, the flexible work opportunities that have been given to many designers and artists are tremendous. You can work where you want, whenever you want and share your ideas through a computer instantly and effectively.

Software: A Part of Human Life

For those who use graphic and drawing software on a daily basis, it is no secret that it is an integral part of daily life. Software has quickly made its way to the center of all industries and fields, and with further technical advancements, there is also more automation. As human beings, we expect machines to work for us all the time. In the morning we want cars to take us to our offices without a break because of the time crunches, and during our day we use other machines to do a variety of tasks. All of these simplifications exist only because of software and the ingenuity behind it. But what exactly does software do in the long run? How do software developers overview their innovation to cater to a specific field?

What are Software Solutions?

Software solutions are game-changing innovations that bring in considerable variation to organizations, businesses, and freelance workers. Whether it is related to services or offering certain products, the end result is the same: a competent solution. Consumers benefit greatly from enhanced in-house work operations, and companies can reap their own advantages from well-designed software solutions.

Before we delve into the best solutions for this year, there needs to be a focus placed upon some previous information. An overview of the function of all kinds of software solutions will showcase their significance in our lives, and then we will move on to drawing software and its strengths.


In the most basic sense, software means programs that perform specific tasks or functions, depending on the industry of focus. Software solutions, on the other hand, refer to a broader aspect of technology. This encompasses not just custom codes and programs, but also interactive features. They do accomplish specific tasks that are written for them, but they are manufactured to interconnect properly with other pieces of software, technology components, and systems.

Specific Function

A software solution is known for having specific functions. They are typically custom built and configured to solve only the most particular problems. Software solutions are designed to cater to customer needs and comprise of custom development. Their customized assembly of products is what allows for proper distinction between all kinds of different software. An excellent solution will have a custom implementation of existing software platforms or products with their specific functions.

Holistic Approach

In the essence of it all, a good software solution addresses issues in a universal manner. If a software is able to refer to a customer’s business and their individual needs, then it is bound to have higher popularity and success rates. Problem statements that come with a set of designed technological components will continue to be used by many people. When a solution is properly configured and developed to have a non-deterministic approach, the harmonious work it does will be evident to users.

Drawing Software Solutions and their Uses

drawing software solutions uses

Sketching or drawing software is no exception to all of these specifications and regulations. Instead of the notion of traditional art supplies like pens and paper, computers are being used. Artists are replacing their sketchbooks with tablets and other devices that come with digital tools. iPads and Android tablets support many of the popular drawing software solutions within their software, such as full brush sets, an interesting range color palettes, and so much more. The drawings which come out as an end product are digitally manufactured and unlike anything drawn by hand.

The Kinds of Digital Artwork

Drawings and other forms of artwork which are made from digital enhancements and software come in many types. They can range from 2D drafts to 3D models. Along with efficient visual communication constructed to direct artwork, there are also automotive design and construction sketches. Illustrators, designers, and artists are able to work with a range of ideas and give end results that have range and innovation. The kinds of digital artwork that can be created include:

  1. Complicated 3D blueprints and models
  2. Surface designs and drawings
  3. General-purpose CAD files and sketches
  4. 2D animations that replicate handwork

Better Creative Options

The best thing to come out of drawing software is the creative options. Each type of software solution comes with its own set of functions, and when it comes to drawing, there is no difference. These functions have the ability to be so diverse and widespread that more creative options come to mind. While it can be possible to use a specific drawing software for some other forms of creative work, it would be unfair to ignore the specific functionality. Thus, the options that artistic minds are left with are endless. New ideas like vector art programs, producing period-specific cartoon animation, or even working with 3D tech have made it easier to work with all kinds of new concepts.

Avoiding Problems

The general problems that most designers face while drawing or sketching can be avoided with software use. The result of these advanced solutions has allowed different kinds of artists to take their issues and have them solved with a simple download. This is why knowing what different kinds of drawing software are good for and then applying them for your project is important. This makes creating new art with them very simple.

The Most Popular Drawing Software Solutions

As illustrators, graphic designers, and visual content creators will note, the right tools matter a lot. It is absolutely true that the right kind of software gives the best digital art and illustrations. But when it comes to choosing the correct software for you, the decision can be overwhelming. Where computers and tablets of all kinds support these tools, the issue it finding what works for you. The remaining process is simple enough and requires your imaginations and a few pencil strokes. Any digital device you want to work with will be more than enough for your artworks and ideas.

In 2019, there are an increasing number of software that cater to consumer demands. To help artists pick the right options, we have rounded up the most popular drawing software solutions of the year. These include tools, apps, and other features that are operational in helping drawings and graphics.

Choosing the Right Drawing Software

There are above fifty different software solutions that work directly towards creating illustrative work. Depending on who you are, you will get a different answer as to what is the best software solution for drawing. The solution is simple: choose what is best for your individual requirements. Your choice of software will depend largely on cost, style of drawing, and willingness to put up with problems. The tip here is, if you are having a budget constraint, then you can go for the free and open source drawing software solutions.

I. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is regarded as the undisputed leader of design and sketching in the digital world. For graphic art, the software has recently gained popularity in 2019. Before this, it was mainly used for photo manipulation. While this is the task that it excels at, over the past couple of years, it has also had a huge impact on drawing as an additional function.

A One-Stop Choice

The extra features and applications that Photoshop is now known for have allowed artists to create almost anything their minds can come up with. For creative individuals who enjoy dabbling with digital media and keeping their concepts broad, Photoshop is a one-stop choice to the best end results.

