The Best 8 Free and Open Source Gantt Chart Software Solutions

Updated on :June 23, 2024
By :Andrea Hernandez

It is essential to run all the business tasks smoothly so that you can prosper in your business. To accomplish the project on a schedule, you have to control lots of different business tasks. Even it is crucial for you to track the progress eventually. In case you miss a deadline, then your project can suffer from severe consequences. If you want to see all of the activities that have to be carried out at a glance along with their deadlines, then the best option is Gantt chart software.

The free and open source platform offers a variety of online software to create a Gantt chart that will give considerable low maintenance cost as compared to commercial software. If you lack in budget, then the best way is to have free open source Gantt chart software solutions.

Here you will come to know the best free Gantt chart software. Before discussing the best open source, Gantt chart software let’s first talk about what they are?

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What is a Gantt chart?

A Gantt chart is considered one of the most popular and constructive ways of demonstrating activities exhibited against time. Generally, it is used in project management. It serves as the perfect supporter for planning, managing and scheduling the project. In simple terms, it means a type of bar chart that exemplifies a project schedule.

It visually sums up- tasks, timelines, the beginning and end of the activity, activity overlaps, start and end date of the whole project and budgets.

If you are involved in the marketing department or project management, then you can enhance your task by employing the best online Gantt chart software.Let’s talk about the top reasons you should be using Gantt charts in your work area.

Top Reasons for using online Gantt chart software-

  • Provides an overview of the project- At a single place, you can see the details of the project by making use of free online Gantt chart software in project management. You can access the critical information like the order of the tasks, progress, task dependencies, members involved in each task and much more.
  • Clear communication- Project managers can have better communication with team members. He will come to know who is working on what and on specific tasks can give inputs.
  • Time management- While managing the projects it helps the members of the project to understand the severity of time delays. The project managers pitch scheduling which is beneficial for project management.
  • Coordination and creativity- Gantt chart allows the managers or team leaders to break down the projects into more manageable sets of tasks by using combinations of charts. The project managers and resource schedulers run the events systematically that saves team members from overburden.
  • The project managers and team members prefer creative solutions due to lack of time or resources. The new partnerships and collaborations get encouraged by seeing how individual tasks intertwined on free Gantt chart software.
  • Assess the project’s progress- You can access the growth of the projects once you list the project in open source Gantt chart software. If the project is lagging behind its schedule, then you can make changes in your strategy.
  • Check task dependencies- The team members share equal responsibility as it is easy to see which tasks are dependent on each other. You can schedule the job systematically especially in complex projects that involve lots of functions.

After knowing the reasons for using a Gantt chart, let’s move on to the creation of the Gantt chart.

How to create a Gantt chart?

Identify the setting of the project- You can define the project setting that includes start date, scheduling mode and end date. From the project start date, the most common scheduling mode gets into view. In this mode, the beginning of the task and the finishing date is decided at the earliest possible way.

  • Project Calendar- It decides the weekly working days, daily working hours and much more.
  • Enter task- Enter or edit task names and durations.
  • Set up global resources list- Set up a global resources list from where you can opt resources to allocate to the various project tasks.
  • Create links- You can create links to identify the dependencies between the project tasks.
  • Put constraints- As required you can exercise restraint on the tasks. You can notice adding constraints to a Gantt chart.
  • Final adjustments- In the project plan, you can make final adjustments. You can enhance the Gantt chart.
  • Inspect at regular intervals- To detect potential problems or scheduling conflicts you can inspect it at regular intervals once the project has started. If required you can make any corrections. By using a Gantt chart, you can see reviewing a project.

Once you are through with the creation of a Gantt chart, you must be thinking when and how to use the same.

When to use Gantt chart software?

Gantt charts are user-friendly, simple to use and visually appealing. It serves as an intuitive and time-saving diagramming method. While project tracking and project reporting, you can make use of Gantt chart software that will provide you better visualization and understanding of the project.

How to use the best free online Gantt chart software?

It is simple to create, use and keep track of Gantt charts. Around time frames and goals, the Gantt charts get conceptualized. Two aspects are required to make online Gantt chart software work.

  • Tasks – Pick a time frame in which you can keep the functions that are to be accomplished. Give a day or two extra for the completion of the task as to face the setbacks that might occur.
  • Goals- Always add the purpose to your project. It will be great to pick a date on the timeline and create the one.

Make sure you keep every one including the client well informed in the proceedings of the project. Avoid needless bits and pieces.

Any of the 8 best free and open source Gantt Chart software discussed below can be deployed for your project management needs.

Below is the list of other 8 best free and open source Gantt Charting software. Let's start a feature analysis of each one of them. But before that have a look at the comparison table of the listed software solutions. 