Its Function and Uses

The tools that Photoshop offers are unparalleled and content-aware, thus whatever editing or cleaning up you need to do will be hyper-focused. From creating stunning photorealistic composites to painting and airbrushing original artwork and drawings, it can do anything. It further has quite an impressive set of brush customization options for working with drawing tablets. Photoshop is also proficient in creating and editing 3D models and 2D designs at a frame-by-frame level.

II. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is a drawing software that closely works with illustrations, animations, and custom cartoons. It has become an industry standard for creating fresh new drawings and illustrations, which is why digital artists are so focused on it in 2019. The majority of the tools it uses are geared towards creating original sketches and drawings, along with a broad spectrum of 2D designs.

The Main Focus

It is properly used for coming up with particular illustrations that can be included in multi-paged storyboards or books. The program has also been commercialized due to its increasing import of 3D models and their rendering. It works on them as if they were line work and makes character creation much easier. It also comes with a range of brushes which give a sense of realistic and natural brush strokes, despite being a digital program.

III. PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI is mainly a painting solution that is used by artists for making illustrations. The program comes with a simple interface and easy to use tools that beginners can employ easily. Part of the reason why it was made so popular in 2019 is that it can be used by all kinds of creative minds, from beginners to advanced artists.

No Complications 

PaintTool SAI is not at all complicated like most of its competition, and yet it still manages to keep the advanced features and functionalities other similar tools have been providing. For doing simple digital illustrations, it offers complete digitized support. You can make your illustrations even better with the easy and helpful pressure sensitivity of a tablet pen. The software is a great choice when creating smart digital imagery.

IV. ArtRage

ArtRage is a digital painting program based in New Zealand, which was used globally this year. It is a creative tool for all kinds of artists and is especially useful for:

  • Quick sketches which usually work with compositional ideas and do not require much detailing.
  • Problem-solving, such as importing existing images into the software and playing around with the artwork. This may include trying some highlight placements in an eye or choosing some background colors.
  • Preparing some working sketches with different techniques. This can be accomplished on the same drawing or different ones, depending on what kind of design you are going for. There is no need to redraw an image from scratch every time as you will always have the original.
  • Finished artwork which you can use as cards or prints. This means there is no need to photograph anything new or to have to scan it into an appropriate format. You can simply accomplish this within the program, and your work can be exported in a variety of formats.

V. Krita

Krita is a free and open source painting program that is used by Windows users around the world. For designers and artists, it supports an intuitive interface with customizable features for all kinds of creative purposes. Although, for years, it was an underrated open source software solution, it came into the limelight in 2019.

What It Offers

Krita is able to set up and maximize the workflow of artists through its dockers and panels, which are present for more efficiency. The tool offers more than one hundred professionally made brushed, which are preloaded into the program. Their uniqueness comes from the fact that you can import them along with texture packs or have the ability to create and share your own concepts. For simple sketches and ideas, the stabilizer is perfect in helping you get perfectly smooth lines and accurate styling.

VI. CorelDraw

One of the main tools which has brought about considerable improvements in drawing and sketching artwork is CorelDraw. It is practiced diligently by artists all over the world and was used consistently this year as well. Improving the capability of drawings and graphics is what the software is known for, and it comes with its own learning curve.

Complex but Useful

This drawing software comes with its complexities as it needs to be practiced before you can become proficient. Despite this hurdle, it is immensely popular as a tool in helping create digital art as it has more capabilities to handle complex demands in the field of graphic design. It comes with robust features as well as additional customizations to help artists out. It has a reliable workspace and matches the user’s workflow to increase productivity.

The Benefits

CorelDraw is customizable, as it allows users to create their own ideal workspaces. When these are populated with your favorite tools and icons, the preference allows you to make better drawings and significantly improve your work. It comes with an accessible font manager, which allows for more creative reach. It also supports extra plugins, extensions, and apps that can be downloaded to grow the suite’s tools.

LiveSketch Tool 

Your ideas can be executed immediately with CorelDraw’s LiveSketch tool. It is able to capture all original ideas through a pen-enabled device. It also supports search and filter features, which pick the perfect fonts for any project. Furthermore, this additional tool focuses on color accuracy and flexibility, which is required of any professional output. This way, designers and artists are able to put their own creative spin on all kinds of projects.

VII. Mischief

This is a popular graphic design software which is mainly intended for the creation of new concepts and ideas. Along with pixel or vector files, users are able to use additional and custom features at a low price. The tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems and has been used for digital drawings for many years now.

What Users Like About Mischief

Users have expressed the main reason the software is so good for artwork is the fluidity and speed. It feels and looks like a real pencil working on actual paper.  It also comes with an infinite canvas which is useful for laying out new ideas and keeping them together for review. At the price it is sold at, users have found it to be quite excellent in its function. Although it is not as full featured as other sketching apps, it was used widely all year round due to very quick drawing engine and return to basics.

YouiDraw, GIMP, SketchBook, InkScape, Sketchable are the other best drawing software solutions that you can try.


The secret behind creating innovative digital art is using the right tool. For drawing and sketching especially, you have to replicate the feeling of working on a sketchpad and using a pen or pencil. The list of popular drawing software solutions mentioned above feature those that make this realistic approach to digital design possible, so when you make the decision to buy, make sure it is right for you.

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