Free and open source Gantt chart software

Compare Gantt Chart Software

1 GanttProject

GanttProject is one of the best free online Gantt chart software that is downloadable and standalone. If you are looking for a supplement to your existing project management suite, then it serves as a great software solution.

It is written in Java and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is apt for small and midsize businesses that manage planning for large projects. It is considered handy software. In real time it is easy to color code things and view schedules. Even you can effortlessly assign specific tasks to people by making use of this desktop application.

Gantt Project

(Source: GanttProject)        


  • Set tasks and milestones
  • Make & evaluate baselines
  • Management of the task
  • Microsoft Project import/export
  • PERT chart generation
  • Structure of work breakdown
  • Draw dependency
  • Human resources
  • Examine and allocate the resources
  • Export to CSV and produce PDF/JPG/PNG files
  • Various options to work together with contemporaries

2  dotProject

Many users from software start-ups, large organizations, construction companies, colleges have made use of dotProject to manage projects as it is one of the most popular open source web-based project management software. It is available as GNU GPL-licensed open source software. It is put up on the LAMP architecture –Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. The project managers can plan and monitor their projects online by making use of this open source and free software program.

It is a volunteer supported Project Management application. The volunteer group and users manage, maintain, develop and support dotProject. Across all platforms, it is appreciated for its agility as it works on all operating systems. It holds the intuitive browser-based interface. For multiple users, it offers an entire spectrum of sophisticated project management tools and features. With its project management features, this free open source Gantt chart software aims to serve small businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations and much more.

dot project



  • Simple and easy to use user interface
  • Security management and user permissions
  • Company/client management
  • Project management and planning
  • Task dependency and dynamic tasks
  • Project delegation, milestones, and statuses
  • Planned durations and actual time spent
  • With upload/download capability share files
  • Target budgets
  • Nodal user permissions
  • Discussion dashboards
  • Gantt charts and contact lists
  • File checkout and reporting
  • Easy issue tracking
  • Collaboratively multiple users can work

3 OpenProject

If you are looking for the leading open source Gantt chart software solutions to manage your projects efficiently, then OpenProject is the appropriate choice to consider. In OpenProject the dynamic, open source Gantt chart displays the phrases and milestones in the project along with the relationships between them. It is written in Ruby on Rails and well-suited with Linux operating systems. It is available for Mac and Linux.

Its interface is simplistic. With extensive functionality, the product is formed for it. Two great options are involved – time tracking and multiple roadmap viewing. It uses Gantt charts for project planning. Throughout the whole project life-cycle, this open source Gantt chart module supports your team.

In data security and privacy, it fulfils the highest standards. Within the project, it resourcefully plans, guide and commune. It is appropriate for established small businesses that require a vigorous project management solution. The tech-savvy IT staffs that is well-known with Linux OS and can able to run hosting, software updates, and server maintenance in small enterprises will find this software suitable for their workings.


(Source: OpenProject)


  • Cost reporting
  • Bug tracking
  • User groups and permissions
  • Agile and Scrum view
  • Task Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Offers task boards and backlogs
  • Road mapping
  • Budgeting and Reporting

4 Agantty

Agantty is yet another powerful online Gantt chart tool that adequately serves you. The mission of this software is to create beautiful and easy to use Gantt charts. It is free project management software that is based around a simple Gantt chart. The vendor is open regarding the product roadmap and lists the functionality, time tracking, and native mobile app.

On your Gantt chart, you can create infinite projects and tasks and chart them on it. On the single dashboard, users can see tasks and projects that are allocated to them. The small teams that prefer a light and browser-based Gantt tool to support project planning and task management will find this tool apt. It is ideal for small and midsize businesses.




  • Google Chrome plug-in
  • PDF export of tasks
  • Limitless projects, tasks, and users
  • User groups and rights management
  • Set team and user permissions
  • Feedback button to flag bugs
  • Facilitate quick resolution
  • Free Gantt chart-centric solution

5 ProjectLibre

ProjectLibre offers free and open source software which displays its uniqueness. The vision of the company is to make project management easy and simple for everyone. The people who are unable to afford the software can enjoy the benefit of this open source Gantt chart tool.

ProjectLibre helps in creating a task by making use of Gantt chart functionalities. It visualizes task dependencies through Gantt charts and calculates project costs through spreadsheet reports.

It is appropriate for small and large businesses due to its user-friendliness and adaptability. In over 200 countries it is downloaded over 3,000,000 times.  Into many languages, the software gets translated. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Project Libre



  • Resource Histograms
  • Got Value Costing
  • Network Diagram
  • Gantt chart, WBS/RBS charts
  • Friendly with Microsoft Project
  • Visualize the critical path on a single dashboard
  • Understand resource availability

6 OrangeScrum

Here is a free and open source downloadable desktop app known as “OrangeScrum Community” that serves as the task and project management tool. It is also available for purchase as cloud-based or self-hosted software. Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems find compatibility with it. It is written in CakePHP. It enables users to deliver the project within the budget and on time.

To help troubleshoot issues the users of OrangeScrum Community have the right to use a global forum along with online documentation. An installation guide, email, Skype and phone support are also available. It is apposite for small businesses that need self-hosted task management solution which they can modify as per their requirements.

The dedicated IT staffs that manage hosting, software updates and server maintenance in small business will find this tool right for maintaining essential task management. Both people and projects get together because of this valuable tool. It promotes transparency and visibility by offering clear structures.

orange scrum



  • Agile Project and Task Management
  • Resource utilization
  • Task, resource reports, and analytics
  • Time tracking and Invoice
  • Recurring tasks
  • Gantt charts
  • Project templates
  • Client management
  • User role management
  • Native mobile apps –iOS and Android

7 TeamGantt

If you want to enjoy the overall view of your project, then TeamGantt is one of the best free online Gantt chart creators that covers activities, timelines, workload, and schedules of the team members. Many enterprise companies make use of TeamGantt whose primary focus is on the functions of a Gantt chart. Against the project milestones, this tool measures team and individual progress.

This software allows the files to be kept in one place. The team members can communicate smoothly and have access to all they need even if they are working remotely. It holds the super-sharp design that goes together with a strong commenting system. It will allow you to add attachments and in Gantt chart, you can highlight the tasks. Within the Gantt chart, you can move the tasks. You can easily set the schedule. Before assigning a new task or project, you can see how many tasks are there with the team members.

Team Gantt



  • Customizable views
  • Noticeable to the availability and workload of the teammates
  • Real timeline vs. planned
  • Resource Management and capacity planning
  • Team Communication
  • Free option holds no time limitation
  • Three user accounts
  • Outstanding Gantt charts
  • Features tasks, filters, and dependencies
  • Export to PDF
  • Update of team progress
  • Mail Reminders daily
  • Team Members share projects
  • Collaboration options
  • Easy-to-use frontend
  • Drag-and-drop functionality

8 Tom’s Planner

If you are looking for very intuitive, free and open source Gantt chart software, then Tom’s planner is an excellent choice for you. It comes in different versions - cloud based, web based and so on.

This software is a user-friendly way to visualize project plan. The users can directly add information on the charts. It is suitable for large organizations where it is hard to keep track of all the tasks in detail. The members of the team require exclusive information. The team members can filter the Gantt chart as per requirement.

You can export a Gantt chart as an image if you need information for a report. You can search for items like resources or people if you are in a hurry. Instead of browsing the chart you can get the information quickly. Due to easy filtration feature, the timelines appear as per your requirement.

Toms Planner

(Source: Tom’s Planner)


  • Free updates
  • Email support and flexible
  • Create and share professional Gantt chart
  • Drag & drop simplicity
  • Right-click menus
  • Task management and dependencies
  • No installation requirements
  • Easy filtering
  • Custom color coding

Indeed, the list mentioned above of the best Free and Open Source Gantt Chart Software Solutions provide promising solutions to everyone in the place of work. Apart from this list, you can try one of the most popular software – Redbooth. Let’s explore the software in detail.


The project management interface of this software is simple that will help you in managing tasks and deadlines. The Gantt chart is flexible that gets automatically updated. In real-time, you can make out the progress of your team that helps in meeting your online project management needs.

For high-performing teams, this software is easy-to-use project management software. The teams can manage tasks and communicate appropriately with this tool. The organized work allows the team members to complete the project efficiently and quickly.  Simultaneously the team can accomplish many functions due to the flexibility of this software. With the pre-built templates, the team can track the existing projects and begin new ones instantly.




  • Dynamic project planning
  • Visualize project timelines
  • Monitor your progress
  • Timeline Overview report
  • Task management
  • Better task transparency
  • Stay focused with dashboards
  • Detailed productivity reports
  • HD video meetings

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In this article, I have presented the list with best online Gantt chart maker that hopefully guide you in picking up the best free and open source Gantt chart software for your business.

If you want to experience your project with flying colors, then the free open source Gantt chart software is useful as they illustrate dependencies. It helps your team to prioritize the tasks where work gets overlapped.

The primary purpose of this article is to provide you the comprehensive and inclusive list of free and open source Gantt chart tools. You can save your time; effort and money by picking up the best free Gantt chart software. In case you have tried out any of the above mentioned Gantt chart software, then feel free to share your valuable views  and feedback on the same.

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